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  1. Christopher

    New TV time.

    Looking for some recommendations before I order in a few weeks. Requirements: 50"+ (ideally 55"+) 4K HDR Gaming-friendly with refresh rates etc etc Not bothered about "smart" functions or app integration as it'll be connected to a media centre anyway. Usage: 4K video Gaming (have pre-ordered...
  2. Christopher

    Removing old touch-up. Ibis White A5.

    I'm correcting an owner's mistake later today on an Ibis White A5. Long story short, her daughter chipped (~2mm) the rear quarter with a bike handlebar, which she's then touched in herself with Audi touch-up. The issue is, she's touched it in with what appears to have been a four inch brush...
  3. Christopher

    Contactless Drying.

    I'm looking for a sub-£100 dryer. I've seen the Metro Vac Sidekick, but wondered if there were any cheaper options which are as compact. Anyone? Thanks.
  4. Christopher

    [Jul 2, 2017] EVO Triangle Run - Sunday 2nd July 2017 (Bala Watersports Park)

    It's been a while since I've done any organising with meets, but I've done this route again recently with another club and it was superb. The route for the Triangle is set already, but we can always detour to Llanberis and other good routes after a lap or two of the Triangle. Date: Sunday 2nd...
  5. Christopher

    Best sub-£50 wax for 2017?

    Hi. I've been using Zymol Carbon for almost as long as I can remember now, but I'm finally running out. Before I re-order because of familiarity more than anything, what are my options? I apply coats every 3-4 weeks so durability isn't a big thing to consider really. Car is Ultra Red. Solid. Tanks.
  6. Christopher

    Project Clubsport Clio 200

    I thought that I'd start a build/progress thread for the car, rather than potentially posting small, incremental updates as and when. I'll try to keep everything updated, from maintenance and experiences, to mods past, present and any future plans. So. Here we go. I've owned the car from new...
  7. Christopher

    Clio 200: Front seatbelt removal.

    I've bought some red seatbelts so will need to swap these over. I know that the mechanism is bolted at the bottom of the B pillar, but what trim to I need to remove to get to it? I'm guessing that it's the hoop at the bottom which slides out, a bolt near the slider at the top and then the...
  8. Christopher

    Clubsport 200?

    Just a few updates since my last post. Sold the Sportsters and ordered some fixed Corbeau Clubsports. Had the wheel, gearknob and gaiter retrimmed by Jack at Royal as well. All dark grey Alcantara with red stitching. Had an Ultra Racing rear brace painted satin black and fitted that too. I doubt...
  9. Christopher

    Corbeau Clubsport?

    Before I go spending £1500 on Recaro Pole Positions, does anyone have experience with Corbeau Clubsports? They're a third of the cost and after selling my Sportsters, I'd have plenty of money left over for mods, even after buying these! Pole Positions would cost me another £4-500 over the top of...
  10. Christopher

    A few (amazing) pictures of the old steed. UR Clio 200.

    Niall's posted a few in his thread, but he sent me the whole set from Friday... and they're so nice I'm chucking them up as well. As a few people asked in the other thread, the setup is new Cup dampers all round (old ones were on 60k) with new H&R springs and 25mm H&R hub centric spacers all...
  11. Christopher

    Clio 200 Advan AD08R Review.

    Having heard great things about these Jesus tyres from Mk2 Clio folk, and since I have plans for some track/Ring time this year, I thought I'd give these a shot. I'd previously ran Conti 5s and Pilot 3s and had even ordered a set of Pilot Super Sports, but wanted to try something a little more...
  12. Christopher

    Fella working on a couple of RS Clios (Mk2) in Bolton. Driveway spot.

    Out on a casual Sunday stroll yesterday with the Mrs and spotted a couple of lads in their driveway working on two Mk2 RS' We live in Eagley, and it wasn't far from there but I'm unsure of the area. Maybe the edges of Bromley Cross. Just off Blackburn Road. The cars looked decent as well...
  13. Christopher

    Clio 200: Gearknob options?

    Hi. Are there any options to extend the height of the 200's stick at all? I know about the CAE shifter, but I'm not £800+ endowed on the shifting side of things at the moment. So, basically I'm after some extra height to bring it closer to the wheel, without re-mortgaging. Any link/advice/parts...
  14. Christopher

    Still around: UR Clio 200

    Just a few quick pictures after a brief-ish detail. I might do a full write up for the detailing section if I can be bothered. I used Zaino wash products, Zymol wax and then Gtechniq sealants for the plastics, paint and glass and left to cure overnight. I've recently had the rear bumper painted...
  15. Christopher

    Hi. Still here... just back from the Ring. UR200 content.

