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  1. smit247

    SMD & LED sidelights causing problems

    Being bored of the orange glow of my sidelights I decided to try out some LEDs in place of the originals. All was fine until about 5 miles down the road the dash lights went nuts and all the electrical systems failed. This was fixed by putting the old sidelight bulbs back in at the side of the...
  2. smit247

    Pink eye

    Morning all - see attached, assuming it means I've got a headlight on its way out... Drivers side suddenly gone all pink! Question is where's everyone getting their bulbs from at the moment - just want a neutral white temp, not fussed on heading too far up the blue end of the spectrum Cheers
  3. smit247

    Cruise control button hot...

    Ok, so I've been having a few issues with my cruise control - it seems to have a mind of its own at times, with buttons sporadically changing their function (eg increase speed btn = cruise control off, decrease speed btn = increased speed) and so on... but then sometimes it works fine too! I...
  4. smit247


    Evening all Just a quick recommendation for I live in Manchester and always use the reputable Sheldons for tyres, so I got a quote for two Pilot Sport 3s fitted, which came in at £258. With this in mind I also got a quote on which was £233, £25 cheaper... and...
  5. smit247

    Clicking on startup 182

    Just gone to head to work and the 182 won't start up. Just checked the dash lights etc and everything goes out that should do, including the immobiliser light. But then when you turn the key all I get is a rapid clicking noise coming from behind the centre console. Had a new battery fitted a...
  6. smit247

    Anthracite roof 182

    Just seen this: And although I'm not sure on the colour, it got me thinking... would an anthracite roof look any good on an Arctic 182? (with anthracite turinis) I have had a few beers - and it's just a...
  7. smit247

    Steering wheel cruise controls

    Mine are going haywire - every button's doing something it shouldn't be doing... and none of them take the speed down! Anyone experienced this before? Would there be any benefit to replacing the whole cruise control loom in the wheel, is this easy to do?
  8. smit247

    Cruise control issues

    Morning all I've done a quick search but can't seem to find anyone with the same problem. My cruise control buttons seem to be going haywire. It started as an intermittent fault, but now is happening all the time. Basically all the buttons seem to be confused and are not doing what they are...
  9. smit247

    Fog light change

    Might be a stupid question, but i've never done it... is it easy to change the foglight unit on a 182? My passenger side lens is cracked and i've got a new one on the way. Is it as easy as unclipping it and clipping the new one back in? Cheers, Chris
  10. smit247

    iPhone mount

    Evening all Just got hold of my first iPhone and have been looking at in car mounts for it. All I can seem to find is window fixings, which I don't want as aux lead i've got in my head unit won't stretch that far. Similarly vent mounts would probably be too high up. Does anyone know of/have an...
  11. smit247

    Milltek owners... alignment?

    Any Milltek owners out there got any tips for getting the tailpipes the square up properly at the back... no matter what I do the right pipe always sticks out about 5mm more than the left, completely doing my head in. Ha, even Fred had a go at it at the last service and still no luck. I don't...
  12. smit247

    Odd socks

    Went for a puncture repair on Monday morning – turns out what I thought was a small tack turned out to be a 2 inch long nail in the tyre. It was in the tread, but too close to the outside wall to repair. I needed to get to work and they had no PE2's in, so I opted for the in-stock Pzero. So I'm...
  13. smit247

    Warranty Direct

    Just seen an advert for this on TV - anyone got a policy with them? Anyone know where you'd stand on replacement parts that aren't standard, and servicing at a preferred garage (eg BTM), or would you have to use their listed garages? Just got a quick quote and it's £550 for the year, seems...
  14. smit247

    Titanium 182 - Salford Sainsbury's

    Parked up next to you earlier, looked quality both sat on Turinis CS stickers in the window... anyone?
  15. smit247

    LED sidelights causing electrical fault

    Afternoon all I recently bought some LED sidelights to replace the normal yellow-ish sidelights. Got them fitted and working no problem. Started a journey, got about 10 miles down the road and the dashboard warning lights all lit up and the engine came to a stop. Went to start it up again...
  16. smit247

    Tyre fitting Manchester

    Morning all Can anyone recommend a tyre fitters in Manchester? I've got two PE2s to fit to the fronts, but want someone who's going to take a bit of care over the Turinis City-centre ish would be ideal Cheers Chris
  17. smit247

    Service cost and recommendations

    Evening all My 182 is due a service and I was intent on taking it to Birchdown, unfortunately they can't open on a Saturday so it means i'd have to take a day off to head down there (from Manchester) The service due is a 12,000 mile service, and is the first one since the belts were done...
  18. smit247

    Belated Hello…

    Been a member of the forum for a little while now, so it's about time I said hello. Had to wait a while to get it, but here's my Arctic 182 after a quick wash in the winter sunshine Used to belong to Curley on here so keeping it in the family so to speak ;) Based up in...
  19. smit247

    'Crunching' noise when steering at low speed

    Evening all Not sure whether it is the cold weather or something is up with the 182. Basically I have noticed that when steering at slow speed, eg parking, there is a crunching noise coming from the front end of the car. It sounds a bit like walking on fresh snow. Noticed this before the...
  20. smit247

    Trolley ding removal – NW recommendations

    Got what looks like a trolley ding in my driver's side rear wheel arch and am hoping to get it taken out at some point in the near future. The paint hasn't cracked, but it's very noticeable in certain lights… Can anyone recommend me somewhere in the North West, preferably near Manchester...
  21. smit247

    Black 172 Salford

    Double parked in the car park under my apartment, saw the CS sticker in the window can't remember the reg… seen it about before though
  22. smit247

    Tyre foam replacement

    Evening I've not got any puncture repair cans with my 182, is this the same stuff? Mentions its made for Renault for the Scenic. How big are...
  23. smit247

    Exhaust nightmare

    Evening all Bought my new 182 on Saturday and have had a massive smile on my face since then… well until tonight. The car is fitted with a Milltek straight through exhaust system, which looks and sounded awesome. It was perfectly fitted when I picked it up and there was no way either me or...
  24. smit247

    Silver visions ebay

    I'm sure this might have been asked before, but I've done a quick search and i'm not finding any answers very easily (could just be rubbish at searching) These silver vision bulbs...
  25. smit247

    182 insurance in Manchester

    Evening all, i'm looking at getting hold of a 182 in the not-to-distant future and live in Manchester. I've been shopping round for insurance quotes and so far the cheapest I can get is £1089. This is declaring exhaust and brake modifications, with 8 years(!) NCB, kept overnight in a...
  26. smit247

    Trophy in Castlefiled, Manchester

    Didn't get the reg but definitely took it as a sign to get my 182 sooner rather than later! Had spent the morning driving my mate round looking at 57 plate Clio 2.0 dynamiques, headed for lunch down at Binary when we got back to Manchester then the Trophy rolled past – definitely getting a 182...