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  1. Deerhound

    Locking Petrol Cap

    Hi Guys, My daily runner, a mint 2002 1.2 16v Clio Dynamique recently had the standard Valeo Locking Fuel Cap stolen & fuel was syphoned from the car while parked on the street. I have located a replacement standard used locking petrol cap but wondered if any members knew of a more secure Fuel...
  2. Deerhound

    New Alternator & Aux Belt fitted today

    Back to normal today after alternator just packed up with no warning last week. Fitted new aux belt as a precaution!
  3. Deerhound

    Liquid Yellow Megane 275 Trophy

    Spotted yesterday parked up at Oulton Park Wirral 100 Motorcycle Races. Had private plate TROPHEE? Beautiful example!!
  4. Deerhound

    My Two & Four Wheel Gems

  5. Deerhound

    RB182 Reg beginning KB54?

    This RB182 spotted a few times in the Gorton/Reddish area of Manchester. Usually driven by a Blonde haired lady! Give us a shout!
  6. Deerhound

    Liquid Yellow 197

    Seen today at 2.30pm near Ikea!
  7. Deerhound

    Trophy - Denton, Manchester

    Spotted - 11.10am this morning at Denton Roundabout M60.I was in my RB182 but coming off M60 clockwise, Trophy was coming off A57 getting onto M57!
  8. Deerhound

    RB182 & 182Trophy

    Seen this afternoon on the A6, RB182 54 Reg KB54 --- near Ardwick then 55 Reg 182 Trophy near Belle Vue.Both about 3.30pm - 4.00pm
  9. Deerhound

    My Refurbed RB182

    Just a couple of recent pics of my RB182 just after service, aux belt kit, new discs & pads all round, wheel refurb (superb!) & new Michelin Pilot PS£'s all round!
  10. Deerhound

    RB182 Makeover

    A recent pic of my RB182 after a service, new aux belt kit, New discs, pads all round, brilliant wheel refurb & brand new Michelin PS3's all round! Well worth it!
  11. Deerhound

    New Michelin PS3'S

    Hi all, I've just treated my RB182 to a full set of 4 new Michelin PS3's. The tyre place put 37 psi in the fronts & 33 psi in the backs. I think this is way too high. I usually put 33 psi in the fronts & 30 psi in the backs. What pressures do you guys put in? The tyres are 205/45 x 16. Cheers
  12. Deerhound

    Motrio 5w/40 Super Extra Fully Synthetc Engine Oil

    Has anyone tried Motrio 5w/40 Super Extra Fully Synthetc Engine Oil in their 182? I've used it for ages in my 1.2 Dynamique & it's superb! As for my RB 182 though I'm not sure. Interesting to hear any views or expert opininons. I had thought of using Fuchs 5w/40 or Valvoline Synthetic 5w/40 but...
  13. Deerhound

    182 Tyre Size

    Hi, I have recently been in youch with a guy selling a 182 FF & noticed that the he had put on a new set of 195 size tyres as opposed to 205's. Could anybody explain if there are any advantages in using size 195 as opposed to the standard size of 205's The only advantage I could think of is...
  14. Deerhound

    Correct Tyre Size For Clio 182 FF Botn Cup Packs

    Hi All. I viewed a Clio 182 FF both cup packs today & noticed that the tyre sizes were 195/45 R16 80V (Tyres Toyo Proxes) I understand that the oe tyrs for the 172 Clio were 195's & the 182 are 205's? Can any members advise me whether the Toy's on the car are suitable & legal, insurance wise as...
  15. Deerhound

    RB 182 Clio with Gordini Stripes in Radcliffe

    Hi all. If anyone knows the owner of the RB 182 Clio with Gordini Stripes (Reg no starting KY05) that I saw on Wednesday 23/03 about 3.30pm in Radcliffe, Manchester please pm me. I'd really like first refusal when the owner decides to sell this lovely example!haha! Cheers
  16. Deerhound

    Reversing Lights not working

    Hi, The reversing lights on my Clio started working only intermittently a few weeks ago & now they've stopped working altogether. I understand that a new reversing lights switch (which screws into the left side of the gearbox) switch is required. Has anybody on here done this job? If so...
  17. Deerhound

    Racing Blue, Gordini Stripes 182, Radcliffe, Manchester

    Hi All, About 3.30 this afternoon saw an absolutely lovely Racing Blue (with Gordini Stripes) 182 in Radcliffe, Manchester. The reg no began with KY05. Does anyone on here know who's it is? I've been after one like this for quite a while! Cheers
  18. Deerhound

    182 Wind Noise/Squeal above 80mph!

    Hi, Has anyone successfully got rid of the wind noise/squeal above 80 mph that appears to come from near the vents at the centre of the dash board on some 182's ? I've read that some owners have had the windscreen out & re-sealed & that has fixed it, also there's a small hole for a temperature...
  19. Deerhound

    182 Cambelt, Dephaser, Aux Belt & Water Pump change in Stockport/Manchester area?

    Hi, I'm looking for a reputable independent or Renault Technician who works from home to do the above work on a 2004 FF 182 Clio I'm going to buy if I can get the above work done at a reasonable cost.Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Cheers
  20. Deerhound

    Help Needed - From a Member near Truro, Cornwall

    Hi, Further to my Thread yesterday regarding the Black Clio 182 54 plate I'm interested in buying,are there any members in the Truro area of Cornwall who are willing to give the car a quick once over for me?I'm in Manchester so a long way off! I'd be very grateful .The 182 is at a garage...
  21. Deerhound

    Need a Good Renault Specialist around Stockport/Manchester area

    Hi, I'm looking for a good independent or Renault technician who works from home in the Stockport/Manchester area. I don't want to take my Clio to the main dealer as they are rather pricy to say the least! Can anyone help please? I'm currently running a 1.2 16v Dynamique but am on the lookout...
  22. Deerhound

    Orange Coil Light on Clio 1.2 16 valve

    Hi, For a while now the orange coil light on the dash of my Clio 1.2 16 valve comes on without warning and stays on until suddenly going off. While the lights on the car runs as normal & the fuel consumption is fine as well. Can anybody throw any light on this problem? Cheers
  23. Deerhound

    Clio Sport 182 Clutch Action

    Hi All, I went to look at an immaculate Clio Sport 182 today which is for sale. Didn't get to test drive the car but sat in it & tried the clutch pedal & couldn't believe how stiff/firm the pedal action was. Is this a trait of 182's? Maybe someone could confirm if this is normal for the car. If...
  24. Deerhound

    New Member

    Hi All, Just joined today. Currently own a 51 plate Black Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v FSH which I've owned since new & has only done 61000 miles from new. Have had my eye on owning a Clio Sport though for a while. Test driven a 200 11 reg which was superb but felt 'big'. Think I'd settle for a Black...