    I've not been on here for a while but I thought I'd drop in for those still on here that I know (probably about four of you) The 200's knocking on 40k miles now and I've just returned from a trip to the Nurburgring with a load of mates. The car was faultless, I hammered it there and back, it...
  16. Christopher

    Hi. Clio 200 Scuderia Spring detail.

    Long time no post. I've not been on here in ages but I thought I'd fire a thread up after all of today's effort. Since my last thread, I've had the front bumper re-painted (Again. Stonechips are the bain of my life) and I've had four new Conti 5 XLs all round. The car's now just ticked over...
  17. Christopher

    UR Clio 200 Pre-Summer Detail/Refresh. Pics.

    A bit of an update since my last post on here. I've owned it for just over a year now and the various B Road blasts and the trip to Le Mans had not worn well on the front end. It was also due tax, insurance and new front tyres all in the same month. :dead: Front bumper rubbed back and...
  18. Christopher

    Clio 200: Chip guards for rear quarters?

    Since fitting spacers I've noticed a few small chips on the leading edge of my rear quarters, down by the bottom of the skirt/wheelarch. I had some plastic stickers on my 182 to protect against such things. Anyone know anywhere that sells these? I've marked the area on my car that I mean...
  19. Christopher

    RR Day at RS Tuning, Leeds.

    Some of the Yorkshire lot are arranging a day at RST. It's £35 per car at present, based on ten cars. Get you name down if you're interested. I'll probably pop along but might not run...
  20. Christopher

    200 Scuderia: Winter detail.

    Since I had a day off and it definitely was in need of a top-up, I partially corrected the paint, applied Amigo and a few applications of Z2. Only a measly five hour job, which isn't really up to me usual standards. :o Anyway, I took a few pictures across the road, since I didn't want to get...
  21. Christopher

    Still knocking about... H&R UR 200.

    Hi. I've not been on here much in the last few months so just a bit of an update and few pictures. It's now on 11k and just had it's first service. :o The springs have really settled as you can see! :evil: I'm still totally impressed with everything about the car, it even doubles as a pretty...
  22. Christopher

    NW Indoor Karting Meeting - PPiK Leeds - 9th December @ 1pm

    NW Indoor Karting Meeting - PPiK Leeds - 9th December @ 1pm After the cancellation of the outdoor karting due to lack of confirmed numbers, we decided to switch to an indoor venue. Location: POLE POSITION INDOOR KARTING, SOUTH ACCOMMODATION ROAD, LEEDS, LS10 1NQ Event: Ironman 30, 10 minute...
  23. Christopher

    H&R Spacers/H&R Springs Fitted. (New pictures added)

    I'm absolutely chuffed with the look... it's how they should've left the factory IMO. The H&R springs are identical in ride quality to the Cup items; in fact, they're a tad less crashy if anything! :o It certainly gets a lot of attention now, even for the small changes. Fat little thing...
  24. Christopher

    Fatty. (Rubbish picture)

    H&R springs. H&R spacers. Terrible picture. Dirty car.
  25. Christopher

    Purple Haze 200. (Update Post 54)

    Gave the 200 a full day today. A minor correction using Scholl S40, then hit with Amigo by DA. Two layers of Zaino Z2 followed by two further coats of DD Purple Haze. :o Loving the results. I was so tired that I couldn't be arsed to get my camera, so these are off my phone. Apologies. The HID...
  26. Christopher

    Clio 200: Front strut removal. Fred/Steve etc.

    Does anyone know if this is as hard a job as people say? My Renault mate that normally helps me with this stuff is away at present and I can probably call upon some friends to help if the job's not a nightmare. They don't know yet... :o I need to remove both front struts to fit H&R springs...
  27. Christopher

    Clio 200 + Dirt + iPhone 5.

    As a few of you know, the iPhone 5 has a pretty funky 'Panorama' mode on the camera, which stitches multiple images together as you pan across. I can a play around tonight. They're no way near perfect and straight off the phone, but it's a novelty. They've also been severely re-sized, as the...
  28. Christopher

    Another rave Chris Harris review...

    I think he likes the 200 a bit. :cool: Shame about the feature; Alex Roy's annoying IMO. Way too try-hard.
  29. Christopher

    The 700bhp Ariel Atom. Yep. Really.

    And you thought the V8 was nuts. Mental barely covers it.
  30. Christopher

    Battlefield 4 (Yes, really...)

    Confirmed by EA yesterday. If you pre-order MOH Warfighter you'll get access to the Beta in 2013, for a 2014 release. Will possibly be a next-gen release... I can't see it not being? Madness IMO. Ah well, it's coming and all that. :cool...