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  1. Saamm93

    KTR Clio JLR Witley

    Floored it past the traffic lights at about 20 past 7. Sounded beautiful
  2. Saamm93

    Black 182 JR Witley packed next to my Trophy (Pic)

    Packed next to my my Trophy in the corner
  3. Saamm93

    Clio trophy JLR Whitley now

    Just drove past me on the way out. Looks good :)
  4. Saamm93

    Black 182 cup JLR Whitley

    Have seen you a couple of times in the car park
  5. Saamm93

    Blue 172 Wotten just now

    Followed me for a while. Sounded amazing as you went past :)
  6. Saamm93

    New xenon's protection

    Hi All, I have just bought a pair of professionally pair of refurbished xenon's for my trophy I'm looking for any tips to keep them in the best condition I can. Is there anything out there that can help me? Cheers All :cool: Picture 002 by sam.mercer93, on Flickr Picture 001 by...
  7. Saamm93

    16:15 Oxford, Flame red, Sliver 182 Unipart oxford

    Saw you at Sainsbury's roundabout about quarter past 4 heading to rose hill. Saw another 182 in Unipart packed on the end of the row all day
  8. Saamm93

    Magnex exhaust help

    Hi all, Thought I would teat myself to an exhaust at the weekend. But I have forgot about the center section :o. I dont really what to cut the original one... Does anyone know where I will be able to get one from? Thanks :hail:
  9. Saamm93

    Hi from Oxford

    Hi all, Been looking for a clio for a while now.. Finally bought Trophy 491 last night :D Thought it was about time I bought membership and introduced myself.