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  1. jamesycc

    Megane 225 2004 gsf clutch the kit query

    Anyone know what clutch kit I need for a phase one megane 225 2004. Gsf have a few listed but not got a clue what the differences are. All apparently fit my car?? Just wonder if anyone's got an idea. 189re1090 is a kit with concentric slave LUK 189re1340 is also a LUK kit with slave but...
  2. jamesycc

    spotted @stacky clevedon

    Spotted @stacky coming out of Clevedon today about 16:30. Can't miss that Clio!!
  3. jamesycc

    jamesy's Megane 225 Inferno progress thread.

    Having now owned my Meg for nearly 2 weeks thought I'd start a thread to keep a history of what I do to it. Car bought from @mossyv6. Has had a few mods done when bought. Scorpion decat and stainless exhaust. Induction kit. Stainless down pipe (not sure what, tbh) Forge blanking plate. Dump...
  4. jamesycc

    Is it possible to get a sub 100k rs megane 225 for 2k??

    Thinking about something with a bit more practicality to replace my 172 cup. My wife won't drive the cup(no bad thing) but we have 4 kids and a bigger 2nd car is on the cards. I've told her its gonna be something 'sporty' so a meg 225 fits the bill nicely but budget is tight. I need to ideally...
  5. jamesycc

    Inferno 182 Easter Compton Bristol

    Spotted a lovely inferno parked up in Easter Compton, Bristol. Seen it a few times now.
  6. jamesycc

    weird idle and hesitant starting 172 cup

    hi CS peeps. just wondered if anyone's experienced similar things to what my cup is doing. car wasn't used for week as on hols. No probs before it was parked for a week. Start it up and have an immediate misfire. Diagnosed as injector 4. Replaced, misfire gone. But I'm left with a rough idle...
  7. jamesycc

    2 names to watch out for scamming

    Got a mate in work who had a mate scammed by these 2 cretins based in Cardiff. Matt Lanfear and Philip Allman. They've been on the ford forum, fb, Astra VXR forums, golf mk5 forum basically scamming people for parts and cars. my mates mate sold them a golf mk5 gti. They paid him with fraudulent...
  8. jamesycc

    Exhaust hanger bolt size??

    Anyone know what size these bolts are?? Need one.
  9. jamesycc

    Door opens - no cabin lights??

    idiosyncratic French electronics question. Cabin lights work, map reading light works. Footwell leds work running off the same circuit but here's the thing, when I open the door nothing, nada, zipp happens. Anyone had a similar issue that can shed any light on it (pun intended:D).
  10. jamesycc

    Anyone played the Infinite Warfare Beta PS4?

    jumped on this this morning for a bit. First impressions are its like BO 3 with less jumpy jumpy ability. Time to kill is out of balance with the amount of bullets needed to kill your enemy I would say but it is a Beta so...
  11. jamesycc

    Clutch cable adjustment

    may have been covered before but gonna ask anyways. Does the clutch cable have any tension adjustment. Done the unhook, foot to floor trick but just wondered if you can adjust the cable end stop. To unhook from the clutch paddle was really easy almost like there isn't enough tension pulling on...
  12. jamesycc

    Steering rack help..

    Car failed its mot yesterday. The bg one was it needs a new steering rack. Anyone either have a good used one ie not leaking or recommend a good used supplier. Genuine Renault I haven't checked but assume will be mega bucks. Ecp and gsf do reconditioned ones but with a refundable surcharge for...
  13. jamesycc

    Custom spray colour matching people

    anybody on here do custom paint colour in a spray can. Need some lrc445 Westminster grey also known as Arken grey from Range Rover. Previous owner had a refurb and need to respray a wheel after a curb repair?? Cheers
  14. jamesycc

    172 cup pollen filter??

    anyone know if the cup has one and if so where it might be located. Whipped the scuttle panel off only to find a big space...
  15. jamesycc

    Possible oil leak in gearbox

    Was under the car tonight fettling the exhaust and noticed the underside of the gearbox and selector shaft was a bit wet with what I assume is gearbox oil. Anyone had similar symptoms and an idea of where it may coming from??
  16. jamesycc

    Fitting a fabia splitter

    anyone know if this is straight forward fit. Any new holes need drilling? Hints and tips welcome, cheers
  17. jamesycc

    Bristol RS Clios and other French stuff.

    Just wondered how many are on here from the Bristol area. See 172/182/197/200's all the time. If you are post a pic. Cheers
  18. jamesycc

    illiad blue v6 weston super mare

    anyone in the area? Looked the boll@cks. About 7pm ish.
  19. jamesycc

    Bristol spot-avonmouth-ly182

    avonmouth this morning 05:30 ish. LY 182 with turinis or something similar, looked clean.
  20. jamesycc

    Alloy wheel repairs... Anyone had it done?

    So thought I had a puncture this morning. Turns out its a cracked alloy. Anyone had a repair done before on a cracked alloy and how much did you pay, which I know is an open ended question but just looking for rough ideas on cost. Cheers
  21. jamesycc

    Titanium 182 turbo on ebay-anyone on here?

    Got a mate in work that was asking me about this little beauty on the 'bay. Said id ask around for him
  22. jamesycc

    Bristol spot

    Spotted I think a RB or AB 182 on the portway about 14:30, gave a friendly flash in case it was someone on here.
  23. jamesycc

    Cobra Monaco with a standard seatbelt

    as the title suggests, anyone know definitively if you can run a cobra Monaco bucket seat with the standard seatbelt? Where do you mount the pretensioner? Any help or pics to guide would be useful. Cheers
  24. jamesycc

    Black 182 easter compton - bristol

    Sat having a coffee and roused by the familiar sound of an f4r engine. A lovely shiny black 182 cruises past making a lovely sound.
  25. jamesycc

    Max verstappen has good taste in cars(that he's given probably)

    Seems F1 drivers think what looks like an RS Megane is a good choice of first car. Doubt he paid for it though...:tongueclosed:
  26. jamesycc

    25mm hub spacers on a 172 cup

    Anyone ever fitted 25mm hub spacers on a cup before? Just wondering if there's clearance issues. Its already lowered by 35mm. Cheers
  27. jamesycc

    wiring leds in with a switch.

    Right then. Been trying to wire in an led strip with a switch to be mounted on the dash dimmer dial panel. For whatever reason I'm struggling. Got the 12v from the ignition on live from the cig lighter. Earth isn't a problem. The switch is an led type with an accessory pin out the back. Got the...
  28. jamesycc

    R5 GT turbo(i think) Bristol.

    stunning R5 bishopsworthh rd about 5:30 ish. Anyone on here?? Looked amazing. Personal plate R5 GTT I think it was.
  29. jamesycc

    Few Bristol spots - Trophy and 182

    Trophy outside the climbing centre on winterstoke rd. Black 182 on winterstoke rd about 6-8 pm.
  30. jamesycc

    Bristol spot rb182

    RB 182 parked on luckwell rd, spotted on way to work looking lovely.