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  1. Plummer

    The Daily AG cup

    So finally bit the bullet and made a project thread. So where to begin; I was actually eyeing up RB, GW and UR 197's after having written off my sport yellow Megane 250 cup. I was never keen on 200 front ends in the beginning, but decided to see if there was any AG 200's around as I'm all about...
  2. Plummer

    Met up with a few local MK3s..

    Whizzed down the other week to @Stevef175 place to get a hand fitting my seat belts which I've had sitting in my room for a year, with help from @Christopher and Rick Then whizzed out for a few photos! (just taken on my phone) And a photo of the belts now fitted!
  3. Plummer

    Mini Manchester Meet

    Thought I'd post a few pics from last weekend where a few of us had a small get together. Photos are from @danger2himself , @Stevef175 and myself. Thanks for looking!
  4. Plummer

    Hero wheels are on!

    With thanks to @Christopher for pointing me towards them, and @Stevef175 for helping get them on. Unfortunately, center caps don't seem to fit as the hub protrudes too much and stops the clips going in. So might have to get some small spacers to get them fitted. Just phone pics so excuse the...
  5. Plummer

    Cleaned the Green

    Being used as a daily, the car is pretty bogging most of the time and neglected, but after a wash I fall for it all over again. Refurbing the wheels in gloss black is on the list next!
  6. Plummer

    Ph1 V6, Mars Red, Brooklands

    At 2pm today driving towards Altrincham. Second one I've seen in my life. Guy driving looked about 60 odd with magnificent long grey/white hair and beard.
  7. Plummer

    White Clio 200, Knutsford

    Driving in from the East side where the Bentley garage is, specifically where the roadworks are atm heading towards Mobberley, just after 2pm. Looked pretty clean! Was stopped at the roadwork lights myself towards Mobberely in an AG 200.
  8. Plummer

    200 Manifold Options?

    So mine has gone on my 200 cup, I'm struggling to find the price of the standard manifold without ringing Renault, but thought I'd gather some opinions on here. The two options I've come across are the K-tec one at around £600, and the Toyosport one at £200. Both stainless systems (both claim...
  9. Plummer

    Back from the past..

    Hey all, some may or may not remember me from when I was most active around 6 years ago specifically with the Scottish bunch. Had a project thread on here where I changed my new 57 plate Clio Campus into a 172 rep: I moved to Manchester at the end of 2011 and shortly after started...
  10. Plummer

    Need coilover setup (Manchester)

    Wanting the car raised a tad and will need the coilovers set up again when so. Anywhere recommended in Manchester for getting it done? Bear in my mind, as my car stands, it needs to have a sunk in ramp ideally.
  11. Plummer

    Car shuddering and almost no power?

    It's ALWAYS after or when it's raining and the car has been sitting. It's like erratic idling, and when I try to accelerate there is no power, to the point where it's dangerous when trying to pull away and the car feels like it wants to cut out. The harder I accelerate the worse it gets...
  12. Plummer

    Headlight Correction?

    Anywhere in Scotland good for this? Mines are a bit scuffed and faded looking. I'm in Fife so somewhere near there would be preferable.
  13. Plummer

    Help with Vmaxx/Speedbox

    I bought a set of Vmaxx coilovers through Speedbox with the groupbuy on here, the rear shocks have started leaking and the coilovers have a two year warranty so I'm still entitled to it. Contacted Vmaxx and they replied: Hello, Thank you for your enquiry, yes leaking shocks will be...
  14. Plummer

    Photoshop Wheels Please!

    Looking at getting some winter wheels and maybe for track use also. ;) So could someone photoshop these wheels onto my car, and then maybe try a few differet colous, such as bright green, orange, red, etc, please? And for reference they are both 15's.
  15. Plummer

    172, I think not!

    Car's been neglected a while, so since it was sunny, quick wash and a quick blast with some pics..
  16. Plummer

    Using Dazzle

    Trying to get it to work with my 360. Keep getting a "No valid signal detected" error and asks to check my connection, which there is nothing wrong with. Seems after a bit of research this is a common problem but there is no solution! Anyone else had this problem?
  17. Plummer

    White Twingo - Cowndenbeath

    Not sure if it was the cup. Had orange wheels, think the guy flashed me, looked well nice for a Twingo!
  18. Plummer

    Recommend me bulbs!

    Had a quick search and couldn't really find what I was after. Looking at getting side lights, main beams and maybe also fog bulbs for the car to match the current colour of my xenon (dipped beam) bulbs. They are an ice blue colour, and want the rest to match rather than be yellow. Any...
  19. Plummer

    Renault Campus splitters and skirts. ?
  20. Plummer

    Non-sport splitter From the Belgian's this one isn't it?
  21. Plummer

    CHEAP! cup wheel!
  22. Plummer

    What style are these?

    Can't remember what they are called! Anyone help?
  23. Plummer

    Coilovers for a 1.2

    Want some mentions of good coilovers to go for and prices please, for a Campus 1.2 8v. (52mm bolt spacing 23mm hub/bracket spacing) Don't want them to be costing over a grand either please. I've had horrible experience with Vmaxx so they are automatically out the question. I want...
  24. Plummer

    A few of the Camp72

    Tried out some new cleaning stuff. I ain't usually a big fan of detailing etc.. (I'm waiting to get the correct coilovers sent!) All C+C welcome. :)
  25. Plummer

    *HELP* coilovers..

    I recently got some Vmaxx coilovers in a group buy. But went to fit them the other day and the bracket is wider than the bit it fits on too. Shown where my finger is in this picture, the gap is 28mm, but the bit on my car (don't know the name) is only 23mm. What I want to know is...
  26. Plummer

    O.Z. powa!!

    Met up with McClio, talked cars and went for a few pics. ;) (all with a point and click btw ;)) C+C welcome. :)
  27. Plummer

    From Campus too...

    Well as my car has radically gone through it's stages, and still isn't even complete yet! I decided to post up a progress thread as it's gone through it's stages. I used to drive an 02 plate 1.6 Megane, I loved it even though it was in a granny's colour :rasp: but was written off after some...
  28. Plummer

    Spraying in Scotland..?

    Where's good? and decently priced? For spraying a front bumper and/or wing. If I can't find something thats both I'll just try it myself. ;) Thankyou!
  29. Plummer

    Induction Kit help..

    I recently fitted an enclosed induction kit (universal fitting) with a CAF to my car. Which is a 1.2 8v Campus. When the car is running and driving it's fine. But when I leave the engine on idle, I get a whirring/suction/spinning noise coming from the engine bay, and the frequency increases...
  30. Plummer

    Some from the West Coast!

    Just a few snaps from when I was over at the West Coast last weekend.. A nice arty shot. ;) C+C welcome.. :)