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    Goodyear eagle F1 vs Michelin PS3

    Hi all Just wondering if any members here have tried these tyres out and could rate which one might be the best choice for me on 205/40/17 wheels or recommend any similar performance tyres
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    Renault wind - 1.2 TCE

    After an absolutely awful experience with a Mercedes C200 coupe, I decided to go back to renault after previously owning a twingo GT, took £4500 out and went and brought this car with 22,000 on the clock FSH not everyone's cup of tea but I see potential
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    Twingo GT

    Just some pictures and progress for my Twingo GT When I first collected the car, just after it had been serviced and gave a shoddy clean by the garage The wheels it had on it It's first detail Winter wheel swap To Summer wheel swap and serious detail Thanks for viewing