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  1. Don

    Geeing up some interest

    Guys, this area seems to be sadly lacking in action....last post in here was in June....almost 6 months ago!!!@@ Come on people I appreciate we are coming into the crappier months, but who is up for a meet or a run out or something? I need to get the 182 out and stretch her legs. Who is up...
  2. Don

    May Bank Holiday meet - 25th - 27th May????

    I dont know about everyone else....but I'm getting sick of the west Midlands not having an active CS member group. I remember the days when I used to organise stuff and we all had a laugh....what's happened? Because of this, I'm stepping up to the Oche again and will be organising a meet for...
  3. Don

    Renault Clip owners - west Midlands ideally

    Hi guys, just seeing if anyone in the area has a Clip and for a few beer tokens would be willing to turn my airbag lights off. I've got an RSTuner with the correct Airbag module, but even that wont turn it off. I have the Recaro Trendlines so no airbags anyway, but seeing if someone has Clip...
  4. Don

    Whos up for a meet/drive out this month?

    Just popped on and noticed the amount of tumbleweed passing on the West Mids Area. I'm looking to see who fancies a Saturday or Sunday meet up and food/drink/drive out. Appreciate the weather isn't perfect, but who is up for it? 1. Don - any weekend
  5. Don

    Autobrite Direct meet?

    Putting the feelers out as Autobrite Direct are asking if Car Clubs want to come to their place in Stoke (just off the A500 - surprise surprise!)... Just wondering who would be up for it. No details as yet, would probably be a weekend day if we can get one....
  6. Don

    Would you say this tyre puncture is repairable?

    As per title really. Apparently it's too near the edge to repair...I call bullshit...but tell me what you think
  7. Don

    Should Cobra subframes need drilling?

    Got a subframe for my Clubman seat to go in the 182. I've tried to line it up and it would appear that only 2 of the holes are in the correct position. I've marked up where the other 2 holes 'should' be but unsure if I should just go for it. The subframes were bought with runners direct...
  8. Don

    CS Areas day meet. Saturday 2nd April - Where do you fancy?

    We're having an annual meet on Saturday 2nd April across the country and so we as an Area (West Midlands/Shropshire) need to pick somewhere to meet up. We can do whatever people want, I'm half tempted to do Star City and have a Nandos or something else meal wise. It has an outside and also an...
  9. Don

    [Apr 24, 2016] Midlands Breakfast Club - (Shropshire) Just to confirm, the Midlands Breakfast Club will return in 2016. We have found a superb venue which not many people will have heard of, but is a superb place to visit and is a place that...
  10. Don

    Midlands Breakfast Club...The Return - Sunday April 24th 09:00 - 12:00

    I'm sure a fair few people will remember the Midlands Breakfast Club meets that used to be held at RAF Cosford. It took 2015 off and has now returned. From the people organising it... Just to confirm, the Midlands Breakfast Club will return in...
  11. Don

    Severn Valley Motorsport Breakfast Meet - Sun 1st November 08:00

    Together with Severn Valley Motorsport on Sunday the 1st of November we are arranging a breakfast meeting which will more than likely be the last chance before the winter sets in. We are inviting as many as possible, we have some vintage, Classics and performance cars arriving. Many Gtr's and...
  12. Don

    Css West Midlands Convoy

    Hi Everyone, With 4 weeks left, we need to start looking towards organising the Convoy to Blyton. I am going to have a look at best route to get over there and then see what we can do for meeting points either to begin or on the way. Also, who is doing both Saturday and staying over just...
  13. Don

    What are these known as?

    See picture. Need to get some but unsure what I'm looking for as one of these nuts is pretty much screwed and need a replacement or several for consistency. picture courtesy of a guide...not my pic, but that is the bolt/nut. Thanks in advance.
  14. Don

    Cobra seat install...what do I need?

