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    service paper work

    unsure if this is the right section but here goes, im trying to find some service papers that i can download but struggling to find so i can start building up my service history. can anyone point me in the right direction would be a big help. cheers mark
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    Hello! ive got some swirling in the paint work very light nothing bad but it bothers me my question is are there any cutting polishes out there other than t-cut as it's not really what I want to use. Cheers mark
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    Buzzing noise

    Driving along at 30mph and I have a strange buzzing noise sounds like it comes from the rear of the car. I'veJacked up the car and spun the wheel to see if its the bearing but no noise. I can't see anything that rubbing or any obvious signs that could cause the noise. I replaced the rear discs...
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    Blue 200 asda farnborough

    Parked behind me with a css12 sticker and a clios sport sticker in the rear window reg Lr56wzl
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    Ph1 rear fog question.

    Having a look at all the lights ect and I realise that only the driver side rear fog light works. Investigated swapped over the clusters ect and it doesn't work on the passenger side. So do ph1s only have 1 fog light for the rear ?
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    Ly 54CTE. Bournemouth sea front harvester!

    Ly 182 parked up by the sea front car looks awesome
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    Mot seats and belt question.

    I've got my mot coming up and I'm unsure if it's a fail or pass. So the question is If I strip out the rear will it pass or fail. I currently have all seats in but no middle seat belt took it out to find a leak and don't want it back in as I want to strip it out. Cheers mark
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    172 yozza bolts

    Quick question guys ive just bought a yozza sport exhaust but to join the exhaust together over the rear axle I see you need some bolts anyone have a clue what size ? And where to get some from? Cheers mark
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    Found this on eBay some people may like/want.
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    another ph1

    thought i would post some pictures of my car. hes some from london. and some more. sorry about how big the pictures are was unsure of what size to make them.
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    Ph1 Coolent leak!

    If I start the car from cold with the Coolent to the max line there's no leak what so ever. When it gets warm there's some smoke/steam from the engine bay but can't see any leak Coolent gone down a little bit. But I let the car tick over on the drive got the engine fully hot temp gauge sitting...
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    Rs tuner maps.

    Hello all. has anyone got a Ron98 map for a rs tuner for a 172 ph1 they could send me by email Would be a big help. cheers mark
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    rs tuner problems

    I recently bought an RStuner for my ph1 172 from a member on here. I've just had it unlocked. I had two files sent to me via email which I have unzipped: and RStuner_Fireware_188_1.02_Slave_RC2.bin Im unsure which is the map, or what each one...
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    Inlet manifold cleaning question

    Looking at cleaning the inlet mani and matching at the same time. I've taken it off to do a service but seems a bit mucky slight bit of oil. What's the best way to clean this out?
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    Rs tuner problem?

    Looking to buy one have been for a while but cant understand the availability box on fastchip. I'm looking for pops and bangs for a 172 ph1. Is it version:RS tuner standard Vin vf1:Clio 2 xBxx Module: none Accessories: none Any help would be good cheers.
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    KTR throttle bodies/ Jenvey throttle bodies.

    I'm trying to get some more information about them hoping someone has fitted either one of them. Would they be ok to run on the standard ecu with a remap? What's your review on them and what gains have you got ?
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    Renault centre caps!!!

    I've got a ph1 and I manage to lose a centre cap on the way home from when I brought the car (part number 6000073620). I have been looking on here, rang Renault and looked on eBay I cant find a centre cap to fit in my oz f1 wheels. I know this is the case for a couple of people as I've seen the...
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    Washer bottle empty!

    Everytime I top up my washer bottle water was gushing out of the passenger wheel arch so I investigated and found out where the leak was coming from its coming from where the pump goes in to the bottle. My question is... Is there ment to be a seal or some sort of gasket between the pump and...
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    brought this beaut!

    brought a ph1 always liked them for a long time finally got one. only a couple of pictures for the moment more will follow.
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    Im coming back!

    hello everyone. i started off with a 1.2 and done a 172 cup conversion i ending up selling. i currently own a sundance 106 which is now up forsale. im going to view a mk2 ph1 which is what ive wanted for a while is there anything i should be looking for say rust spots ect any comments would be a...
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    Ham n blackbird Farnborough

    Ham n blackbird Farnborough silver ph1 v6 erg wj51
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    shaky start!!

    i got a service done on it about a month ago the guy put 0w-40 oil in i thought this was a bit odd.. its worked brill ever since..... but for some reason when i start the car up on idle it blurps then if u rev it to about 2000rpm its shakes the hole car :S can anyone help cheers mark
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    i have a 172 cup engine...service guy called and said that he put 0w-40 in the car!!! is this the right stuff i thought it was 5w-40 semi-synthetic ???
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    top and bottom inlet manifold question???

    im looking to do this tomoz... whats the best tool to use to do this ive got a dremel... or some drill bits... also if anyone has had this done have they seem a difference in performance... cheers mark
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    Farnham blue cup sainsburys roundabout !!!!!!

    U must hav come off the hogs bck and u came right behind me i was in a silver clio I went off the roundabout upwards sainsburys and u went left to Aldershot way !!!!! Who r u car looks sick !!!!!!
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    PROBLEM PLEASE LOOK !!!! sorry about pic size !!!!

    i had a look in my engine bay today to do my weekly checks as you do.... and i relised that there was some white stuff over my battery.... :S could think what it was so i turned the engine on to see if anything was leaking... nothing. i then took it for a spin to find it had come back...
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    spigot ring size???

    hello there ive got to team dynamic pro race 1.2 and hav no spigot rings.... what size do i need 2 fit a 172 cup cheers mark
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    driving home from work the engine management light came on it started to feel lumpy to drive didnt hav far to go so i carried on.. got home put in a fault code reader and it came up with... PO141 generic O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 2) also engine was warm and the...
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    172 back box worth it ???

    hi there a guy down my road sell a serbring exhaust back box ive never herd of the make tbh so would like some opinions please cheers
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    30amp fuse in engine bay keeps blowing!!!

    hello as above.. my 30amp fuse in the engine bay keeps blowing.. does anyone hav any ideas. it will start and i can drive it but when i get 2 a down hill round about it blows everytime... any help would be good cheers mark