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  1. Potatoes

    Rear brakes - pads rubbing on discs

    Help!! My rear brake pads are rubbing on my discs. The caliper piston doesn't seem o be releasing back normally. The car hasn't been driven since I did Caldwell in the Spring so it's not had much love. The calipers and pads are 6 months old, the discs are a little older. I did warm down laps...
  2. Potatoes

    Post a picture of your favourite tool

    This is a picture of me holding my favourite tool:
  3. Potatoes

    Self Service Garage/Ramp Recommendation

    Question for the Yorkshire massive. I don't have a great driveway for working on the car and have a few jobs that would be easier to do on a ramp. Does anyone know of a self service garage/ramp or even just a pit around the Leeds/Wakefield area? I have tools, I just need to get the car in the...
  4. Potatoes

    Coming Home!

    Accepted an offer for a job in Goldthorpe this evening which means, after 3 long years away I'm coming back to live in Yorkshire!!! I lived in Stanley, Wakefield for 6 years and I'll be moving back there in March. Looking forward to meeting some of you :smile: Much love, Generic vegetable
  5. Potatoes

    Whiteline ARB - Lost D Bracket

    I have a Whiteline ARB fitted and recently lost one of the d-brackets that secures the ARB to the Clio's sway bar: I've contacted a few Whiteline distributors and can't seem to get the part sold seperately. I'm not happy moving my 1 remaining bracket to the middle so hoping to get a replacement...
  6. Potatoes

    Clio 172 Cup Fast Road/Track Car

    I recently posted a set of wheels for sale from 1anbad15 on ebay, he made me aware of his 172 up for sale. It's had A LOT of work done to it. Looks like a ready made track car and priced as such: Link: As per my other thread, he has a set of 15" Speedline...
  7. Potatoes

    15" Speedline 2118 on Neova AD08R - £465

    I've been talking to this chap from Folkstone on ebay about his wheels. They're Speedline 2118's with Yokohama Neova AD08R tyres with a good amount of tread, desribed as having 80% of the tread left. They're out of my budget for trackday wheels but he's not on Clio Sport so thought I'd post...
  8. Potatoes

    Potatoes does a project - BG 182

    Life after my VX220 went to it's new home was bleak, I spent days lying in my bed, staring blankly at Judge Judy or Storage Wars lacking any interest in life and I ate A LOT of Walkers Ready Salted crisps... Then, I thought "f**k it, life is a steaming pile of turdballs without a fun car in it"...
  9. Potatoes

    Beating the post-VX220 blues... Newbie

    Hello all, I'm new here. Having recently sold my VX220 after 2 years of ownership and trackday fun I'm looking at what my next track focused car will be. After much deliberation over personal finances and even more lurking on PistonHeads, here and a few other marque specific forums, I'm pretty...