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  1. stacky

    Nürburgring trip, May 2019?

    Looking to organise this trip and get a convoy together for a long weekend Friday/Thursday night - Monday evening can be flexible on days and dates. Euro tunnel and drive across europe to the ring. Ofcourse you don’t need to track your car but that’s entirely up to yourselves. Spectating can...
  2. stacky

    nuremberg Trip ??

    Has anybody planned or thought about doing one trip soon? Ie a large convoy and make it a long weekend.
  3. stacky

    My road legal track car for sale (serious offers pm)

    Hi guys is anyone genuinely interested in buying a full specced out track car? It’s on the for sale section on here, I will be getting it back from K tec at the end of the month after having some more work/maintenance done and clean bill of health.
  4. stacky

    Next south west meeting new year or Christmas period.

    As the above, is the south west rep able to organise this ?
  5. stacky

    Jacking point collapsing and side skirt

    Has anybody's front jacking point started to bend in from constantly jacking the car over the years ? The issue is my side skirt is starting to gap and come off. To fix this would I have to remove completely big job ?
  6. stacky

    Stripping looms track car questions ?

    Not a auto electrician so here we go I have a track car all stripped out but put a lot of the looms behind the dash instead of cutting as thought maybe I might return to standard. That never happened so how would I permanently remove/ cut the looms for things not is use anymore re stereo etc so...
  7. stacky

    Roll cage respray

    so I've had my welded 6 point cage in now for about 4 years and the 2k white paint is starting to rust in areas and looking bad. It needs a complete repray to bring it back to life, can anyone recommend someone near the south west or will travel if could be done in a weekend ? Needs car...
  8. stacky

    Sabelt cup racer seat

    Where can I get one of these from ?
  9. stacky

    [May 20, 2017] Meeting cheddar gorge (Cheddar gorge)

    So been a while guys, but as the weather is picking up I'm arranging a meet for a social/drive and some food drink after at a local pub in the heart of cheddar I hope a lot of people can make it to the event so it's a good turn out. We will all meet up at Sedgemoor Motorway Services Area...
  10. stacky

    Sunday 11 of December ideas for location

    Hello guys sorry it's been quiet, as I have been working away. I would like to hold a Christmas meet in December . Ideally Sunday the 11th so we can plan ahead now. Clifton suspension bridge would be a good place to meet as plenty of parking places for photos etc. We could then go through the...
  11. stacky

    Saying hello new sw rep

    Hi guys just saying hello to all the sw members, I'm based near Bristol a area called Portishead is you have any questions or ideas , I should be going fcs so might be able to arrange a convoy depending on circumstances etc I've attached my Clio so if you see me around give me a flash
  12. stacky

    Stripped clio

    Who's actually stripped there 172 complete dash of etc and cut neat ended up all the wires/ loom they are confident they won't use again seems like a mission but is only way to make today with out wires everywhere I think
  13. stacky

    Cup racer dash

    Does anyone know where can get one from as not a fan of the standard dash ?
  14. stacky

    Can someone suggest a meet place venue within 30 miles of Bristol ?

    Fancy organising a meet / event can anyone suggest some good places and a route herd just over the Severn bridge some good roads !
  15. stacky

    Price of a road legal track car everything done

    Just trying to work out if I was to sell my 172 344bhp I mean I've spent properly over 16k plus in receipts that's not including price of the car the engine was built fully forged by k tec turbo d receipt was 8.5k Full welded cage cost me 2k White wrap with decals Carbon bonnet boot door...
  16. stacky

    Pure Motorsport Gear linkage kit ? Help

    Fitting everything correctly so I believe , given up tonight No matter what rig position I put the sleeve in I can get it in reverse at all it just doesn't want to go , going to have to take cat and heat shield off again tomorrow maybe something stopping it but can't hear a banging ? Anyone had...
  17. stacky

    Anyone know why my radiator fan switch connector is unplugged?

    As above I have a 172 turbo conversion and obviously there's wires not in use anymore that's fine but noticed the other day the connector to the fan switch isn't there just the brass temperature itself , I've had a good look around and can not see the Conector anywhere , can't remember the last...
  18. stacky

    Fitting aero catch to front bumper ?

    Hi guys bit of a stupid question but I've seen the aero catches fitted to front bumpers on some clios now tell me those catches arnt the only thing attaching the bumper ? I mean what's the actual point of these other than a quick release bumper ? Has someone done a guide how to fit them to the...
  19. stacky

    Upgraded gear stick ?

    Met a guy on the forum at fcs but forgot his name on here He had a 172 with throttle bodies black stripped out with 2 bucket seats and a cage He had a gear stick I've never seen before that looked so neat , a straight piece of tubing to the ball and the top knob part almost like a sequential...
  20. stacky

    Anyone changed all water hoses for forged coloured ones ? Easy job ?

    As above is it a easy task guessing front bumper off Jobby ? Cheers
  21. stacky

    Castle Combe disaster coolant problem !

    After topping up my collant on Friday it was just over max mark I thought nothing off it . Drove to castle Combe Saturday no problems went out the Saturday night for a drive about 30 miles then back to Combe , noticed my engine temperature needle was fluctuating at this point from cold to...
  22. stacky

    Anybody coming from Bristol way on the Saturday ?

    Anyone coming from Bristol ?
  23. stacky

    chrispys mate aerocatches fitted to front bumper?

    how does this work as i remember that in the project, all that held on the bumper was these aerocatches , whose got the link and member who did it thanks?
  24. stacky

    really stuck, 182 stero in 172 reading error where it should be 0000

    basically fitted 182 stereo to 172, let me try a code then after i pressed a few buttons it just went to error, it bleeps no matter what buttons i press, i have disconected battery and stereo plugs, still the same error on screen , any one know a manual way of resetting the stereo as im lost now...
  25. stacky

    what gearbox 172 02 plate? speedo drive or?

    need a 2nd hand gearbox to buy on ebay , how can i check which box i need, think some one said mines speedo drive? its 02 2002 black 172 and cable clutch by the looks, a few on ebay now ? any links
  26. stacky

    how do you set the code for a 172 with a 182 stereo in it ?

    Tried to set it last night using the stero as dont have a stalk control animore, now says error, anyone know step by step button to use to set it i know after youve put the code in theres a button you have to hold down ?
  27. stacky

    dilema selling track spec 172 need advice plese pm e

    basically my 172 gearbox went the day of silverstone trax day , before I even got to the place. NEVER TRACKED THE CAR ONCE! Scenario is , ive spent looking at receits on parts and labour, etc roughly about 14000 on my 172, mainly is carbon fibre panels ie boot lid, bonnet, extreme splitter...
  28. stacky

    320 d m sport and 320 d sport insurance differance

    been doing quotes and any one know why cheaper to insure a bmw 320 d m sport over a 320 d sport not m sport even tho they look indentical, am i missing something here, as you would think the m sport would be more because the m in the name, even tho these are identical or am i wrong thanks any...
  29. stacky

    major gearbox failure guide to removal and replacement ?

    Trax today, my gearbox packed in , wouldnt go backward stuck in a forward gear now completly fooked no drive etc gearbox sounds like loose clogs, so shall i get a decent refurb or a 2nd hand one opinions etc ? And either way has any one got a guide to removall and refitting , also worth doing...
  30. stacky

    omp 4 point cant loosen rear bits

    On the omp 4 points the harness that goes over your front and through the top part of seat, i need to let slack out so its all tight but where you pull the bit atatched to the clip its solid i dont want to get pliers on it incase i damage it, is there a trick or just fidley ?