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  1. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    Evening all, Just got a set of Renault 15’s Refurbished and need a set of centre caps. Where can I get a new set please
  2. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    Guys, last night I was taking the subframe supports off so that I could then drop the FARB to polybush it and I’ve had a bolt snap on both sides! I tried my very best not to snap them but the more I removed, the more likely it was to snap! I have tried to drill them both out but they’re high...
  3. 20vKarlos

    Poly windows - Fitting Ideas

    Afternoon all, So I’ve purchased some secondhand front poly windows and they’ve got horrendous scratch marks from the previous owner mounting them poorly. My idea is this... Ok so that piece of metal spacer has a hole in the middle of it. My thoughts at the minute are to drill a hole in...
  4. 20vKarlos

    Suspension Diagram - I think I’m missing a bit or two ?

    Hello all.. I took my front struts to the mechanic next door and it looks like I’m missing a nut or something... Can someone add a diagram that’s actually easy to see what each piece is and potentially a part number list too please as the only one I can find on the forum, or anywhere for that...
  5. 20vKarlos

    Front polycarbonate window fitting?

    Hello all, I’m back for my weekly question... I’ve got poly windows to fit, I’ve put them in but I’m wondering how you’ve all secured them into the car? There is a very large gap at the bottom, that’ll either need a wedge to hold it against the outer skin, or is it worth me just cutting a few...
  6. 20vKarlos

    Best way to bring these back?

    Hi all, I purchased these PMS Top Mounts and a brace earlier in the year and they arrived like this. I’ve not done anything with them yet, but would like to clean them up a bit I’ve obviously not fitted them yet and wondered what you guys would recommend for bringing them back to...
  7. 20vKarlos

    What are these called and where can I get them??

    Hi guys I’m in need of two of these ABS WIRING (thanks @bloke ) holder things and their screws as my new shocks don’t have them... the old ones aren’t worth my time... Do they NEED to be on or can I get away with not replacing them? Thanks
  8. 20vKarlos

    172 shocks... confusion

    Gents... As far as I’m aware one car has 54mm hub spacing (mine) and the other has 60mm(Cup). I can never remember which is which and that’s why I’m here... I’ve had a search and what I’m looking to find the answer to is this; Which shocks do I buy for my Cooksport springs? RPD have cup...
  9. 20vKarlos

    My dilemma! What would you do?

    Afternoon Gents... I’ve got a bit of a dilemma... I’ve got a Mk2 silver 172... It’s a category C insurance write off that I’m building as a track car for track day use only. The car is trailered everywhere and I’d like to take it further than it already is... I’m buying a mates Mk2 Black 182...
  10. 20vKarlos

    RS3 Discs....

    Hi guys... thought I’d post these here as they’ve got watchers but no one wants to purchase... Maybe you’ll know someone that wants to buy some front discs... tell them to make me a decent offer and they’ll get sold... too heavy to keep around the workshop Car was sold without them, so...
  11. 20vKarlos

    Show me your Race/Track car Decals/Stickers

    Hi all, Sorry for the late thread opening I’ve been working all weekend and I’ve been meaning to post this up.. I’m looking for inspiration of what you have on your Clio ??
  12. 20vKarlos

    Race heater arrived - Did yours look like this?

    Hey all... The race heater arrived earlier today, so. I got it out of it’s packaging to get a few photos. I noticed straight away, that the paint had been flaking! I know it’s only cosmetic, but isn’t £120 supposed to buy you a nice new product? What are your thoughts? Let me...
  13. 20vKarlos

    White Renault Kangoo with white wheels! FLAT OUT in Polegate East Sussex!

    Whoever it was was giving that thing some serious stick on the Summerfields Roundabout! It looked epic with the arse end out and the loud pedal planted as you were flying around that roundabout! Whomever it might be... needs a ✋? It looked like so much fun!
  14. 20vKarlos

    Changing to cooksports....

