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  1. merlin7

    New AutoSmart products

    Hi just got 2 new products off Autosmart yesterday so thought i would give them a try and post the results on here One item is called Cobalt+ its a spray on wax that you can apply wet or dry i paid £28 for 5ltrs but you can dilute it 1:4 or use it neat so potential of 20Ltrs .I was told it uses...
  2. merlin7

    Clio 200 cup Front Shockers

    Are there any visible differences to the cup shockers over the Std 200 shocks,Just had mine changed,and car seems different on handling,but not in a positive way dealer said they were only 2 types,due to the size of the top mounting.But i know the cup shockers are 15% uprated been looking for my...
  3. merlin7

    My Liquid Yellow 200 Cup FF

    Hi all just thought would start a thread on my 200. Bought from Ron Hodgson Specialist cars back in May. Had the belts and water pump changed at dealers and also two new front shockers.Will use this thread to list all the upgrades that i do. Next hope to get wheels refurbed and some H&R springs...
  4. merlin7

    New Member West Yorks

    Hi all just joined owned a clio sport 172 for last 14 years,Just got RS200 2010 Cup in liquid yellow,Recaros,Scorpion exhaust ITG filter and remapped.Anything i should look out for on this Clio? Cheers Tone
  5. merlin7

    Major missfire on 02 plate 172

    Hi just had engine out and fitted a replacement as lower crank pully broke in half causing cam belt to jump so replaced engine ,belts ,dephaser pully,all the normal stuff while eng was out,all fitted up started car found fault on number 4 injector,so changed injector and started it up car was...