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  1. jamesycc

    Thinking of viewing

    Swivel hub bearings, ask when or if they've been done fairly recently. Cambelt obviously, would be good to know if that's been done. Window switches are notorious for packing up so check they all work. Check the rear exhaust is in line with the rear bumper. Centre mounts are prone to failing...
  2. jamesycc

    Facebook Marketplace

    Bargains to be had, full of idiots though. Worse idiots than gumtree... ?
  3. jamesycc

    airbag resistor

    3.3 omhs x 2. Triple fold the ends for snug fit.
  4. jamesycc

    jamesy's Megane 225 Inferno progress thread.

    Yeah it must be tiring, extra concentration. 208 gti next. Something smaller and that my wife will drive. Unmodified. In fact she picked it as it has sat nav and a panoramic roof. I was just happy to keep something sporty as the second car tbh. Yeah I'm in brizzle.
  5. jamesycc

    jamesy's Megane 225 Inferno progress thread.

    Apparently not. Plus when they are exported they are usually marked up heavily according to the 2 french men I was talking to. Seems they still save some money with the travelling over to get them.
  6. jamesycc

    jamesy's Megane 225 Inferno progress thread.

    Au revoir Megane. Off she goes, back home to France..
  7. jamesycc

    Mossy's Cars

    Yes it's been a brilliant car. That itch has been scratched. Onto newer things. Yeah the buyer seems really keen, I hope he loves it as much as I did the first time I saw it in the flesh. 2 years ago, time flies. Now get that 5 done?
  8. jamesycc

    Mossy's Cars

    Our Meg will be off to a new home soon @mossyv6 Deposit taken from a French buyer. Hopefully he'll be happy with it and off it goes to its birthplace! Great car and glad I've owned one but time for something newer. Love the alien green, such an awesome colour in the sun. ?
  9. jamesycc

    90's modifying scene, what were we thinking????

    This forum is a place where most feel they can say what can't be said in normal society because the speech/moral police are everywhere these days. My eldest son is mentally disabled, do I take offence to disabled jokes, no. I am very thick skinned though and take it in the manner in which it's...
  10. jamesycc

    Mossy's Cars

    Can't do white, it'd look like a polo mint... ?
  11. jamesycc

    Excel help - ideally before I resort to Hulk Smash and murder...

    Excel has a strange logic to it. Just when I think I've cracked it goes all bloody spazmo on me... ?
  12. jamesycc

    Mossy's Cars

    They look amazing in the flesh. ?
  13. jamesycc

    Alien green clio 200 @ ktec

    Fair enough. Just didn't seem to have a sarcastic tone to it. But seriously there actually people that think that's how it should be..
  14. jamesycc

    Alien green clio 200 @ ktec

    That defeats the object of being a business then...
  15. jamesycc

    Someone tried to nick my wheels.

    Never seen that before. Bit of job now though. You'd have to be a complete spastic of a theif if that's how you thought you take wheels off... ?
  16. jamesycc

    Help With House Move/No WIFI BT Hub etc etc.

    Hope he got payment for his generosity if she was fit.... Nothings free tell her ?
  17. jamesycc

    The Holy Grail - Ferrari F40

    Had a die cast model of one these as wee kid. And a 959, have so much desire for both. Man's car is that.
  18. jamesycc

    New 182 FF For My 4YO Son - New Private Plate, What Do You Think?

    Why cup on the plate when it's not a cup?? As already mentioned an example in titanium is not really seen as a premium colour. But who knows in ten years it could be worth loads as you say. Either way I like the sentiment of saving it for your boy?
  19. jamesycc

    Buying cat c

    Offer half and see what happens. Checked out what it'll do with your insurance premium being a cat c? Probably make no difference but worth checking before you part with any cash. For £1400 there's loads of clios about without cat c on them.
  20. jamesycc

    Mossy's Cars

    Expensive day then.... ?
  21. jamesycc

    Black Ops 4.

    I've seen a few YouTube videos and the like but not overly bothered right now. Annoys me that you have to preorder the deluxe version to get access to any dlc or content. I'm not forking out £90 on a game I've not even played yet. I'll just wait and see. Past cods apart from black ops 123...
  22. jamesycc

    jamesy's Megane 225 Inferno progress thread.

    Got an mot yesterday. Got a pass. Advised to replace discs and need a passenger cv boot. Also noticed the centre exhaust hanger is knacked so will sort that too.
  23. jamesycc

    New owner of P17TOO

    Ahhh, I see what you did there. Subtle
  24. jamesycc

    New owner of P17TOO

    Clue in the title surely.... ?
  25. jamesycc

    Boss kit

    Omp part no. OD/1960re117a Simoni part no. 524.189 I got the simoni one from jjc race and rally ebay site. Omp is usually demon twonks. Dont try and force the momo one on, the spline doesn't fit and you'll either crack the boss or damage the column. Ive not personally done it but...
  26. jamesycc

    Boss kit

    No the 172/182 bosses are different. You need a boss for the 197/200 for the meg 225. Momo don't make one even though they list one it doesn't fit. It'll be omp or simoni. I paid around £50 for the simoni one, the omp ones are about £80. Nothing wrong with the simoni one tbh. I'll get...
  27. jamesycc

    Advice after incident on motorway.

    Exactly this. But the system of insurance is fucked up so he didn't have much choice but to take the cash. He'll either lose his car as its a 10/12 year megane so nowt special to the unobserved or he'll be stung on his next year's premium. Tbh I'd have taken the cash too.
  28. jamesycc

    Megane R26

    Look good. Nice touch.
  29. jamesycc

    Another Kangoo 182

    Yep theres always scoobies, skylines and evos knocking about the place. Just looks odd as the place is pretty old skool in its presentation....!