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  1. andy_con

    Triggering External Flash on Android

    CS knows everything right? ;-) google hasn't come up with any proper solutions. anyone know of anything? I want to be able to trigger a external flash from a tablet/smart phone
  2. andy_con

    BG smart socket help

    I purchased one of the above from screwfix, its not till you open the box and start reading the instruction your realise its not that advanced!! it only works with 2.4 not 5. ive got a BT HH5, so ive split the signal into 2.4g and 5g but it will wont connect. anyone got any suggestions
  3. andy_con

    Number Plate Spec / dimensions

    there is plenty of info on the web about how to design a number plate, size of plate and letter font etc... but whats missing is corner radius. is there a standard corner radius? or are they all different?
  4. andy_con

    mHUB Chicago Tour

    Wish things like this were around when I was young! How amazing
  5. andy_con

    Lets talk house alarms

    So some friends round the corner got broken into whilst out trick or treating on Halloween, smashed a rear window and climbed in. So I'm now looking at house alarms. I dont want a battery powered alarms, proper alarms don't run on batteries. Batteries are for girls! Go with me here, I see...
  6. andy_con

    what size bolt in 182 foot rest

    as title, the bolt is an m...?
  7. andy_con

    Smart WiFi Double Plug Socket

    will this burn my house down?
  8. andy_con

    Todays Random Wifi Question?

    so... when you go into say a big office complex they have multiple wireless routes around the building so the whole building has wifi coverage. but you only enter the password once and from then on your phone will just switch between them all so you have coverage. how would you do this at home...
  9. andy_con

    Yellow Clio Sport Learner Car Braintree

    spotted brand new clio sport in liquid yellow with a full on learner sign on the roof in Braintree yesterday afternoon. not L plates, full on triangular plastic roof sign with instructors name and number etc...
  10. andy_con

    Smart Mirrors / Touch Screen Mirrors

    CS knows everything right? anyone know much about these? im interested in making a touch screen mirror. all info welcome (yes ive read lots on google)
  11. andy_con

    Very High CPU Usage Help

    Let me set the scene, there are 3.1 million tetris battle players on facebook and I'm ranked 17?? (goes up and down daily depending on games played). I keep having this issue that when I open tetris battles my cpu usages goes through the roof and the games stutters and I cant play. it normally...
  12. andy_con

    Photo Booths - Talk to Me

    So... CS knows everything right?! photos booths why are they so fooking expensive?? its a camera, computer and printer and people are charging £10k for them!! fook that. anyone know anything about photos booths?
  13. andy_con

    TV Aerial Splitters??

    so been in my new house 3 weeks now and time has come to start doing the wiring. currently it only has a single TV aerial socket in a stupid place in the living room. I want to add two well places ones in the living room, one in kitchen, then one in each of the 4 bedrooms. any recommendations...
  14. andy_con

    What Smart Home Systems?

    im aware of RFlightwave but at £60 for a fooking light switch, its beyond me and probably most. what other systems are out there for controlling lights and heating etc from one system?
  15. andy_con

    3d Scanning?

    Anyone do any 3d scanning for work or fun? Been looking at this, it's £400 to buy
  16. andy_con

    3d printer recommendations

    I might be in the market for a 3d printer to print low volume car parts any recommendations?
  17. andy_con

    Mobile Power Banks/Packs

    I thought there was a big thread dedicated to this but I cant seem to find anything, only really old stuff. my cheap 2-3 year old £17 power bank has finally given up so am looking for a new one. this time I'm after something with a bit more quality, my requirements - 1amp output and 2.1amp...
  18. andy_con

    .htaccess - Joomla and error 500

    ill try to make this short. got brand new hosting, downloaded joomla from their web site and uploaded to ftp. I am unable to do anything as all I get is this error - although joomla forum has been helpful they have not managed to solve the issue and my host isn't...
  19. andy_con

    Fooked Up - Web Site Help

    my host decided to give up hosting which was helpful. there was no backup facility in cpanel so I just copied everything that was in the ftp, I use joomla. now ive got new hosting etc I need to move across, but ive fucked up in the biggest way possible and cant find the files I copied. I can...
  20. andy_con

    Just Purchased a Syma X8W Drone

    purchased an syma x8w quad copter yesterday, nothing fancy but a good bit of fun. the camera is comes with is shocking, I wasn't expecting much to be fair for the price. the camera is like being back in the 90's!! it transmits via wifi to your phone and you down load an app to record/view...
  21. andy_con

    Dash Cam - Battery Powered Idea?

    so the idea popped into my head of wouldn't it be great if you could power a dash cam via a battery pack so it can be on all the time even when your not in the car. the first issue I thought about was the car powering the dash cam whilst the engine is running and then switching to battery when...
  22. andy_con

    CNC thread (porn inside)

    it would seems from the what job do you do thread there is a lot of interest in CNC stuff. ill be honest I'm somewhat obsessed with CNC mill, machines, lathes and routers. I love a good bit of cnc'ing. I have a cnc mill, which has a 6 station atc, ruby tipped touch probe, z height setter and...
  23. andy_con

    Installing Windows on Ex Work Laptop - Locked

    a friend has given me an ex work dell E6320 laptop. popped a SSD in and went to install windows and it comes up with an error saying it cant install on the hard drive. this is a brand spanking new SSD I got today. anyway, went into the BIOS and its password protected. so looks like something...
  24. andy_con

    Hard Core Computer Geeks Help Required

    bit of a different one but I'm lost and don't know where to turn next. so I had a dell 1750 laptop running windows 7 which I used to run both my cnc machines, never had a problem. I could run a cnc machine, surf the web, have cad open and cam program without a single issue. due to its age it...
  25. andy_con

    See through engine + high speed video

    saw this the other day, pretty cool
  26. andy_con

    What to use instead of photobucket?

    Photobucket has turned into the worlds shittest site, it doesn't work on my phone or any of my computers. What are people using to host images these days?
  27. andy_con

    Connecting Belkin router to BT HH5 issues

    I just purchased a brand new Belkin ac1000 wireless router to use in my garage, but am not getting any internet. in the house is the BT HH5, and the ac1000 is plugged into one of the ports on the back. but just says no internet connection. why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. andy_con

    Advance CCTV setup Discussion

    I know there are many many threads about CCTV, so sorry to create another. but I want to discuss setup rather than which camera to buy. my current setup and camera is completely stand alone, so I have a dedicated desktop which I record onto which isn't connected to the web. my IP camera is a...
  29. andy_con

    Custom whatsapp Emoticons

    ill get straight to the point I want to be able to send a sausage emotion in WhatsApp. now there are millions of ways on google about how to do this, but I'm not sure I believe any of them. anyone on here done and so a tried and tested method?
  30. andy_con

    Paypal Card Reader

    anyone clued up on the new paypal card reader? when you clicking on the total sale volume right down the bottom it suggestions you pay two fees. blended fee and an interchange plus.