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  1. JohnnyE

    172 cup touch up paint Mondial blue

    Anyone know where and if you can get any...
  2. JohnnyE

    Cup splitter

    Looking to buy one and been told that the Skoda one fits, so does anyone have a link to purchase one so I get the correct one...
  3. JohnnyE

    12v socket in my 172 cup

    Not working checked power and there’s none there so where’s it fused from?
  4. JohnnyE

    172 cup standard radio

    My last 2 172,s have had standard radios in and both switch themselves off after about 15 mins and when I stop the car and turn ignition off the radio stays on until I turn radio off is a common thing..
  5. JohnnyE

    PS3 or PS 4’s

    Looking to buy a set very soon I need 195/45/16’s anyone know cheapest place selling them......
  6. JohnnyE

    Spotted 172 Liverpool

    AD52BHP going onto M58
  7. JohnnyE

    BG 182 swirls on paintwork

    Just bought a BG 182 and swirls all over the bodywork. Question is best way to get them all off ....
  8. JohnnyE

    My Cup reg now on eBay

    S17CUP now on EBay had some silly offers but priced to sell
  9. JohnnyE

    Clio 182 roof bars

    I bought a set a while back but not used them so going to put a for sale ad soon. Question is how do the back ones go on do you need to take the strip off rear of the roof?
  10. JohnnyE

    Kirkby Liverpool

    Spotted. Black 172/182 was bit far away but sounded nice
  11. JohnnyE

    Suspension upgrade?

    Ive got Bilstein B14 with standard top mounts, what would you consider a good upgrade but still need to use standard top mounts?
  12. JohnnyE

    438 cams?

    Looking to buy a set any recommendations where to buy..... Thanks
  13. JohnnyE

    Cutting out at 5k

    Had a weird fault at Oulton yesterday, when hitting 5k car seem to cut out it was like hitting the rev limiter. Then on the drive home the speedo was all over the place any ideas someone mention crank sensor any more ideas before I get it checked out next week....
  14. JohnnyE

    Spotted Black 182 in Llanwrst

    This morning sounded nice.....
  15. JohnnyE

    iPhone help

    Can I add another device to my Find my phone app??
  16. JohnnyE

    Spotted BG 182 Thelwall Viaduct M6

    This afternoon just before the crash that held everyone up
  17. JohnnyE

    Gearbox and gripper oil change

    im havin issues with my gripper it's a bit noisy well it's cluncking at low speeds whilst turning the wheel left or right. Before spending a lot of money getting the box out and getting the gripper serviced I've been advised to swap the oil, so I've bought some Castrol B373 also would it be...
  18. JohnnyE

    Gearbox removal

    What's the going rate for a garage to remove a box then refit a week later??
  19. JohnnyE

    Gripper help

    advice please I need to get the diff out my car and send if off to be serviced as making a scary noise. The cost is £300 for the service and was wondering how much would be a garage charge to take the diff out then I need to send to Gripper than refit it Any ideas!!
  20. JohnnyE

    Any Gripper specialist in the NW??

    As per title
  21. JohnnyE

    172 cup gearbox and Gripper help

    I have a gripper in my box and been told that these are normally noisey when turning the wheel at low speeds specially when pulling away when wheels on full lock. People with grippers fitted how noisey are your??
  22. JohnnyE

    172 gearbox help

    I've started to get a bit of a crunch when going into 5th gear at high speeds at low speeds and being gentle seems ok, I'm planning a gearbox refurb at the end of the sprint season but want to get 5th sorted ASAP before my next trackday. Also anyone recommend any one decent in NW.
  23. JohnnyE

    iPad help

    How if you can put up a pic on CS via my iPad ?
  24. JohnnyE

    My 172 cup sprint car

    I've just bought another cup of a good friend of mine to use this season, it's had a lot done to it and only mod I will be looking to add for now is the induction as it's standard at the moment. Chris at EFI reckon he can get a little more power once done just need to decided what one to get. (...
  25. JohnnyE

    New wheels so happy

    Got myself a new set of wheels and tyres F1's and nearly new AD08's also might of bought myself a another Clio 172 cup with a gripper and cams and lots of goodies #sohappy
  26. JohnnyE

    Malware software

    Can anyone recommend a decent Malware removal tool as I found something called Lasaoren on my browser.
  27. JohnnyE

    Norton antivirus

    How can I remove it from my laptop, I've tried uninstalling the usual way through the control panel but no joy.
  28. JohnnyE

    PS3 Help

    I don't hardly used mine but just turned it on and the red stand by light is on and usually I would just press the on/off button and would turn green and start up. But what's happening is it goes green for a second then back to red so I'm thinking it could be fooked any ideas.
  29. JohnnyE

    What's the Average bhp on a

    Standard engine in a 172 cup???
  30. JohnnyE

    172 cup info

    Has anyone got any info on cup that's for sale local to me the reg is SG03TZT just been to try to view it but garage is closed so just had a nose from outside, it looks tidy but has a twin exhaust on it. It's up for 1500 but ad don't mention service or belts 70k on clock