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    BMW 330ci

    Super clean, always liked 330s when they're not chavved up.
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    BMW 330ci

    Looks tidy, very cool without the plate but bound to run into trouble not having it on
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    Goodyear eagle F1 vs Michelin PS3

    This is for a renault wind (same 100hp) I don't push the car often as it's driven mainly on the motorway with the occasional country road attack on the way back from work, the car has Hankook V2 Evos on which are more than sufficient but getting very low, when it comes to tyres I prefer not to...
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    Goodyear eagle F1 vs Michelin PS3

    Hi all Just wondering if any members here have tried these tyres out and could rate which one might be the best choice for me on 205/40/17 wheels or recommend any similar performance tyres
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    Renault wind - 1.2 TCE

    Because it's all about being different
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    Renault wind - 1.2 TCE

    140BHP is about the average, can run 200+ with upgraded turbo forged internals etc, considering the mounting points are all the same as a clio 182 seems the most cost effective option, aside from just buying a 182
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    Renault wind - 1.2 TCE

    Drop a 182 engine in there and track it is the most likely step forward.
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    New car - Jaguar F-type V8

    What a beautiful car, such a head turner
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    Renault wind - 1.2 TCE

    After an absolutely awful experience with a Mercedes C200 coupe, I decided to go back to renault after previously owning a twingo GT, took £4500 out and went and brought this car with 22,000 on the clock FSH not everyone's cup of tea but I see potential
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    Twingo RS133 - Turini Plastidip Bodge-up

    Looks good while it lasts, cheap and cheerful way to get them looking smart.
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    Day On An Evo X

    What a beauty , great finish
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    Yellow Supercharged Clio

    "Craigggggg davisssss"
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    C63 AMG Coupe to replace the TTS

    Now I know why my prices have skyrocketed Nice AMG
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    Text message mirroring?

    Ahh , it was an option on bitesms which I used to use on my jailbroken iPhone didn't realise it wasn't standard
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    Text message mirroring?

    Message forwarding in settings?
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    New Car

    Should've brought a dacia :P
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    Few cars from Central London last weekend.

    CEO 4 Tag yellow Ferrari is the chairman of crystal palace and was the CEO 4 Tag lol
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    Iceberg Ph1 on Autotrader

    Drive away as is price so no warrenty etc is how I'm interpreting that one so if it goes pop your fucked but you don't get much more than that with a private sale so :/
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    Michelin pilot sport 3

    I believe they are about 54 in 15" will be getting some for my car very soon
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    BMW 335d X drive M Sport

    Great car, can't say I love them though just your normal outside lane car
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    Slightly shocked and confused!

    Haha, you got mugged off mate!
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    oils for running in forged engine

    Lol, badly recycled oil, it's still usuable if you do changes every say 4k miles
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    oils for running in forged engine

    Fully synthetic is infinitely better than semi, what might have been misinterpreted is that semi synthetic is thicker than fully synthetic, when it's actually the 10w-40 5w-40 ratings etc, can't see why you'd put semi in first, give the components the best protection out the box and go with...
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    oils for running in forged engine

    Can't see it making a massive difference, it's more about the oils viscosity than the blend when it comes to protecting the engine, which the running in oil should do fine
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    oils for running in forged engine

    5w40 semi synthetic is what you put in Diesels usually lol, stick to fully synthetic :D
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    "Key Parts" water pump..

    Its probably OEM Quality or Equivalent all, hence it being equivalent to the standards Oscar88 will be able to tell you for sure weather its good to go or not
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    195/50/15 clio ph1 172 tyres

    About 7K on the road
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    Twingo GT

    Just some pictures and progress for my Twingo GT When I first collected the car, just after it had been serviced and gave a shoddy clean by the garage The wheels it had on it It's first detail Winter wheel swap To Summer wheel swap and serious detail Thanks for viewing
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    BMW 330ci

    Love these definitely going to look at one as my next car, how does it sound?
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    Meg 250 engined 200

    He also put the 200T engine in a twingo which is also alien green, that's unfinished far as I know.