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  1. arg_carra

    ABS & SERV Light

    Morning All, This may have been discussed before but I'm kinda stumped with this one. About 2 weeks ago I had new pads and discs fitted to the rear of my ph1 172. Recently the ABS and SERV light has been on. The fault first of all pointed to the O/S/R ABS ring which I changed again as I thought...
  2. arg_carra

    Catostrophic Misfire fault - Solutions please

    Anyone else had this problem? My ph1 172 has the EML light displayed. Is showing catastrophic misfire as the diagnostic fault but is running spot on. Both lambda sensors have been replaced but the fault will not clear. Car isn't used daily but I haven't noticed it using more fuel than normal...
  3. arg_carra

    Ph1 172 Flamer with New Paint!

    I finally decided to get the full front end of the flamer re painted due to the amount of stone chips. The car always looked ok in photographs but as you will se in the close up "before" shots it looked as if someone had pebble dashed the front bumper! Very pleased with the results, I feel it...
  4. arg_carra

    W21 A** Trophy, Strathcarron, NW Scotland

    As above really, remote location this afternoon, parked outside a cottage. Anyone on here?
  5. arg_carra

    * GHM White Leon (Old Arctic 182?)

    In Dumbarton about half an hour ago. I'm sure the registration used to be on an Arctic 182? I was in a red ph1 Flamer.
  6. arg_carra

    Not A Sport, But Everyone Likes A Bargain!

    Last weekend I added the third Clio to my current "fleet". No real reason for buying this really apart from the price, but first the car.... Its a 1998 S 1.2 8v RN Grande. Two owners from new, just 40,000 miles on the clock, MOT'd and taxed until July 2014, original spare wheel and tools, few...
  7. arg_carra

    172 Exclusive Y*** FCL

    As above. Glasgow bound on Drymen Road Bearsden at about 17:15 today. Lady driver!
  8. arg_carra

    T26 *** RB 182 Maryhill/Bearsden A81

    As above heading Bearsden bound from Glasgow at the Skypark roundabout. I was beside you in the black mk4 dCi.
  9. arg_carra

    New daily - Mk4 dCi

    Well I traded in my Megane for a new Clio dCi Dynamique S MediaNav in pearl black. I genuinely believe Renault have gone back to the whole character of the Clio, back in the Papa and Nicole days. Stylings a bit marmite for some but works for me :) Brilliant little cars and the kit level is...
  10. arg_carra

    AK52 172 Cup 2118s Glasgow

    As above. Heading city bound on Great Western Road at about 2ish this afternoon.
  11. arg_carra

    Electric Polisher Recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a good electric polisher? Ideally one that is not an attachment for a drill. Not too bothered on cost, I'm a great believer in you get what you pay for. What do we all use then? Cheers, Al
  12. arg_carra

    Clean and Cup Spoiler Fitted!

    F1s back on for the winter but finally got round to getting my cup spoiler sprayed and fitted along with my new spray shack bullets. Then a well deserved clean! Apologies for the I-fail pictures.
  13. arg_carra

    K*** MOR Mk1 RB Clio

    In your drive! i was having a look at the house across the road that's for sale!
  14. arg_carra

    X*** WSF silver ph1 172

    Spotted on Balmore Road between Torrance and Bearsden, outskirts of Glasgow. Unfortunatley I was in a Fiesta at the time!
  15. arg_carra

    NU05 JXP - Tarbert Harbour, Argyll

    Above registration, Titanium 182 with CS sticker. Tarbert Harbour, Argyll. Anyone on here?
  16. arg_carra

    A Year of Ownership - Ph1 Content

    Roughly a year ago, I picked up my ph1 Flamer from Disley, Manchester so an excellent excuse for a good clean and some pics. The car has been great to have so far. It took me ages to man up and buy one but its turned out to be one of the best things I have bought. So far, apart from insurance...
  17. arg_carra

    North West Scotland - Plockton, Applecross & Isle of Skye

    Last weekend, me and a few others off here took the trip North to the Applecross/Skye area of Scotland. We met in Fort William on the Friday evening with the rain coming in at full force giving the distinct impression that summer had finally arrived. We drove on the A87 North of Fort William to...
  18. arg_carra

    2118s Fitted

    Removed my F1s for something called the summer, fancied a change so got myself a new set of anthracite Speedline 2118s with some new rubber and TPIs. Yes it could sit a tad lower and could do with front spacers but I'm really pleased with how they look. Apologies for the poor quality pictures...
  19. arg_carra

    Scotland Aviemore Meet and 3 Ph1s

    Good turn out today at the Aviemore Cliosport/ meet. Nice day out Sorry for the bad quality pics, only 2 of all cars together but I'm sure other members will add more soon. Also a few pics after the meet on the way home.
  20. arg_carra

    Lowered on Cooksports

    Gave her a clean and got some better pics now the Cooksport springs have been fitted a few weeks. Nice subtle difference, ride comfort is still fine, hightly recommended.
  21. arg_carra

    Ph1 172 Flamer - Subtle, Working Progress *PIC HEAVY*

    Done a few changes to the car and got some more things pending so thought I would start a wee progress thread so i can update it as and when. Picked her up on 30th June 2012 from Stockport, Cheshire with only 69,000 genuine miles, heaps of paperwork and a recent belt change and she didn't miss...
  22. arg_carra

    2001 '51' 172 Ph1 These must be super super rare on a 51 plate ? ! ?
  23. arg_carra

    New Steering Wheel & Fully Cleaned (flamer content)

    Quick update, Nothing major but good excuse for some pics. 2 new front T1R tyres, Fabia splitter and a new steering wheel. Also a full clean inside and out for tomorrows activites at Knockhill. Must say flame red does look good all clean even if I do say so myself. Still few wee things needed...
  24. arg_carra

    Ph2 172 Flamer Blackpool

    Around 11:30 am 5th August town centre Blackpool. I'm sure the reg was KP53 SYO. Anyone on here? It did have a CS sticker.
  25. arg_carra

    Knockhill & 4xFlamers

    Popped up to the Knockhill track day in Fife with a few off here, also ran into some other flamers. Pics are quite bad quality, but heres some of the better ones: Just a few flamers:
  26. arg_carra

    My "New" 172 Ph1 Flamer

    Hi all, Picked this little beauty up yesterday from Stockport, drove brilliantly back to Glasgow. Big thanks to frazjam for driving my Megane back. She's fairly standard except a k-tec exhaust. F1s could do with a re-furb but paintwork is in quite good condition and got an extremely fair deal...
  27. arg_carra

    J* WHV - blue non-sport

    Blue Clio mk2 ph2 non-sport. Sometimes see it about 8am on A739 Switchback Road, Bearsden in the traffic for Glasgow. Had Cliosport sticker in back window. Guessing it must be someones on here?
  28. arg_carra

    High Mileage dCi I'm not thinking to buy that but would the mileage put anyone off? Colours not to everyones taste but provded all the...
  29. arg_carra

    My Megane Coupe dCi

    Picked this up just before Christmas. Love it so far - dCi 110 is not rapid but torquey - pulls well through the gears. Completely standard except for the optional 17" wheels, which fill the arches much better in my opinion. Let me know what you think!
  30. arg_carra

    First Polish of 2011 (non-sport content)

    Cracker of a day so gave the TCE a quick polish. Excuse the bad i-phone pics - really need to invest in a decent camera. Let me know what you think, Cheers Al