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    Clio 172 Clubsport

    Nice project
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    Little “m” to capital “M”

    I was very tempted to get one of these! I really like them
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    Is this for real?/post your reflections

    LoL we joke but I’ve seen people do it on bikes before :openmouth:
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    Is this for real?/post your reflections

    Anyone fancy doing my bike????? :tongueclosed:
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    Is this for real?/post your reflections

    Anyone want to do this to my Ducati ? ;)
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    STOLEN Clio 200 Gordini

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    Buying track car and engine life

    Motors aren’t that expensive... Keep it well maintained and fingers crossed lol. If it goes bang slot in a new one. Brand new second hand init
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    Nurburgring Build

    Make sure it’s mechanically sound. You don’t want any leaks of anything. Like really you don’t if you value your bank account.
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    Urrr muuurrrr guuurrddd
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    Ooooosh I spermed
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    Dog Kennel reborn (HMS Derv Destroyer is a legend)

    I wasn’t talking with me in mind :)
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    Dog Kennel reborn (HMS Derv Destroyer is a legend)

    Payment in blowjobs Good work :)
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    RS3 or M4?

    Rs3 is very meh in my opinion Very capable but na
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    Is this a known car ?

    Yep cup chassis red calipers
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    Is this a known car ?

    Checked some paper work last night it was in fact 23k miles
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    Is this a known car ?

    I really fancy one of these, would have to be blue for me though. Last one I drove was a rally car, they look so damn cool!
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    Is this a known car ?

    Errection: Enabled
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    Is this a known car ?

    When I had it I always used seats covers lol that’s probably why. The seats barely ever saw the light of day
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    Is this a known car ?

    I think but don’t quote me around 21 or so thousand. As said it was absolutely mint and got pretty much all the options. Agree with the above though definitely haggle on the price that’s too much.
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    Is this a known car ?

    It was mine from new mate (someone has had it since)
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    Is this a known car ?

    Haha wow yeah that’s my old 200!! Great to see it again i wondered where it ended up :smile: It’s not artic white though it’s pearl white. Was a good little car that and totally mint when I had it
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    Is Silverstone any fun in a Clio?

    Don’t worry about the other cars. Any circuit can be fun in a Clio. You will likely get absolutely analised down the hangar straight though ha
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    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    I’ve got HiKvision 4K at mine running 4 cameras. It’s a good bit of kit, do occasionally get connection issues via the mobile app and did have a camera s**t itself last week as well to be fair. But overall I’m pleased with it and you can get issues with anything.
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    Tiff Needell back on screen!

    Good old stiff needle
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    another track car thing... storm grey content

    Only just stumbled upon this thread, good work, looks purposeful
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    Insurance Complaints / Ombudsman

    Good luck. Insurance companies are c***s!!!
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    First steps- Youve done quite a few track days.... then what?

    Racing is expensive and will eat up your spare time.. First off you’ll need to decide what series you want to do, then purchase a vehicle eligible. Get your race licence sorted, you can do it at most race circuits. You’ll need a go racing pack from the MSA
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Yeah it was white mate. Completely standard evolution model