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    Wreckfest (Console)

    Bought this yesterday, good god its hilariously fun. If anybody else has it on PS4 we need to have a multiplayer session. Ive not laughed so much playing a game in a while.

    Scotland driving holiday

    I've wanted to go to Scotland for years and have never done it. So after becoming single before Christmas, I decided I'd plan and book myself a little trip over the boarder, taking in some of the sites the West Coast of Scotland has to offer. I did a bit of research on routes, looking at...

    Update on the 340i

    So, last few months I've been gathering parts (wheels, springs & bump stops and body kit) and finally got round to fitting everything. It now looks like something special rather than a 318d with two tail pipes. Next up is to change the brakes, replace the pads for some Yellow stuff's, possibly...

    ABS light but no code through CLIP

    Good Morning Gang, So, I've recently rebuilt my track car ("what are you doing using ABS on a track car, blah blah blah"). Refitted absolutely everything, bled the system using CLIP and then a secondary manual bleed. First outing on track it felt great, then all of a sudden the ABS light came...

    Heater issue

    Good Morning all, So over the last 12 months I've been rebuilding my track car with the help of @f0xy. We stripped down some of the wiring (nothing excessive), we just removed everything I no longer had in the car. I've removed all of the air conditioning and fitted the PMS AC Delete kit and...

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So I've heard bits and bobs about this in recent months but never really followed up on it. So last night watched the below video, I'm pretty impressed. The only RPG I've ever played is Fallout so I'm quite tempted by something Blade Runner-esk. Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming role-playing...

    Clio 182 on the A14

    Black Gold 182, showing off to our Civic race car on the back of a trailer... btw its smoky AF

    From a E90 325d to a...

    ... F30 340i M-Sport+ So, on Monday the 8th of Jan I went to Williams Liverpool to pick up my new baby... BMW F30 340i M Sport+ in Glacier Silver. I only seen the car on the off chance when bored on my lunch just before Christmas. So on Christmas Eve me and my Dad thought we'd go to Liverpool...

    Massive Braking Issue

    Afternoon kids, Ok, so where to start? On the 14th we were at Snetterton for a track day, brakes were on form for the first half of the day and after lunch rapidly went down hill. I'm sure as most of you will know Snetterton has some big braking sections and I was finding the pedal would go...

    New Adjustable Top Mounts

    Hi guys, recently I bought some GAZ Gold coilovers and needed top mounts. I had a look on the market and all I could find that were adjustable were AST and KAM Racing, adjustment varies between them. So I've been "umm'ing and ahh'ing" about which to get. During a conversation regarding top...

    Anglesey 2nd May in the Fisherprice.

    It's been a while since I've posted about the Clio but there is quite a bit to up date, so I'll not start now it can be for another time. So as some may or may not know, we do the track days as a family (Yes that's Me, Mum and Dad). On Sunday we headed to Anglesey complete with my Cousin and...

    Liquid Yellow 200, Warrington Thursday 21st

    Had a Liquid Yellow 200 behind me down Cromwell Ave heading towards Winwick Road (A49) then towards Winwick last night.

    Rattle when letting off the throttle

    Afternoon guys, Ok, so I'm getting a rattle on the car when driving the car but it sounds (wait for it)... two washers a couple of mm apart but I've not a clue what it could be, It sounds like its just infront of the gear linkage. Its only developed since we've had it on track, we've uprated...

    Project CARS TT (Weekly)

    So guys this is the official Project CARS Time Trial thread. These go from Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59. The winner of the weeks TT will choose the Track and Car. Rules are as follows; *Times must be set in TIME TRIAL mode. *Times must be evident (picture, video or both). *Times must be set...

    Tyre Management

    Hi Guys, Obviously as some of you will know I’m new to the whole track day malarkey and I’m learning all the time about the way the car handles and how importance tyre pressures play, I’m not one of these who talk a good game. So before my next track day (20th May) I thought lets read up...

    Cliché track car title.

    Well, as the title states this is “another track car thread” blah blah blah. The Start. So where did it all start? Well I’ve always joked about having a project, you know like restoring a car or building a track car. Anyway in December I joked to my Mum and Dad that we should get a track...

    Blue 182 Lime Green cage Ellesmere Port

    I was coming off the M53 as you came from underneith the 53 heading for Cheshire Oaks.

    Fisherprice My First Track Car

    Ladies and Gents I present to you my Little Tike. So on the 19th of April me and my Dad took part in our first track day in our recently put together 182 that we bought at the end of January. We've done little bits and bobs to the car to get it fighting fit over the last couple of months...

    Back once again.

    Good Evening, Well Im back on here again as I've finally bought a Renault Sport Clio, I still have my 325d and its still my favourite BUT the Clio is going to become a track project between myself and my Dad so its all about having fun. The car its self is a 2005 Renault Sport Clio 182 with...

    Cough... cough... I've been missing.

    It's been so long, some of you will be grateful some of you might have missed me being an arsehole lol. So few months ago I splashed some cash on some Weitec Coilovers for my woman (still cool to call your car a woman right?), anyway managed to get them fitted this weekend complete with new BMW...

    The Clios replacement.

    Well Its been a while, membership ran out last month and I've been doing nothing but search for a new car in the exact spec I want (anybody who's been there will know how I feel). Anyway new job meant that I could afford to start looking for a new "motor" to which I started looking at BMW's...

    holy hail stone batman

    RB 182 FF Sellafield Cumbria

    Seen it on the Market place at work today for Sale. That is all.

    The slow rise to the Top

    Its been many years and many times I've said I'd do a build thread but as you can tell I'm never in any particular rush that is until now, this is that build thread I've put off many a time. Sooo lets wind the clocks back to 2008 26th of February to be exact, my current car at the time was in...

    Is this anybodies? Lad i know just asked me about it said he liked it, im not sure if SRS!

    Hero silver 172

    Went flying past, past Fidlers ferry you got me leaking like a fucked fridge... NOT!

    Fallout New Vegas. Do I start again?

    Reet, im debating starting New Vegas again as on my current game ive slightly fucked up as i wanted to be NCR and ive managed to piss them off a little by doing too many missions for Yes Man. Dont get me wrong ive killed Mr House and Yes Man but there still pissed, they dont try to kill me but...

    Cool Nova

    Just been sent a link to a Nova and i have a soft spot for these so i checked it out and it was cool so i thought id share.

    New Vegas : ASDA

    Just a quick heads up to anybody interested in a great bargin from ASDA, FALLOUT: New Vegas is £10. £10 of awesome-ness go grab your self a bargin

    Black 182 down Darsbury expressway 9:40PM

    Black 182 down Darsbury expressway, black clio very low yellow lights?... Yea it was me with my thumb up.