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  1. adam172

    Industrial air compressor (maybe of interest to some people on here)

    As above have this air compressor for sale contact me for more details
  2. adam172

    My ph1 172 on eBay for spares/repairs simple project !!

    As above just need this gone now will take 300£
  3. adam172

    window wiper fuse keeps blowing?

    urgent help needed! no wipers in this shite weather!! pretty please.... long story short. get in car, turn wipers on, nothing..... check fuse, see its blown so replace it. start the car...POP..ffs blown fuse again straight away... mehhh try another might be a dodgy fuse.... start car...
  4. adam172

    Motorsport ecu specialist?

    Does anybody know of any recommended ecu specialists, ideally in the southeat area but not to worried if we have to send it off, it's for a 92 formula Renault if that makes any difference. Any help would be appreciated
  5. adam172

    Trackday at brands on Monday (video and pics)

    hey guys, not been on here much lately but iv not fallen out of love with the Clio just been very busy concentrating on work ect.... anyway took the clio to Brands on Monday (my second trackday) and the car was excellent, it didnt play up once all day i was very happy with it. knocked half a...
  6. adam172

    Airbag ecu removal help please

    Hey so ages ago I removed my airbag ecu and of course the airbag light and service light have been on ever since, is thamere anyway I can remove the lights now? Can I put resistors in anywhere to cut the lights out? I obviously have no interior apart from my dash all the wires have just been...
  7. adam172

    Girlfriends mini cooper 03,77k, JCW kit

    Girlfriend needs to sell her car as we are going Ibiza for the summer, quick sale needed... £4295
  8. adam172

    197 - S111 clp Lakeside

    Just saw you driving near ikea car looked very nice ;) anyone on here??
  9. adam172

    Interior loom bits, what can I chop (pics inside)

    Took some more bits out the cr last night but I'm now left with this, should I tuck it away or can I just chop it ?? Also do I need the handbrake wire for mot? Thanks
  10. adam172

    were can i buy the clips that go on the rear pads?

    as above im after the metal clip things that stop the pads from moving on the rear, anybody know were i can get them ?? ad
  11. adam172

    spraying my car, were to buy paint form (to use in spray gun) and general advice!

    hi guys im currently looking at getting the interior of the clio sprayed satin black, im getting quotes of around £300 but a couple of them have suggested doing it my self. I think its something i could do and wouldnt mind giving it a go tbh. I have access to a unit and an air compressor, so...
  12. adam172

    cheapest place for up rated engine/gearbox mounts??

    as above guys im looking to upgrade the engine mounts, where is the cheapest place to get them?? thanks adam
  13. adam172

    recommend me a laptop. >£300

    hi guys im looking at getting a laptop but dont really know what im looking at? I will be using it for design work mainly and obviously the internet.. I will be running some pretty big programs on it: 3ds max, auto cad, adobe design suite, microstation, rhino 3d blah blah blah.... I know £300...
  14. adam172

    Are Ph1 and Ph2 roof linings the same ?

    As above, are they the same ?
  15. adam172

    PAS cooler / oil cooler ?

    Long story short is Done my first trackday, PAS pump over heated starved the pump and now It needs a new pump.... I'm looking to do allot more trackdays but don't fancy having this problem every time ! ( esp considering it was my first time so was no doubt not pushing as hard as I will be...
  16. adam172

    gear oil capacity ?

    as above, how much oil will the 1*2 gearbox take? im going to be changing it soon so want to get some oil ready?
  17. adam172

    Adams ph1s first outing on track (Brands)

    I took the little clio on its first trackday and my first trackday as well :D i was very very excited and had an absolutly amazing day even if i did brake the power steering pump, come off at paddock and that it rained! any way heres some pics and a video.. poorest pictures ever!! (taken by...
  18. adam172

    power steering pumps gone bang!! -- HELP!!!--

    Took the car out on track today for the first time and after my second session the power steering fluid had exploded all over the under side of my bonnet and up the front window :dapprove: after that the steering felt VERY heavy at slow speeds(by slow i mean just pit lane speed...) it was fine...
  19. adam172

    TRAX convoy (on the day)

    ok so there doesn't seem to be a thread for the nutters driving up in the morning for Trax, or am I the only one? gates for cars that are showing open at 6.00 the show starts at 9.00 so im guessing try and get up there for about 8.00ish? which would mean leaving lakeside at about 6.15AM...
  20. adam172

    Scratched glass ? Best product/method

    Hey guys my boot lid glass has some pretty bad scratches on. Was just seeing if there's a way I can get them out and what's best for the job. Some scratches are deeper than others but if I can get most of the smaller ones out I would be very happy Hope you can help :D
  21. adam172

    Ph2 bootlid fitted!!

    Fitted my ph2 bootlid today pretty easy job tbh ! An a big difference Before After Comments ...
  22. adam172

    intresting ph1 / redtop wouldnt mind ago!
  23. adam172

    will a boot fit in a boot :/

    will a clio boot lid (without spoiler) fit in a striped clio with a half cage? somebody must have tried before? please help!
  24. adam172

    Dub Allstars GLI
  25. adam172

    camber'd lenso'd lower'd ph1

    crappy pics but iv just fitted camber shims to the rear and removed my rear adjusters (yes i know the front needs lowering more)
  26. adam172

    Stub axle bolts urgent help needed

    Hey guys fitting camber shims yo' and just come to tightening the rear stub axle bolts up but I'm not sure how tight to do them. Anybody know? Btw I'm talking about the 4nuts that hold it all on that go through the camber shims Help woyld be much appreciatde or they are just getting the...
  27. adam172

    best method, product and tools to clean my wheels.

    hi guys since putting my lenso wheels on my car iv only cleaned them twice, using AG custom wheel cleaner that I used to use on my old wheels. I have now run out of AG cwc and my wheels need cleaning again. what would you guys recommend I use to clean them? these are the wheels in...
  28. adam172

    200 rear diffuser on a ph1

    have been thinking about how to make a rear diffuser for the ph1. came up with this, looks pretty oem imo! opinions -
  29. adam172

    simplyclean probably old but a good video although using that brush:quiet:
  30. adam172

    some pics of my 'hellatracked' ph1 at fcs

    some photos of my car at fcs