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  1. kevin.s

    bigger turbo, more power question.

    A few friends and I were just haveing a heated discussion on how a bigger turbo creates more power. My thoughts are if a smaller turbo is running 2 bar through the boost pipe system and is swapped for a bigger turbo on the same boost pipe system at the same pressure, the power will be the same...
  2. kevin.s

    de wiper blanking plate

    did this today so i thought id share it with you all. dont worry, there is mesh in there too lol and finally, a bit of plastic texure paint to make it look OEM the finished look
  3. kevin.s

    siver v6 asda carpark tamworth

    parked next to you on sunday when i went to get my shopping. v nice looker ;)
  4. kevin.s

    itb question

    Im hopfully looking to either get mine throttle bodied or buy a newer one with less miles than mine that has already been done or even better, turbo`d :). But I was just wondering, if I were to end up putting itb`s on mine wether I would need to change the conrod and big end bearings as mine...
  5. kevin.s

    immobiliser problems :(

    for a little while now, every so often the 172 has decided not to start and ive had to either use the key fob button to over ride it or dis connect the battery for a few minutes to reset it but yester day (in the middle of asda car park :dead:) i unlocked the car, opened the door and the alarm...
  6. kevin.s

    aux belt tips please

    ive had to change the powersteering pump on the 172 so i took all the bumper and headlight out the way and the alternator and tensioner then fitted the new pump. put it all back together and i couldnt seem to get the tentioner to move enough to fit the belt on. it was definatly on right as i...
  7. kevin.s

    knocking from engine that goes away when steering is turned?

    ive got quite a severe knocking noise coming from the cam pullie side of the engine but when i turn the wheel, it goes away untill there is no strain on it then it comes back. reving it dosnt make it go any faster or go away so am i right in thinking that its probly the power steering pump and...
  8. kevin.s

    santa pod 26th and 27th feb

    saw a fair few rs`s there. saw a bird in a blue 197, a bird in a rb 182, a chap in a blue 172 cup and a chap in a silver 172 with a magnex backbox on (which i raced against :) )
  9. kevin.s

    my mates 2.0 16v turbo punto gt bulid

    been helpin my mate a little to rebuild his engine check it out, it epic
  10. kevin.s

    leaking washer bottle problem

    my washer bottle is leaking so i decided to take it apart to see what the problem is but cant get one of the wiper arms off. so i was wondering if there was any way of getting to it from underneath in the wheel arch?
  11. kevin.s

    tunnel run through brum city centre 2/1/11

    me, ady172uk and reyes are going for a bit of a blast throught the tunnels of town as adams clio has been camed, reyes will have had a screamer pipe fitted and mine is just loud lol. plus the fact that we a rather quite sad and its an excuse to meet up lol. so if you fancy joining us saddos...
  12. kevin.s

    lowwering rear end on adjustables

    just got a v-max coilover kit and a mate has told me that if i just put the spring in at the back and no adjuster, it will make it lower. is this true/safe to do as i would like the back to be quite low due to it being stripped/no weight in there. cheers
  13. kevin.s

    had a prezzie :)

    had a prezzie come to work today :) booked tommorow off work so i can get them fitted for the weekend. any idea what these are for though/ heres the other side of it. are the for the rears to go under the nut on the top of the shock inside the car? also, any hints and tips on fitting would...
  14. kevin.s

    1970`s marcos restoration = )

    my forman at work has just bought a 1970s marcos which is in quite a state so i have taken it upon myself to help him restore it as i have a bit of a soft spot for them and they are rare as fcuk (only 100 made). i dont really know much about them but this one has been to loads of car shows and...
  15. kevin.s

    v max coilover hight

    just ordered some and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best amount would be to drop it. just tell me how many threads up or down it should be from the top/bottom as im more after handleing improvment than stance (although if the stance looks good i wouldnt mind lol) cheers all
  16. kevin.s

    your thoughts on these coilovers im looking at getting some coilovers in the near future and was wondering what these are like. i am also looking at the v max ones but if there is...
  17. kevin.s

    why? do people accually buy this crap?
  18. kevin.s

    a few spots at santa pod on sat 2nd

    spotted a few there, got speaking to one cap in a silver 182 whilst cueing up. saw another 2 or 3 there
  19. kevin.s

    millers oil or silcoline pro s (fuchs)?

    the price is pretty much the same bar a couple of quid so which one would you get?
  20. kevin.s

    chuffed with the little clio yet again

    went to santa pod for the weekend and managed to get a 14.9 and that was with a bit of a spin off the line so i recon that i could do better :) just thought id share that with you lol.
  21. kevin.s

    santa pod 2/3-oct

    im going up with a few mates for the jap fest final. anyone else going?
  22. kevin.s

    had the 172 remapped at rs tuning

    well it had the map today and things didnt quite go to plan lol but the chaps at rs tuning worked really hard to get things sorted. the gains wern`t masssive but there is definatly a noticable improvement and concidering the things that went against us, i think paul did very well. first off...
  23. kevin.s

    rs tuner or remap?

    was just wondering if anyone would give their opinion on this. my 172 has a de cat, 2.5" straight through system and a pipercross panel filter so the mods arnt that much so would i get any more benefit from taking it somewere to get a map done over getting an rs tuner and doing it myself? the...
  24. kevin.s

    uprated cams

    just wondering who has had this done and wether you thought it was worth the money. its somthing im going to be looking into soon but im not sure wether the money its going to cost would be worth the amount of gain i would get from it. i also understand that there are a few options like piper...
  25. kevin.s

    my new induction set up (pics)

    finally got round to tarting up and fitting my new standard air box. pics also had a bit of an idea. wether it works or not is a different matter lol. and after some jiggery pokery im gonna sand the edges down and paint it the same as the air box to tidy it up too. if i...
  26. kevin.s

    ph2 xenons.

    are these easy to take out. im asking because im thinking of makeing a replica headlight with an air fed in it for when i go to santa pod but i wont bother if it means taking all the front bumper off. if its just the 10mms on the top then i will but i want it to be a quick 5 minute job that i...
  27. kevin.s

    wheel re-refirb

    as the gaffer is on holiday for 3 weeks, i thought i would refib my wheels properly. did them a little while ago to tidy them up but it was time to do them right again sorry for the crap phone pics cleaning the insides back to white again lol before prepped masked etch primer...
  28. kevin.s

    santa pod this weekend.

    anyone going? im going with a few mates and camping for the night and was wondering if i will be the only clio there (again)
  29. kevin.s

    don't know what to do with the Clio.

    have been thinking about selling the 172 for a while now to upgrade but as my circumstances have changed, that idea will have to take a back seat. i was also thinking that i could do an itb convesion or something on it but if i were to save that money and put it with the money i would get for...
  30. kevin.s

    is a ph1 battery tray the same as a ph2

    anyone know? ive possibly sorced a battery tray but it is off a ph1 172 but mine is a ph2 172. its the bracket tray that the upper gear box mount bolts to and the battery sits on it.