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  1. Davyy

    Silver 200 Titchfield Shell garage

    Seen a few times now, looks extremely clean. reg begins R25
  2. Davyy

    Surrey Rolling Road Dyno Day 23/11/19

    Saturday 23rd November 2019 Surrey Rolling Road day.. 9am start. No deposit needed but I need a rough idea of numbers so SRR can book people in if there isn’t too much interest. £40 per car, a number of runs until there’s a consistent reading. Full print out given. 1.Davyy 2.Stevej172...
  3. Davyy

    Clio Trophy Park Gate - Pic

    Looking rather small next to the Megane!
  4. Davyy

    Sticker’d 172 - Milton, Portsmouth (Picture)

  5. Davyy

    Black 182 **04 XVK Park Gate

    Driving through Park Gate this afternoon. Looked and sounded nice!
  6. Davyy

    Red Clio R27 Airport Service Road Portsmouth

    Just saw you, guess you had been to see @Mike@Rentech
  7. Davyy

    Clio 172 Cup Ripley police station - Traffic cops

    Just seen it on a new episode? Looked clean from a distance!
  8. Davyy

    S200 MEW LY 200 Clio

    Saw in Cowplain earlier, very clean!
  9. Davyy

    BV54 DNU Fawley

    Dropping my bike off at Suzuki and saw nearby, on here?
  10. Davyy

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare

    Looks great. Fingers crossed it doesn’t have any unrealistic, running on walls, jumping 50metres into the sky etc.
  11. Davyy

    Rentech Portsmouth

  12. Davyy

    Red 200, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke

    61 plate, looked lovely
  13. Davyy

    White R27 Tadley

    On here?
  14. Davyy

    04 MFY RB 182 Eastleigh

    Looked very vey clean. On here?
  15. Davyy

    Blue 182 East Woodhay, near Newbury

    Pretty sure I remember it being Blue, parked up, on here?
  16. Davyy

    SP53 NDS 172 Fareham

    Just saw on North hill, Fareham. Think i’ve seen it about a few times.
  17. Davyy

    182 Trophy - Paddock Rd Basingstoke

    On here? Looked clean
  18. Davyy

    Ph1 flamer Basingstoke

    On here? think it was in South Ham
  19. Davyy

    SP53 NDS 172 Fareham

    Saw going through town, on here?
  20. Davyy

    Black 172 LG52 WRO

    In Basingstoke, looked very clean.
  21. Davyy

    Flame red 172 Basingstoke

    Just saw you, car was extremely dirty! On here?
  22. Davyy

    Ph1 V6 CRN - Port Solent

  23. Davyy

    200 Gordini Fareham R200 SLY

    On here??
  24. Davyy

    RB 182 Fareham to Whiteley

    Saw this morning at 8ish on M27, not seen it around here before.. on here?
  25. Davyy

    YT11 CEO White 200 TGI's Fareham

    On here? Looked smart!
  26. Davyy

    172 Cup OOA

    Cup on m27 towards Portsmouth this afternoon, reg ending OOA, looked really tidy!
  27. Davyy

    FM Radio adapter for Iphone

    Does such a thing exist? I've seen FM transmitters for in a car, but dont think that's what I want. My issue is I want to listen to football on bbcsport, local stations etc, and if I use a radio app/internet it says that it isnt allowed to be played over internet due to broadcoast rights. I...
  28. Davyy

    MOT Issue - Headlight washer jets not working.. any ideas to fix/replace?

    Car is in for MOT, theyve never worked for my 5yrs of ownership and because of the new rules... it's going to fail. It's going in for MOT today, doh. Any ideas on a work-around? Or anyone near to Portsmouth have any working ones? Thanks
  29. Davyy

    LY 200 M27

    See you most mornings going from Southampton-ish area towards Portsmouth, going the opposite way to me.. on here?
  30. Davyy

    RB 182 Turners Hill, Crawley

    Around 2pm.. Looked extremely clean!