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  1. LY_Kimmy_182

    Ry54 182 merry hill multistory

    Nice lookin sport, we were in the integra.
  2. LY_Kimmy_182

    Whining from cold when steering

    As above really, just started doing it recently. My boyfriend thinks the power steering pump is on the way out, can anybody else shed some light on it? Thanks.
  3. LY_Kimmy_182

    LY 200 merry hill car park

    Very nice LY 200 Spotted around 12.30pm N80 NSG.
  4. LY_Kimmy_182

    2 Sports @ The Black Horse Halesowen

    RB 182 and a Liquid yellow 197, both very clean.
  5. LY_Kimmy_182

    Trophy-Rowley Regis

    Very clean trophy spotted at the end of Cromwell close.
  6. LY_Kimmy_182

    Private Reg Plates

    Just been on the DVLA website looking to buy a private plate. My dilema is, will having a plate which ends in CUP look out of place or false on my 54 plate LY FF 182? Any suggestions welcome, I'd like something fitting for the car :cool:
  7. LY_Kimmy_182

    Opinions please...

    Im lookin to paint my calipers on my LY 182 but im undecided on the colour. What colour would look the best? Im thinking red?
  8. LY_Kimmy_182

    Automatic lights

    Could some one tell the reason why my automatic lights are not coming on???:S
  9. LY_Kimmy_182

    How many Liquid yellow 182's are left out there?

    I'm interested to see how many LY's are left out there as i think only 59 were made in this country if im correct? 1.LY_kimmy_182 Both Cup packs :p
  10. LY_Kimmy_182

    Traction Control-Warning Lights

    I wonder if any one can help me, I was driving down the M6 yesterday funnily enough on the way back from purchasing a 172cup for my boyfriend and my traction control light along with the service light has come up on the dash. Im wondering if anyone on here has any idea why the lights come on? :S
  11. LY_Kimmy_182

    My new liquid yellow 182

    Thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the site and put up some pictures of my car :D I only bought it a couple of weeks ago from JamboM3 and I'm absolutely loving it! IPhone camera isn't the best but here's some pictures, enjoy.