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    NEW MEMBER - Not quite! Re-Joining?....Maybe

    Hi all, I was a semi-active member (paid membership as it's so worth it for the guides alone!) of this forum quite some time ago when I had my 172 back in 2010. Since then I moved on to a 197 and then it happened...I went all VAG getting a Mk6 Golf GTI and then a Mk7 Golf GTD (Distance...
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    Worth taking back to the dealer? Gearbox

    Before I start, I know, I know. This topic has been done to death but I need some advice in respect to my situation. I have recently purchased myself an 06 Clio 197 in UR, a beautiful little motor :D. I need some advice however on this gearbox issue I hear so much about. I have read a few...
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    Time for an upgrade? 172-197

    Out and about helping my missus buy a new car and stumble across an 06 197. Just want the opinion on handling/ride comfort etc compared to the old 172(currenly own 52 plate). The missus prefers the look of the new one and she generally hates the ride in my 172 and won't go anywhere long...