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  1. J9owy

    Who is our area rep? South.

    So yeah who is our area rep? Do we have one In this area or is it just members that meet up or check events in the area? And convoy to places. I see a few posts from years ago but I'm assuming it's changed since?
  2. J9owy

    A mini meet/photos up portsdown hill?

    Just thinking did anyone want to have a mini meet for some photos some where? I'm open to a few ideas really, just to say hello to all and get some shots so I'll bring my camera. See previous Goodwood hothatch sunday post for picture quality I take.
  3. J9owy

    Clio 197 f1 #233

    Heya all, I was a member a few years back but never really used the forum much but since I was on here I sold my 182 I had and got a 197 f1. I'm from Portsmouth and I'm a paid member again and I should be at the Goodwood hothatch breakfast club Sunday. Also how do I change my username on...
  4. J9owy

    BG182 And on track a White 200 @ goodwood.*pics*

    I see a BG182 parked up by the old control tower at goodwood, harwoods track day on saturday. i recognised the plate on the BG but not the 200. IMG_3391 by joe Towle, on Flickr
  5. J9owy

    spotted silver 182 havant HT05 KVK

    SPOTTED just by Havant post office as i was collecting a parcel. i was parked up the road in the same picture. BG 182
  6. J9owy

    thatcham research centre

    See a blue 172 in the car park and thatcham crash research centre as I was walking back from lunch today. Anyone on here?
  7. J9owy

    blue 182 langstone/havant

    is it anyone on here? noticed it has the typical exhaust mounts gone its always parked in the top end of langstone by havant roundabout, i always see it parked there so must live in the area. if no response next time i see it i will flyer them.
  8. J9owy

    Black 182 Havant by Tesco

    Drove past a black 182 same one as mine by tesco in havant, anyone on here?
  9. J9owy

    black 182 from portsmouth

    hello all, ive been signed up to cliosport for a while as i been in the market for looking for a clio 182, well i eventually found one that i liked and in the right price range. so i have now become a full member and a proud owner of a 182, ive not got very great pictures atm as tbh the weather...