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  1. MartinR


    Soaking up the sun
  2. MartinR

    CSF Convoy

    Ok nice one Don will catch up with you regardless. ??
  3. MartinR

    CSF Convoy

    Im heading upto CSF on the saturday morning from wednesbury jct 9 M6. Anyone fancy meeting and driving up?
  4. MartinR

    French car show 2018 convoy

    Don + Cerrone i will meet you at hopwood services with Andy x2 liquid yellow mk4's. Will convoy down with you guys..
  5. MartinR

    May meet!

    Booooooooom Not been on here in ages, good luck with trying to get the midlands going again.. Will keep a look out for the meet and may pop down.
  6. MartinR

    Santapod RWYB

    Brilliant day yesterday , thanks for those who turned up.
  7. MartinR

    Santapod RWYB

    Hi All Been a while! Me and a few mates are heading to pod on Saturday 8th April to a "Run what ya brung" event. £10 General admission £25 sign on fee if running up the strip. (Driving license needed to sign on) Looking to get there around 9am ish ready for strip to open at 9:30am. Be good...
  8. MartinR

    Johnny Bs car care cars n coffee meet April 30th

    I will be there
  9. MartinR

    LY 200 edc couple of changes

    Oh well lol
  10. MartinR

    Clio 220 Trophy remap results

    Not proving anything just impressive imo from a little 1.6t. Can chuck a s**t load of cash at any car and still get beat other cars thats life.
  11. MartinR

    FCS 2017 @Donny who going????????

    Rather have a w**k with sandpaper
  12. MartinR

    LY 200 edc couple of changes

    Decided against getting the 18" cup wheels and had the standard 17" version powdercoated and protected with Cquartz dlux. Just needs lowering a tad. Also had the silver side strips painted gloss black.
  13. MartinR

    Clio 220 Trophy remap results

    ^^^^ mamba turbo change and keeping pace with an A45 AMG 381bhp
  14. MartinR

    Clio 220 Trophy remap results

    Brilliant how the "must be a manual brigade" are still waffling on.... Other than s**t fuel consumption, mines an absolute hoon to drive. Took a couple of months to settle into it. Miss the 182 but would never go back now. Too hard to even sum up the 200edc on a test drive from a dealers...
  15. MartinR

    [Jan 15, 2017] West mids brekfast meet (Bromsgrove)

    Oh Hi Wheres my invite you cockwomble
  16. MartinR

    Another Liquid yellow 200T

    Going on the RR after christmas get the afr checked. I thought vxr pistons melted anyway ;)
  17. MartinR

    Another Liquid yellow 200T

    Been a while since ive been on here. Owned a couple of months now and love it, although i do miss the 182. Recently put a superchips bluefin map on it, which has changed the car massively.....
  18. MartinR

    New West Midlands Rep

    Lol just lol. Dave you fecking brown nosing dribbler...... Congrats pal. Might bring the 200 along to a meet. Get on it
  19. MartinR

    Fitting scenic shifter?

    Need to extend the bottom and bend it to suit.
  20. MartinR

    Apologies but in need of help

    Magenta motors
  21. MartinR

    I need Harness Mounting Help (pictures)

    Mine are bolted through the floor just behind the seat subframe and spreader plates tack welded in the exhaust tunnel. And outer lap belt to an M10 eye bolt in the original seatbelt mount hole
  22. MartinR

    Part number for Dci 100 rear discs & Pads

    Yep the 172/182 are the same
  23. MartinR

    What is it with 172 cup prices?

    f**king how much pmsl. Low mileage "standard" and mint maybe but not with those kev trendy wipers and modifications. Shiny cars dont mean they sell for more, maybe it does have paperwork but still does not command a premium like that. I see it as a form of attention seeking lmao :wink:
  24. MartinR

    Silver Ph1 HUGE WING M60

    Yeh it looks absolutely w**k
  25. MartinR

    any one local to dudley area

    Oh hi. Both them companies mentioned above are a shower of s**t. Keep well clear seen some right cockups and have been documented on here if you search. Drive to diamond motors in nottingham @MicKPM Clutch change very easy as long as everything loosens off correctly. Im wednesbury/tipton...
  26. MartinR

    West mids dead.

    im there 3rd of june too ;)
  27. MartinR

    Newbie!! Mk1 Clio

    Stunning. Miss mine so much
  28. MartinR

    Rattle can on the leggeras

    I used some cheapo paint off ebay, shall add a link This paint Also used same brand lacquer
  29. MartinR

    Rattle can on the leggeras

    Im in no rush tbf, and from previous experience applying heat causes runs.