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  1. Gobsheene

    My new FF 182

    Now For sale Folks for £4250 :) I'll miss the old girl but its been great fun!
  2. Gobsheene

    Norn Iron... drive out?

    Well Tigger? Any chance? :P
  3. Gobsheene

    Best place to get alloys powder coated in NI?

    Paint Trev... just paint. lol Nu Look are superb, but you pay for it.
  4. Gobsheene

    Brembo High Carbons @ the Brembo shop £45 delivered!

    Anything less aggressive than the DS2500? Highly doubt i'll be on track or what not, I used to swear by Ferodo Premier for an aftermarket OE replacement, anything inbetween for these?
  5. Gobsheene

    Best place to get alloys powder coated in NI?

    If you get them powdercoated you'll have to loose the centre caps as you cant powder coat plastic. Depending on where you are there's somewhere in Dunloy thats supposed to be very good.
  6. Gobsheene

    Help with CF vinyl

    Gazz i found that having a lot of excess really helps on the corners to pull it straight and remove any wrinkles make sure you heat it nicely and have enough to strech around the cover... also dont trim it till its completly cooled as it does shrink slightly... :)
  7. Gobsheene


    Quite the bald spot. Great looking meet. :)
  8. Gobsheene

    Very cheap 172 with circlip popped

    Meganesenic box (unsure which model) will fit a 1*2. just needs a bit of fettling.
  9. Gobsheene

    Renault Cutting Corners

    Its a Renault not an Audi... they're quite clearly too busy drinking wine making cheese and bucking their luvvers to care about painting.
  10. Gobsheene

    Jailbreaking: A Guide... & Best Features.

    Try again or connecto to WiFi, i was getting that earlier when i had crap signal.
  11. Gobsheene

    Expected Power gains from the following?

    I'm in Northern Ireland so wont be going to JMS for the stuff :) As for unwanted attention a bright blue clio with two stripes attracts far too bliddy much sometimes! it's all coming in stages not all at once so I dont feel the dunt in the wallet, just curious over all.
  12. Gobsheene

    Expected Power gains from the following?

    Maybe when i've the rest done, what price do schricks start from?
  13. Gobsheene

    Expected Power gains from the following?

    Thought that myself, I've had the car RR'd with cat in and only a ktec ultra silent system last year acheiving 183.9 on a Dastek RR. I think this is at the flywheel? Theres another due in September in the same place so will be interesting to see what difference some of those mods make [cant...
  14. Gobsheene

    Jailbreaking: A Guide... & Best Features.

    Feck it... trying again now.
  15. Gobsheene

    iPhone 4 Wallpapers

    Took this last night here: Where the Silver MeganSenic is :)
  16. Gobsheene

    your thoughts please...

    Correct, You could get a fairly good branded one for the same price. Ripspeed stuff is ok, you can just get better for the same price else where. Their electronic stuff is woefull though. Used to get a silly amount of returns when I worked there.
  17. Gobsheene

    Jailbreaking: A Guide... & Best Features.

    I miss sbsettings, 5 icon dock and StatusNotifier the most out of anything tbh.
  18. Gobsheene

    Expected Power gains from the following?

    What do you reckon the powergains would be from the following approx on a 182? JMS style induction setup with the thinner filter Matched inlets RSTuner 98 ron .cal Decat Full exhaust Would I be lucky to see 10bhp? I'm about half way there with this, just need the matched inlets and JMS...
  19. Gobsheene

    Jailbreaking: A Guide... & Best Features.

    I installed StatusNotifier and NotifierWidget [gives you alerts of SMS, Email, Missed Call, IM's on the satus bar at the top and also on the home screen when locked like many other phones on the market] And then every time springboard refreshed it went into safe mode and wouldnt come out...
  20. Gobsheene

    Jailbreaking: A Guide... & Best Features.

    Yup installed it last night ran into issues almost straight away when trying to install some apps so had to perform a restore this morning. But going to hold off and wait a couple of days for the JB to be a bit more stable.
  21. Gobsheene

    Clio 182 photoshop request

    No offence but they look terrible :( Though the 2nd ones are marginally better, but still not great. They'll also be rather heavy. Whats your budget for wheels? Does it have to include tyres? Also, why not buy them in anthracite instead of buying them and getting them sprayed and save a few...
  22. Gobsheene

    Would you buy a Cat C Clio?

    Why was the shell brought from Dieppe? Surely is the same as any other non sunroof clio shell? Oh and to answer the original question, yes... but not at that price.
  23. Gobsheene

    Renault World Series

    Santoz when is it?
  24. Gobsheene


    1690... are you an Orange man? Welcome to Cliosport :)
  25. Gobsheene

    A new era...

    Replicas are fine. are one of the biggest suppliers of replica wheels in Northern Ireland, and they all seem to be grand some just not as strong as the real thing. My mate works in there and has only had 2 sets back faulty. One where the t**t tried to fix a buckle by...
  26. Gobsheene

    What are you like with your friends/passengers and your car?

    It's only a car... it doesnt make it drive any less badly. I used to be anal about it, but I dont mind so much any more, just no shoes on plastic trim or the dash. Carpets can be cleaned. Dont park anywhere the doors can hit stuff, tbh my mother was the worst for this. Oh.. Flash multi...
  27. Gobsheene

    Fitting a decat?

    Ahhhh makes sence now! :) I didnt think that would work as it would read as the CAT is working too well and throw up the light again? But if its tried and tested... i may just do this. I have the wee light RS Tuner coming this week so I'll clear it with that.