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  1. Cerrone

    French car show 2018 convoy

    So French car show is Saturday 7th July at donington Park. I haven’t been for a few years but looking forward to it this year as It’s not far from us and is meant to be a better show than it has been previously. It would be good to meet a few more people and put faces to names. The gates open at...
  2. Cerrone

    Removing sump

    I’m replacing my sump gasket this week and just trying to find out the best way to do it as I’ve read it’s a bit of a pain. Just looking for any tips or guides, stuff to watch out for and any bolts that are hidden! Any help is appreciated thank you!
  3. Cerrone

    Better late than never! 182 clean up

    Hello I’m Dan, Iv been meaning to start a project thread from the day I collected my car....7 years ago! Iv just always taken care of my car and kept up to date with servicing but never really did anything else to it apart from fitting eibach springs years ago a new Sabelt wheel also years ago...
  4. Cerrone

    Removing bottom inlet

    Having problems removing the bottom inlet! Is there a guide anywhere? All the bolts are out but can’t get it to move from the alternator bracket. Any advice? Cheers!
  5. Cerrone

    Any idea’s

    So playing around with the Clio and I found this. Is there any Obvious places this could be coming from? I have noticed I had been using a little oil not a worrying amount tho. I’ve cleaned it all up now and going to have a better look tomorrow just wondering if I’m missing something ?
  6. Cerrone

    May meet!

    Morning lads and ladies, some of you know me but if you don’t I’m Dan, hello! The West Midlands area seems a bit dead at the moment so let’s all try and get it going again, it’s good for the club and it makes meets so much better with more numbers! There are some good club shows happening this...
  7. Cerrone

    Paint code for cup alloys

    Afternoon I’m after some help/advice I’m looking at getting my alloys refurbished to factory colour. Iv tried this before a while ago but got the wrong paint code and they turned out different so I wasn’t happy with them. Yesterday I rang Renault Wolverhampton and the parts chap I was talking...
  8. Cerrone

    Standard air box

    Starting to service the Clio this week, I removed the air filter and noticed this, it looks like something is meant to be in it but I couldn’t see anything. Any ideas?
  9. Cerrone

    Seat belts

    Don’t know if this is the right section but how/what’s the best way to get the colour back? Would gtechniq g4 trim restorer work? Or does anyone know how much they are new? Cheers :up:
  10. Cerrone

    Am I doing the right thing!

    Some of you know my rb182 I’ve had it some years now, I’ve always said I wouldn’t sell it but I’m currently really toying with the idea of a ph1 172. There is one that I keep finding myself looking at online and on Saturday I’m working 20 minuets from where it is up for sale. I know if I go and...
  11. Cerrone

    LY Malvern

    Heading into Malvern about 6. I was in a rb did give you a flash!
  12. Cerrone

    Some Trax photo's

    Had a good day at trax this year. I haven't been in a few years but it doesn't change much! The area was a good laugh and there was a good turn out with some nice cars, I wont say any names but someone locking their keys in their car did make good entertainment for the cs lot and...
  13. Cerrone

    Trophy in Droitwich

    I was in the rb, Imi did wave back just a bit delayed!
  14. Cerrone

    Trax 2017

    Alright lads and ladies trax is sunday the 1st of october and after a really good weekend at csf i'm definitely going to trax. The deadline for club passes are the 1st september. It would be really good to get some numbers from the midlands there as it's not far. Hopefully see some of you there.
  15. Cerrone


    This year will be my first csf. I can only make the friday night so will it be a problem with me leaving on the saturday night?
  16. Cerrone

    Arctic in kidderminster

    i was in my RB. Is it for sale? Looked really nice and clean.
  17. Cerrone

    Afternoon everyone

    Hiya i'm Dan, some people will remember me and my RB 182. I've been on here years but haven't been using my clio much in the last three years so haven't really been about. As i moved house and didn't have anywhere to park my clio it has been at my mom and dads! Now i have space at mine on the...
  18. Cerrone

    Lets see your movember's then!!

    As Tom has put his link up It would be funny to see the best of the westmiddlans part!! Il post one of mine to start!! I dnt really like it!! I work in schools so it doesn't go down the best!!
  19. Cerrone


    I'm detailing my mates RED car today. Iv just got to waxing it and havnt got my dodo juice orange crush with me. Would it be stupid using blue velvet on it? If so why? Cheers cerrone
  20. Cerrone

    Stearing wheel

    I'm changing my standard wheel for my new sabelt wheel today, iv got every think I need are there any threads showing how to do it?! Cheers Cerrone
  21. Cerrone

    Momo Steering Wheel Boss Kit Renault Clio

    Where is the cheapest place to get one from?! Demon tweeks are £68 with postage!
  22. Cerrone

    Don at merry hill?!

    In the multi story!? Think it was your car!!
  23. Cerrone

    L14 sej I think... Esso Worcester road

    Lady driver! I was looking at u walking past!!
  24. Cerrone

    The ring 28 September-1 october

    Im jumping in with the lads who are sorting this out! Didn't know if any of you lot would be keen!! Would be good to have some of the westmiddlans lot there! Any one keen?
  25. Cerrone

    G3 formula professional. Views on this?

    Just been to halfaurds for a couple of interior cleaning products and saw this stuff! Done a quick search didn't find much! Has any one used this?
  26. Cerrone

    Alloy colour code

    Iv got the standard 182 full fat alloys and getting them repaired this week, what is the colour code for them?! Cheers lads
  27. Cerrone

    Barum tyres!

    My 182 needs new tyres front 2, and have been looking about and fround these! Are they any good? Barum, bravuris 2.
  28. Cerrone

    Can I get 16" speedline 2118's?

    As above I can't seem to find them!! cheers
  29. Cerrone

    Which coil-overs to buy?!

    I'm looking at different coil-overs Which would suit me best! I'm only looking at a couple of trackdays a year not many and ones that would be good on everyday driving too! Iv got a ff 182, Any help would be grate cheers Cerrone!
  30. Cerrone

    Meet soon?!

    Any meets getting sorted? Not had one in a while!!