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    Using raspberry pi to log into hotspots.

    Anyone clever here to help? My new WiFi on base is browser based login, this leaves the Xbox one without internet. Could I use a raspberry pi to log in over WiFi then send the data down Ethernet to the Xbox? Anyone seen any guides that might be useful? Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
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    Whats this pipe called?

    Changing the spark plugs on a 1.2 TCE and this valve thing had snapped, need to replace but no clue what to search for. Pipe goes from rocker cover to inlet plenum. Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
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    These wheelnuts ok?

    Not a clio but CS knows all that is to know. Ive lost my locking nut somepoint from when i had the wheels off to seal last week, only noticed on Sunday that it was missing. All others where fine. Ordered a set to replace to have all black but they seem a bit small, the thread and chamfer are...
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    B is for Build.

    Anyone else watching these? Sort of driveway not pretty but make it work DIY
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    Windows 10 activation issue (Apparent blocked key)

    So when windows 10 rolled out as the free upgrade, I went from W7 to W10 as an upgrade as recommended. Then once that was activated and all good, I re-installed windows 10 as a new OS which was also activated and all good. Tonight i re-installed windows 10 as i had a lot of rubbish installed and...
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    2 liquid yellow 1*2's m50 on friday

    Spotted 2 going south, I was going north. Possible one was @LiquidYellDan on his travels?
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    MLR Sprint Castle Combe.

    Went for a wander down to Castle Combe today to watch the sprints.
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    [Jul 11, 2015] 11th July -- Summer Run to the Valleys. (Merthyr Tydfil)

    Saturday 11th July 2015! @ 09:00am Where: Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Village Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1UT United Kingdom For those that came to the last run, Thanks for making it a fantastic day. Hopefully this will be just as good, if not better!! A slight change to the route from last time...
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    Steering controls Mk3

    Just bought a Pioneer DEH-X8500DAB, Now I need a Steering controls adaptor, Anyone clued up on what to get? Car is a Mk3 Clio 200, 2010 plate. Cheers!
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    Next South Wales Meet Ideas

    Having just done an epic meet, I think im ready to start thinking about the next Date The dates im thinking of are the 4th, 11th, 18th July, All are a Saturday, Reason being that some members where travelling and would rather spend the night after the meet. What would everyone rather? I am...
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    RAF Brize Norton.

    Few clios on camp, anyone on here?
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    Help with windows 8 boot

    So in my PC I have a SSD with the OS installed on and a normal HD with games movies etc on, just built a media server so took my HD out to plug into that so it was quicker to move files accros. Saw loads of random text files and thinking as it wasnt the OS drive that they wherent needed and...
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    [May 10, 2015] Spring 2015 Wales Run - Blacks & Beacons (Black mountains / South wales)

    Sunday 10th May 2015! @ 09:00am Where: Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Village Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1UT United Kingdom Unless there are objections,Ill use the same rough route as the last meet which I thought was good! 162 miles, should take about 5 hours with regular stops. Quite a few places to grab...
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    Who else uses this? Been using a while, Only just found out that i can access my media outside of the network. Works out good when the PC is on base, when i go home i can still access my films. Even use it on the tablet over 4G. Would a raspberry pi be able to access it the same while hooked up...
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    One for the school run!

    @mace¬ @Daniel
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    Spreadsheet for shift Tea fund.

    I've taken over running the Tea fund in work while the lad is on a course. What he has used for a record is just a scrap bit of paper jotting who has paid and whats been bought. I've made a table of everyone's name and month so it can be ticked off and a total written at the bottom. (Everyone...
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    BT TV

    Anyone have it? Just left sky as i weren't happy with the money grabbing c-units.
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    Mk3 hands free Mic location.

    As title, anyone know where it is in the car? Want to give it a check because nobody can hear me when I call from the car.
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    Looking for a font. (numbers on the MK3 RS clocks.

    The numbers on the rev counter. Does anyone know of a similar font?
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    Smart watch?

    Are these quite new then? Drove around all day yesterday trying to buy one without ordering. Nowhere in stock. Want to check out the Moto 360 ideally.
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    Why is my PC so awkward? (Dell/Alienware recovery)

    So I have windows 8 and I am trying to factory restore as its getting slow. The recovery thing is on D drive. Following these steps, I get to step 7 but the dell software has not booted, instead I am greeted by this I have managed to do this...
  22. D Autumn 2014 Wales Run - Blacks & Beacons

    I have put this up on Cliosport are more than welcome to come along, Details are as follows Sunday 26th October 2014! @ 09:00am Where: Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Village Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1UT United Kingdom Quite a few places to grab a bite and fuel at this place, other the last...
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    Car related YouTube channels?

    Seeing more and more series popping up on here, figured it would be good to had a thread with them all in. What does everyone watch? I've got; Drive / Drive+ Mightycarmods Tom's Turbo Garage Fulldrooptv Jay Leno's Garage
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    Anyone near Oxford/Cheltenham with a CAN CLIP?

    As title. I fancy retrofitting the rs monitor. Renault want an hour's diagnostic cost when he reckons it can't be done due to the restrictions on the official clip. I have a brief guide off the twingo forums from someone that fitted on there explaining the steps in the software. Beer money...
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    Help contacting phones4u

    I need to get hold of somebody who i have spoken to at Phones4u. The number he called from is 08450268990 which when you call back is a no option automated message. (sales line) The lad on the phone gave me the extension of 48075. How do i call the extension if the message has no options?
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    RS60 Goes golfing. + Vids

    Was bored so car had a clean after sunday's drive so went out to get pics Clio Golf by dajones89, on Flickr Clio Golf by dajones89, on Flickr Clio Golf by dajones89, on Flickr Clio Golf by dajones89, on Flickr Clio Golf by dajones89, on Flickr Clio Golf by dajones89, on Flickr Clio Golf...
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    Engine oil top up kit.

    I've been on the hunt for these since I've bought the car, well done to the parts guy down Swansea renault he's finally tracked some down, he's got about 99 left as he ordered a bulk load!! Cost me 2.40 including vat. Included is the bag, a funnel, tissue and gloves. The bag has Velcro on the...
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    Sky Fibre... How slow is too slow?

    I have Sky Fibre, recently upgraded 3 weeks ago. The Advertised speeds are up to 38MB. The average speed ive been getting though is around 25-27mb, most of the time drops below 10mb. (Before the upgrade i was constantly hitting around 12-14mb) Has anyone had experience of this and have managed...
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    Cleaning recaro's

    What does everyone use to clean the seats? i normally use the Autoglym interior shampoo but i find it marks the seat when dry.
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    Clio 200 KTR Induction kit, Installation video.

    Thought id pop this here, I re-installed my kit earlier after removing it being a chicken when my car went in for warranty work, in-case anyone has just purchased or is looking to purchase to work alongside the instructions. Excuse the wrong size bit at times and dropping the ratchet... working...