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  1. Norbury90

    JLR Classic Works

    A few Clios at JLR this morning, anyone from here? I'm sure I recognised the Trophy from a trackday I did ages ago. All looked in great nick.
  2. Norbury90

    Turinis on a non cup 182

    Hi guys, I fancy a set of Turinis and have read a lot about 172 Cup spec ones and Trophy spec ones. I have no idea about how the differences between them actually work but I think it involved the hubs. My car is a non cup packed 182 and I was under the impression that my car has different hubs...
  3. Norbury90

    Red 172, Chester

    Let you into the Moston Petrol Station earlier. Was just on my way back home from dropping my 182 off for a service so was in a boggo Clio. Yours looked incredibly tidy
  4. Norbury90

    Rear shocks - is this dead?

    I have zero mechanical knowledge. Literally zero. Here's a pic. Is this buggered? The other one doesn't look like this. Are they expensive?
  5. Norbury90

    Blue 182, cs sticker, Liverpool Uni

    I keep seeing a 182 at about 4:30 each day near the University of Liverpool. Lady driver. Anyone from here?
  6. Norbury90

    British GT Oulton Park

    Seen 8 or 9 Clios in a variety of flavours while wandering round the car parks including a 200 on Dutch plates
  7. Norbury90

    Blue 182 Marbury

    Parked next to the canal
  8. Norbury90

    172 Cup Aintree hospital

    Parked near you in the multi-storey. How close were you to nudging the metal barrier! A braver man than me for sure.
  9. Norbury90

    Plenty at Cholmondeley WRC stage today

    Saw a good 4 or 5 dotted about the car park. Hope everyone managed to get out eventually!
  10. Norbury90

    Broughton last night

    A BG 182, a 200 with a Clio plate (only glimpsed it as I drove past) and a RB 182 on the Welsh road that looked very tidy. There was also an RS Megane in Broughton car park too. Was at Chester Zoo on Wednesday and saw a blue 172 with giant Monster stickers on it too
  11. Norbury90

    172 with CS sticker, Sandbach

    Saw you last night at about 9:30. Was behind you for only 30 seconds so you probably didn't spot me
  12. Norbury90

    Wirral Trophies

    I have been glimpsing a Trophy at the Wallasey Tunnel and the M53 southbound at 8am ish for the last few weeks, i'm always going in the other direction so never been able to see it properly. Also saw another one (different car I think) at the Marine Lake in West Kirby a few nights ago. Looked nice.
  13. Norbury90

    Silver 182 in Parkgate with CS sticker

    As above. Parked up on the Parade a couple of days ago. Private reg. Local car?
  14. Norbury90

    182 Trophy, Chester Sealand Rd Tesco

    My first Trophy spot in ages! Looked nice. Anyone on here?
  15. Norbury90

    Spots in Neston, Wirral

    Saw a 182 going up the high street a few minutes ago, think it was BG. Yesterday there was a White 200 parked on Church Lane. Local cars? Not seen either about before
  16. Norbury90

    02 plate 172 in Chester

    Just pulling into the Esso garage by Mercedes roudabout at about 1pm today. Looked nice!
  17. Norbury90

    Anyone know of M88 ARV, silver 172 Cup?

    Was in work earlier and one of my colleagues wandered over and said there was a 'sporty Clio' in the car park with flat tyres. She said it had been there for a couple of weeks and hadn't moved so she was thinking it might have been stolen? I thought I would wander over there at the end of the...
  18. Norbury90

    Yellow 200 with CL10 plate, Chester

    Saw you heading towards Chester earlier on at about 5ish. It was dark and I was going in the other direction so didn't get a decent look. Local?
  19. Norbury90

    182 and 172, Deeside WRC service park friday night

    They both looked considerably nicer than mine even though I only caught a glimpse of either. Anyone spot the 182 rally car? I need it desperately!
  20. Norbury90

    LY 197/200 near Cheshire Oaks

    Only caught sight out of the corner of my eye, was noisy! Was at around 5pm ish
  21. Norbury90

    Wallasey tunnel/M53 about 20 minutes ago

    Who was it then? :up:
  22. Norbury90

    Green Clio 200 Wallasey and blue 182 Clatterbridge

    Very nice both cars
  23. Norbury90

    Pair of Blue 182s at Two Mills junction on the Wirral

    Coming back from Wales direction - been to the Evo Triangle? Both looked very nice