    Hi all, I have a Cobra Clubman seat for my 182. It is yet to be installed and is still sat in my office. I want to install it in the 182 with the slider so it can move back and forth as I will be v.undecided about location if I'm honest. What will I need to get? Is it the subframe with...
  15. Don

    Mk3 Clio sidelight and numberplate light issues

    Mk3 having issues with the nearside position light (sidelight) not lighting (even though the 501 bulb works on the 182 and the working one in the 182 doesn't work on the mk3!!! Also, both numberplate bulbs don't work. Replaced them both so not sure if there is some random French connection...
  16. Don

    [Apr 18, 2015] Shakespeare Raceway RQYB 18/04/2015 (Shakespeare County Raceway) EVENT DETAILS Spring Madness Public Track Weekend: 18/04/2015 - 19/04/2015 Spring has well and truly sprung. So its time to throw open the garage doors and on head down to Shakespeare County Raceway for the second Public Track...
  17. Don

    [Dec 7, 2014] [Dec 7, 2014] Evo triangle West Mids & North West drive (Llangollen) (Telford)

    Probably the last Big West Midlands meet of 2014. A trip over to the Evo Triangle and maybe a couple of laps weather permitting with the lads and lasses from the North West. Need convincing?
  18. Don

    Evo Triangle - Sunday 7th December

    After some conversations last night...and the fact we had the 'Evo Triangle' lined up until Rob's unfortunate incident...I am putting this feeler up to see who fancies it? Obviously the details to be discussed such as meeting points, etc. but looking for leaving to go there around 11:00...
  19. Don

    Mk3 Keyless entry issues

    58 plate Mk3 Clio Dynamique S is having issues with locking/unlocking. It has the sensors where you can put your hand on the handle and the car will unlock and if you press the button on the handle, it locks...this seems to stop working. I've put the card into the dash and attempted to sync...
  20. Don

    [Dec 11, 2014] Regular West Midlands Meet (Wolverhampton)

    2nd Tuesday of Every Month, we will re-start doing the West Midlands Monthly Meet. The next one will be back to where it all started...This will change every month and what I will suggest is that we go back to the voting Each month, a person who is there can organise the location...
  21. Don

    smallest steering wheel which can be used on 182 with Airbag?

    As per title really. What is the smallest steering wheel (around 350mm) which can still have an airbag? Ideally something which will fit onto the RS 182's steering rack without much of an issue if at all possible...
  22. Don

    Cliosport Saturday Convoy

    Date: Saturday 23 August 2014 (23/08/14) Venue: Billing Aquadrome, Northampton, NN3 9DA Time to be confirmed..but was going to suggest Corley Southbound Services. Who's coming? 1. Don 2.
  23. Don

    308 leather steering thing to care for it?

    I have a 308 which I've only had since April, but have done 7,500 miles in already. The leather steering wheel while small, has dry bits. I've tried applying AG Leather Cleaner, which makes it better (as such), but wondered if there is anything good to treat the leather to make it more supple...
  24. Don

    CS Areas day 21.9.14

    This is going to be a national event with a twist! :) The CS area reps (that are still active) have come together with the idea that EVERY AREA will hold a meet on the same day at the end of the season. The main aim for this is to allow the people that could not attend the larger...
  25. Don

    Santa Pod - Saturday 21st June - All Welcome

    Hi all, Following on from the previous thread An apparent date has stood out between everyone, so the next RWYB day shall be held on 21st June 2014. Where Santa pod raceway Wellingborough Bedford NN29 7JQ When 21st June 2014...
  26. Don

    West Midlands General Chat thread

    Just setting this thread up (As per Martin's suggestion that everyone else has its just for chat and general shite...keeps the meet threads a bit more manageable) Feel free to fill they boots...but please remain within the normal rules as per usual. Cheers. :)
  27. Don

    Star City - Sunday 6th April 14:00

    I am thinking for the month of March we merge the monthly meet with a big meet. The suggestion is Star City...for the few people who haven't heard of it...details are as follows:- Location: StarCity Centre, 32...
  28. Don

    Karting - Cannon Raceway - Coseley - Sat 1st March

    Date: Saturday 1st March Location: Units 4/5 Cannon Business Park, Gough Road, Coseley, West Midlands, WV14 8XR Website: Facilities: Track:
  29. Don

    B00mer Cannock

    Spotted you nailing it round by the orbital this evening around 16:45ish...did blow horn at you, but I was in a different car!!!
  30. Don

    Run out to Barmouth Sunday 29th September Time TBC

    Fancy a good run out in the cars and I'm tempted to suggest before the Pod meet. So looking to meet at Telford Services M54 J4 to head to Barmouth. Get there...grab fish and chips and just have a bit of a laugh. Who fancies it? 1. Donny