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  1. Hawk182

    iceberg silver 182 m6 south - Birmingham

    I undertook you in a white fiesta just after the 50mph ended about 7pm BG55 EJJ
  2. Hawk182

    White Clio RS 200 - MA59 FGJ

    Anyone on here or know who's it is? Parked on M&S car park in Northwich yesterday (fri 27th) at 12
  3. Hawk182

    Sport rep @ kfc northwich

    Black 1.2 with sport wheels and grilles. Just seen u on chesterway carpark munchin kfc.
  4. Hawk182

    182 cup hub to 172 hub swap?

    so i need to go from 60mm bolt spacing to 54mm on the front hubs to fit the coilies i want. i've done abit of research on here and have learnt the REAR hubs have 44 teeth on the abs rings which isn't very helpfull. i hope someone can tell me if the front abs rings are the same on the 182 hub and...
  5. Hawk182

    Blue 172 in asda multistory Winsford 6pm 08/06/12

    Definately belonging to a member (stickers). I parked next to you in the LY
  6. Hawk182

    Clio 1.2 16v 2004 for sale

    Hi all, well ive been trying (unsucessfully) to sell my beloved clio 1.2 since christmas as i've got a 182 now, so please have a look. im asking for around £2,500 (ono) car is currently on SORN certificate i will put 12 months MOT on too for the buyer! Hear is a link to the car which is on...
  7. Hawk182

    Hi all, Just a quick hello!

    I'm Tom from Northwich in Cheshire; I've used the site before but have recently bought a Clio 182 (well i say recently it was early December lol, so finally getting round to registering on here). Ive been after a 182 for absolutely ages and after running around in a 1.2 phase 2 since i passed...