    Afternoon all... I’ll be swapping out the standard springs on my 172 for a set of Cooksports. My question to you lovely lot is... 1) should I replace the rear shocks when I put the Cooksport springs on? 1a) if yes - should I replace with standard replacements or cup shocks? My car is for...
  15. 20vKarlos

    Workshop lighting

    Hi guys. I’m looking for a good workshop light that I can use everywhere. Something bright, and gives a good amount of light. Uses... under the car, engine bay, interior etc. Perks... maybe magnetic, battery pack rechargeable etc. What do you recommend? What do you use?
  16. 20vKarlos

    AC Delete and Radiator changing

    Hi guys... I’m doing an AC Delete and I’m also in the process of swapping my heater to a Race heater for windscreen demisting only. Whilst I’m removing the heater matrix and pipe work I’m renewing my pipe work for silicone and more to the point, the radiator. So... 1) Do I just buy a standard...
  17. 20vKarlos

    The easy way to Sound Deadening and Tar Removal

    Right guys... First step... just like everyone else.. HEAT GUN & SCRAPER You’ll get most of the deadening off this way, but you’ll have plenty of residue remaining. Then use AUTOSMART JELSOL I know I’ve said this in a few threads now, but I really can’t stress enough at how good this...
  18. 20vKarlos

    EPAS belt

    Gents... Mate of mine is doing a conversion and can’t seem to get s belt that fits. What belts are you all using?
  19. 20vKarlos

    In your opinion what’s this noise??

    Hi all I’ve had a 182 offered to me with this engine noise... What do you think it will be? It could be a perfect car to run alongside the 172 track car! So I’m rather interested in knowing what it might be. Apparently it’s had a recent service and started making this noise after the...
  20. 20vKarlos

    Steering column - Movement at rue steering wheel?!

    Hi all.... I've got play in my steering wheel, mostly up and down and it's quite bad. I can see that there are ball bearings missing on the column which are about 2/3mm thick, these are what's causing the play on the column itself I believe. You can see the area I mean by looking at the...
  21. 20vKarlos

    Rear Brake Line Help - Stripped

    Afternoon gents... Trying to sort out a few loose ends with the car to get it track prepped. I've gone to change the rear lines to braided and the nuts are stripped... So... I can't take them off as I'll have to replace everything... What do you suggest I do in regards to brakes now though...
  22. 20vKarlos

    Tyre size? Quickie...

    Right lads I'm after some advice on tyres... Not which specific brand, but I need to know what size tyres im best using? Obviously, 15 inch ones are a good start 🙈 15's - 4x100 7J ET35 These tyres are going to be for track day use only
  23. 20vKarlos

    Find me a Desktop or Laptop...

    Afternoon all I've got a dead desktop... was running Linux and I hate it! Why I hate it... - No support for Apple Devices - No support for GoPro footage - it's just a pain in the arse with terminal What I'm looking for... - video editing capabilities - support for GoPro & Apple products -...
  24. 20vKarlos

    The typical (wiring Diagram) post (picture inside)

    Gents.... has anyone got the 'Key' for this picture please Or has anyone got the Mk2 172 bulkhead wiring diagram like this one? Please and thank you
  25. 20vKarlos

    These two wires??

    Gents Quick one 1st White wire - comes in from Alarm and is spliced into my interior lock loom 2nd white wire - comes in from alarm and connects to hazards. Black wire - comes in from alarm and connects to Earth. If I cut 1st & 2nd white cables out will that play up with my central locking...
  26. 20vKarlos

    Wires and tidying Steering Column Area

    Gents, Another Wires related question from me as I really don't want to cut the wrong stuff out. The wire for the horn buttons on the steering wheel end at the 'Boss area' Where do they go from here? Which wires will they be from the picture below (if there at all) Whet do I have to keep...
  27. 20vKarlos

    Airbag Module... Handbrake wire??

    Gents, I'm in the middle of stripping the airbag Wiring out of the Clio, but the handbrake warning light wire, is wrapped in all of that wiring. Do I need to trace this back and have it plugged in or can I get rid of it? Cheers
  28. 20vKarlos

    Bedding in - Track

    Afternoon all, I'm in the process of putting my brake kit together and ordering the parts I want to fit for track use. My questions are; Do DS2500, DS3000, or DS1.11 pads need to be bed in? If so, HOW will I bed in new pads on a track day? This may sound silly or be something I do not need...
  29. 20vKarlos

    Clio UCH & ECU change - Door Locks?

    Hi all, in need of a little help with this. I've received my parts for the UCH changeover, but I've only received one door lock. My Clio has two door locks, however, drivers lock was missing when I bought it... My question is... Will the parts I've received (UCH, ECU, key, Ignition barrel...
  30. 20vKarlos

    Erm... YESS!!!!!

    This may be the shortest thread I'll ever make.... JUST YES...