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  1. Knuckles

    White 200 chester

    Yesterday, heading towards the a51 i think. I was in the red Audi taking off on the bridge behind you. Anyone on here?
  2. Knuckles

    Cliosport festival - CSF TAXIS!

    Last year, in a bid to get more people involved in track time, we trialled CSF taxis to try and help with the awkwardness of approaching strangers to ask for passenger rides. Willing members had a sticker in their window to show that they were happy to take people out for rides during the day...
  3. Knuckles

    Ly 200t with wing and cannards Cheshire oaks

    Spotted this yesterday, looks epic. Anyone on here?
  4. Knuckles

    Arctic 182 tarporley

    parked in an entrance to a field/ back road up the road from the red fox. Anyone?
  5. Knuckles

    E82 135i wheel identification

    I’m currently refurbing some 135i alloys, during the keying I noticed ‘13’ embossed into the wheel on the spoke next to where the little ///M badge sits. Does anyone have any idea what it’s for? I’m not going to lose sleep over it but I figured this is the best place to ask
  6. Knuckles

    CSF north west convoy

    Who's heading up to CSF on the Friday? I'll be heading up on the Thursday so won't be able to make a convoy but I thought I'd knock a thread up to get the ball rolling for anyone interested. What's worked in the past is the Chester/north wales members meeting at Chester services before meeting...
  7. Knuckles

    iPhone two numbers

    My mrs changed her phone provider to some b****cks company a while back. She was given a temporary number before her old one went over. After the old number moved over I could only phone it, all texts would go to the new number. If I text the original one, it'll only text her, not iMessage...
  8. Knuckles

    North west rolling road day

    Who is up for a rolling road day at @RevLimitUK in middlewich. I'm thinking September to get csf out of the way. The last I spoke to them they had space enough outside to accommodate 40 odd cars and they're currently expanding their premesis and dyno cell so should be a good day.
  9. Knuckles

    How to clean your car

    Just happened across this video which will be very helpful to any budding detailers. This sums up a 'big wash' for me, I do these twice/three times a year minus the polishing to decontaminate and lay protection. See if you can spot the mistakes The main mistake is not using tar and fallout...
  10. Knuckles

    E92 ///M3 enhancement

    I was asked by a friend to give his M3 a going over to try and remove some swirls and scratches from the bodywork. The previous owner looks to have been quite aggressive with the cleaning. It's generally well maintained, regularly washed and usually sat in the garage, so it looks OK from afar...
  11. Knuckles

    Garage tools and equipment - new sub forum

    Since I've noticed a lot of people like to chat about tools, get advice on purchasing and tips on tricks and usage, I thought it'd be a good idea to have a dedicated sub forum. Enjoy
  12. Knuckles

    50p DXF

    Very odd request I know but does anyone have a DXF file for a 50 pence piece? Thought I'd ask here first before making one. Danke
  13. Knuckles

    Racing blue 182 enhancement

    @BGEarles dropped his 182 off on Friday for me to go over. I don't know where to begin as this thing was the most awkward car to correct I've ever done. I really wasn't expecting the paint to be so solid. Anyway, Ben dropped the car off and I cracked straight on, I forgot to get any befores...
  14. Knuckles

    Mk4 Clio DCI enhancement

    @sabian92 has been asking me to do his car for a while and the weather just got good enough to crack on last weekend. I got burnt to hell working in the sun on Saturday! On first inspection it wasn't that bad, dusty with some mud here and there and a fair bit of tar but nothing too bad...
  15. Knuckles

    White 200 Chester costco

    heading along the 5117 towards Costco around 5:15 this evening. It sounded quite snorty. Almost ITB'd! What have you done to it?
  16. Knuckles

    Painting tips, tricks and Advice thread.

    I assume there's a fair few painters on here, since we've recently started doing 'proper' spray painting in work, I've started reading up on how to get proper automotive finishes, what effects orange peel, how to spray metallic and pearl etc. This is complete overkill for work as we literally...
  17. Knuckles

    Spotted: on ebay

    I found this being broke with cs15 and 16 stickers in the rear window. Who's was this?
  18. Knuckles

    1 series 6 pots, diff and suspension

    linking this on here as I know there's a large number of Beamer owners here.
  19. Knuckles

    Trophy, M6 northbound

    I was driving behind you for a bit before turning off to wales. Is this anyone on here? the car looked very tidy, did I spy lowered suspension?
  20. Knuckles

    Background removal tutorial

    Here's a very quick, very rough guide for anyone wanting to remove backgrounds in photoshop or similar. The app I use is called art studio for iOS. Original image In the selection tools, I use this one. The name escapes me but it joins up points which you put on the image to make a...
  21. Knuckles

    Getting home from a track after having an accident

    For those of you who drive the car to the track, how do you get home from a track day if the car is undrivable? Say it's been crashed or it's had a break down, do you have some kind of cover to get home or do you just ring a recovery firm and pay through the nose? The reason I ask is after my...
  22. Knuckles

    197 braided lines

    Does anyone know what aftermarket lines are the closest to OEM fitment, I.e. Going around the damper, mounting on the hub and fitting to the calliper. I like the look of these but I can't see a length to them. Cheers
  23. Knuckles

    197 not starting

    Updating the op as per post #4 Accelerating up a hill, almost to the redline. Car cuts out. Says select neutral. When I try to start it it tries to start, turns over but won't Rev or start. Took the crank sensor off tonight and it's destroyed. Pics to follow. This ruined the day at oulton...
  24. Knuckles

    197 not starting

    we suspect it's the fuel pump but, Accelerating up a hill, almost to the redline. Car cuts out. Says select neutral. When I try to start it it tries to start, turns over but there's no sound from the fuel pump. All the fuses under the (extra) air intake look ok. Does anyone know what...
  25. Knuckles

    How to attach full size pictures

    Because having to click to view thumbnails is an inconvenience, and nobody likes a big all of text with some small images at the bottom, here's how to upload full size pictures using the 'upload an image' button Click 'upload an image' Choose which image you want and wait for it to load into...
  26. Knuckles

    Renault Bluetooth adapter

    I had no idea Renault even made these, does anyone know anything about them, do they just support calls, can they stream music, can you control the phone/calls with the radio/stalk controls? Part number 7711433745 if it helps
  27. Knuckles

    V6 nrf sandycroft

    Is this anyone on here? Just spotted it outside of work. Iliad ph2
  28. Knuckles

    Clio 220t cup racer replica for sale

    Happened across this on eBay last night. I think I'd have this tbh! Remove some stickers and jobs a good un
  29. Knuckles

    Rare waxes on eBay

    @Ash. Is selling off some of his waxes but is too lazy to make his own thread.
  30. Knuckles

    Oulton park today.

    There's a fair few clios and meganes here today. Anyone from here?