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    Lowest mile Williams 2?!

    I think I just had a crisis and a cry w*nk over my lack of funds. Sweet mother of god, this thing is immaculate...
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    Pembrey circuit - 2x 172 and a 182

    Anyone on here? Seemed to be going well round track!
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    Silver meg225 newport - spytty

    Came across a meg225 who seemed to be out for a spirited drive...quick lad fair play. But nicht quicks enough.
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    Injector issues

    I've had a lumpy idle for a while now and a slight misfire at low revs which as been confirmed to be the injectors. Just wondering if anyone knows the cheapest place to get new genuine injectors from? A link would be great...being welsh and tight fisted...I don't want to pay stealer prices :triumph:
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    Found during strip down - What's it worth?

    Stripping down my car so it's parts can go on to a track build. Stumbled across two MB Quart crossovers and a pair of tweeters under the dash. In the back there's a set of pioneer tweeters and what look like upgraded speakers to me (I could be wrong) along with a set of vibe 6x9s. I knew...
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    Silver 1*2 - white 197 - Newport

    Rare to spot two in one day in Newport. Lovely looking silver 1*2 going up Caerau road. Then a smart white 197 on the A-4810 behind the old steel works. Sounded and went pretty well.
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    CSF16 - Friday July 1st - Convoy thread.

    This year's Cliosport festival tickets have just gone on sale so thought it would be appropriate to sort out a convoy up for it. Tickets, track times and all info can be found at Gates are opening at 5:30pm on the Friday evening and close at 9:30pm. Plan is to...
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    Strut top strengthening plates?

    I've recently bought a shell that's had solid top mounts fitted at some stage.....where they have been drilled to fit is a right mess, to bad to use as they are. I was wondering if there are any weld on strenghtening plate kits out there? Or would it be a case of having a set fabricated? Anyone...
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    Silver 182 Chepstow/Penhow

    Seen it a few times in the area now...anyones on here?
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    One man, two Cups.

    So a year had passed since writing off the cammed Iceberg, I thought it was time to jump back in to 172 ownership with a cup. A few tidy ones were on the market. Then I spotted @philly w was selling the deal was done the cash was exchanged the car was driven home. I'll essentially be...
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    What the !?!?....LOLZ!

    Excuse the childish title....But...What the !?!? 😂😂😂
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    white RS200 M4 magor to newport

    Fair play looked rather smart, nice and clean. Couldn't really hear it over the bike....sorry if your ears got battered.
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    Detailing meet + BBQ?

    How do all? I've been wracking the old nogging on how we could have more of a social meet, rather than sitting in our cars blasting down A and B roads with a few breif stops and chats along the way....let's have a day of good food good times and clean rides. So, in light of does...
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    Cliosport Saturday 2015 @ Blyton Park

    Evening everyone. As you all know Cliosport Saturday is just around the corner (August 1st at Blyton Park) I'm aware this is a few hundred miles away but it's a good chance to meet other members..see the cars you've been ogling at on here as well as get on track and have a top weekend of it...
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    What to do next?

    Evening all, how goes it? :stig: Just wondering what people wanted to do for the next meet? A few have asked me if we'll be having a drive up to Builth wells/Rhayader this year...which I'm more than happy to sort out. So what to do next? Anyone down for a days driving, stop for some grub and...
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    Welsh karting meet - February - cancelled.

    Evening all! Following on from the success of last Saturdays karting meet, the welsh weather being cold and wet for the next few months and the fact we've now been given 25% off another event courtesy of Supakart....who's up for more touring car style madness? £30.75 instead of £41 This will...
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    South Wales karting meet - December

    Afternoon chaps! Hope everyone's enjoying the lovely welsh weather?! As the year's drawing to a close and the roads are getting a tad slippy it's time we headed indoors for a meet. I've had a look around at karting venues within South Wales and it would seem Supakart in Newport is the cheapest...
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    New rep for South Wales.

    Morning chaps! Just to report incase anyone has missed the admins posts we have a new rep for South Wales. This meaning the Welsh section of the forum should be a little more active than in the past and we'll definitely be having a few more meets than we have over the last year. (Top job on...
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    Cwmbran Sainbury's, Sunflower ph1.

    Wondering if it was Craig_B as forking hell, it was that clean and shiny it almost blinded me.
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    white 1*2 Coldra lights, newport.

    Fair play looked pretty damn smart. Belong to anyone on here?
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    172 PH2 iceberg by Aldi newport.

    Parked up opposite the entrance to the car park. Fair play to the owner looked nice and member?
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    R.I.P msremmerts Clio. 28-03-14

    Well....this is the kind of thing I hope I never have to post again. Met up with msremmert this morning to go over the planned route for the 6th. Lovely chap with a lovely motor. Our day started out like this. And sadly....ended like this. Everything else in between soon became...
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    ph1 172 berg in newport.

    Oh braahh, I saw your car down by the Spar! Black OZ rims and the nastiest sounding engine I've heard in a long damn time..... Anyone?
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    Loosing oil. Leak or being burnt.

    Went for a little drive last night as it was my last chance before my hospital appointments. My 172 has done around 1,900 miles since it's last service/oil change and it's already on the low side. Current mileage is 51,334. It had the cams changed for piper270s around 6000 miles ago, the...
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    Is this guy for real?

    Or is he off his tits? £4995 seems a bit much.
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    Any one local willing to help?

    Afternoon all. I'm looking to give my ph2 172 (berg) a spruce up inside and out, smarten up the headlights as they're looking a bit tired and add a bit of winter protection on to the body work. Here's my problem. I'm currently recovering from a crash and have extensive nerve damage in my...
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    Silver-ph2 172 Newport castle/bridge

    Sorry for not giving a polite wave/nod or even acknowledging your presence. I was to embarrassed as my car had just been sh*t on by a flying dinosaur :quiet:
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    Horn very intermittent - uh ohhh.

    Ooooookay so.....for some unknown reason my horn has decided to work only when it wants to and seems to have something to do with the sensor pads on the steering wheel more than anything. Even at a stand still on the drive it's very intermittent. Loose wire maybe? When I press the horn and it...
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    Newport to Rhayader - Sunday 6th April - 200+ miles of tarmac.

    Open to all CS members and forum users regardless of location! Meet @11am Sunday 6th of April. Tesco, Newport retail estate (NP19 4TX for sat-nav users) Leave for Rhayader via Pontypool, Brecon, Landovery and Builth Wells + more @11:30am. Link to a map of the days route...
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    Neutralizing body roll on a 172? help appreciated.

    My 172 (non cup) has a little bit more body roll/lean mid turn than I would like, I'm looking neutralize it as much as possible so that the car sits flatter through corners. I'm currently running cup shocks with cooksport springs and though it's a nice stiff set up it's still leaning more than...