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  1. R3k1355

    All electric Mustang Mach E
  2. R3k1355

    Buying an EU phone

    I'm thinking of buying the Xiaomi Mi 9, it's been released globally already but only came out here this week. For some reason it's more expensive in this country, and getting an EU model saves a few quid. Would there be any issues with an EU phone, like with software updates and such? Do you...
  3. R3k1355

    5G rollout

    5G is rolling out this year, promising to be the be all and end all with smartphones. Is this changing the way anyone is taking out contracts or buying phones now? I had thought about getting the new Mi 9 when it comes out soon, but if it's not 5G compatible I'm not sure as I'd look to keep...
  4. R3k1355

    Uber cheap Ph.1 V6

    Absolute steal (y) Rear seats were such an amazingly rare option in the V6, collectors will wet themselves over this genuine Unicorn.
  5. R3k1355

    Mk1 Valver Project

    Nothing to do with me, popped up on Facebook and looked like it might be of interest as it's only £1500. That Renault 5 Turbo engine has gottta be worth at least a grand or two on it's own
  6. R3k1355

    Help - broken network card/chip

    I think the LAN chip in my home PC is broken, but i don't know how to do diagnostics or find out for sure? Symptoms: Turn computer on, windows 7 loads fine and network centre says 'internet connected' Go to load web page and nothing happens, or it's super-mega, ultra slow. Web browser can...
  7. R3k1355

    Lambda Wires

    I have broken wires on my post-cat lambda plug, the wires are broken off clean with the plug - it's the part on the car obviously, not the sensor. I need a lambda pigtail to wire in as a repair, but can't find one. I think it's a type 67 plug?? Does anyone know someone online selling them???
  8. R3k1355

    Galaxy S9

    The iphone gets it's yearly trolling, so it's only fair Samsung's latest offering is discussed. To be fair it's a f**king lazy effort, compared to the S8; Screen: same Storage: same Ram: same CPU: slightly faster It does retain a headphone jack and the Micro SD capacity has been increased to...
  9. R3k1355

    172/182 Headlights

    The lenses on my 182 headlights are shot, used the 3M kit which made an improvement but it soon went hazy again, looking closely the plastic lenses are quite badly damaged. I'm planning on replacing the lenses with a set of new ones, Ren Parts sell some cheap 172 headlights (black surround)...
  10. R3k1355

    Red RS200 at J36 M1?

    Hope you're ok, that looked like a nasty crash!
  11. R3k1355

    Why can't I remove flash?

    I un-installed flash some time ago, but my laptop still shows flash player as being active? How do I remove this f**king crap? I'm using windows 10, I can't find anything in the usual program un-install list.
  12. R3k1355

    AC Pressure Switch?

    My AC isn't working, I slapped a code reader on it and had a fault for AC pressure switch. Is this the right part? (Grey plug in the middle) The copper wires were exposed for about 10mm out of the back of the plug which was quite alarming, I slapped some tape on as a temp measure.
  13. R3k1355

    Which Lambda is right??

    I need to replace the pre-cat lambda on my 182, but there are two options? Is it this one? or this weird...
  14. R3k1355

    Knock Knock

    My 182 (04 plate on 86K) has a knock coming from the rear, whenever you go over a big bump or a speedhump, kinda sounds like something hitting the floor maybe? I've taken the parcel shelf out to make sure it wasn't that, nothing else on the interior feels loose. I'm going to have a look at the...