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    Racing blue 182

    I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now. Mostly to keep a track of all the changes and watch the car develop into a more track focused car. I bought the car from my good friend @djwjohn in September 2017 with the intention of turning it into a well specced track focused car. I’ve...
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    Racing blue 182

    Double post
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    Krispy Kreme Meet (Edinburgh)

    Right-o seeing as per usual the Scottish meet section has fallen on its arse I've decided to try* and set up a meet at Krispy Kreme this coming Sunday 24th at 11am. A few of us will be there regardless but it's nice to hopefully reach out to a few other members. Meeting point will be in the...
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    White 1*2 in Aviemore yesterday?

    Spotted white 172, cup I think. In Aviemore. Followed me along the main drag, when I turned into the B&B gave us a wave back. Anyone on here?
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    KubiSport #2

    Thought I would start a thread about my van. Mostly because it's Sunday and I'm bored and another way of seeing how far it's came. After running about with @Mickb and his F4r swapped Nissan Kubistar van a few years back I somehow talked myself into needing one. I kept an eye on all the usual...
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    New car Evo content

    Well after having a moment of madness and deciding to sell all of my Clio's (3.5 of them) I decided to jump and get something I'd hankered after for a while, an evo. It had to be a 5 for me, I think they are the most aggressive looking. I actually did a deal with a Lad on here for my ph1 and...
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    Quick ball joint question

    Looking to swap the bottom ball joints on the cup. My local factor has the same ones listed for cup and non cup. Is this correct? I know there's a difference in wishbones but is there any difference for the ball joints? Thanks guys.
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    Black 1*2 Kemnay high (pic included)

    Spotted this a Kemnay high, assume its someone that was working on the renovations to the school. Looked good in winter spec.
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    My time with Exclusive 002

    Bought 002 from Danny on here in Jan 13 for my partner to run about in. Went through a few changes in the short time i had it. How it looked when I first bought it The good lady ran about in it for a few months and over this time i replaced parts that had worn out, broken etc. I put...
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    Mistakes wot I have made:Hairdresser Edition

    Well what can I say, its nice to try something different and John had one so I pretty much had to (will have to buy an overpriced Audi next...) DSC_0499 by john.holligan, on Flickr DSC_0498 by john.holligan, on Flickr DSC_0500 by john.holligan, on Flickr DSC_0501 by john.holligan, on...
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    Team Djw's Dedicated Track Toy Project: Update Post 167. New pics page 6

    For years we've talked about doing a track car project and sort of have done by using our road cars/ a share of another track car on track last year. We'll continue to do so this year whilst we build this up but when the opportunity came to buy it we just couldn't say no. Especially as we have...
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    Pic request, cooksport springs..

    Any one put a set of cooksports on 1*2 stripped, partially stripped, caged etc? Thanks in advance.
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    Black 182 Livingston

    I was sitting at the traffic lights, you came by and gave it a cheeky wee rev. ;) (Red Ph1 flamer)
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    Just 1 pic with my new wheels on.....

    Better pics to follow (after a wash and some tyre shine) Thoughts?
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    Marc in his trophy.

    Spotted you coming along passed newbridge. Looked like you had a macy d's ;)
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    Flame red ph1 172 {take 2}

    Though I'd best start a project thread for my new flamer. This is now my second ph1 flamer, and the second flamer i've bought off my close friend Djw John. After John had it, this car was sold to Yeecup who enjoyed it untill the belt slipped and destroyed 14 of the valves. Confirmed by SWR the...
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    Where to buy FK adjuster rings?

    Anyone know? I've tried: Vw heritage, ebay, venom motorport and rally design. I've emailed FK but they havent yet got back to me, although their site seems to not offer them as spares. Anyone managed to get a set from anywhere?? Cheers
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    Seized coilover adjuster rings...

    Long story short i got a set of Seized Fk's on the Clio i bought. Ive been trying to get them moving again. How after much swearing, blood, and tears i got to the last shock and found a crack in one of the adjuster rings. Pain in the hoop. I've had a look on the FK website, the UK one is a...
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    Ast top mounts.

    I searched this, but needing advice. I see that they need to be either spec'd to the coilover unit or machined to allow fitment. I got these on a car and have now transfered them onto my flamer. I was never sure if all was "right" on the car they came off of. Now im sure they arn't! I have a...
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    Another one to add to the fleet...

    As some may know i recently bought .Gaz. 's tidy iceburg 172. Thought i'd start a wee thread about it. Bought it for the Girlfriend to replace our Mk4 Golf gti. As it's for her some of the more fancy bits will be removed for my trackday 172, but overall shouldn't change too much. A few pics...
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    Spot weld drill bits

    What size spot weld drill bit would i need to take the rear seat mounting brackets etc out the inside?? I think it'll be a 8mm, but can anyone confirm this??
  22. D

    Roof tar.

    Is there any reason to not remove the tar from the roof from a stripped 1*2? My boss seems to think that it adds some rigidity to the panel, but i cant see that being true. I'd like to remove it as i've removed the rest of the tar, but there seems to be some people saying "yes you can" and...
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    Best place to buy wishbone polybushes

    Just wondering the best (read cheapest) place to get these from?? Saw these on Kam racing Do cliosport members get discount any where? Cheers Guys.
  24. D

    Boness Hill Climb

    Nipped up to this with Djw John on sunday for a few hours. Good day out, with some lovely cars. Felt a bit out of place with my lack of flat cap/beard combo though. Loved the roof mech on this old Bently. And a merc with awesome brakes in the carpark...
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    Engine issues on project: Chav running very flat

    I bought chav a few weeks ago now with the intent of turning it into a track day/b road car. Project thread here: I bought it knowing that the light was on. Checked it with the code reader, it had 3 codes, O2 sensor, knock...
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    Project: Chav

    Not again. I sold the flamer back to Djw John after owning it for 2 full years, the longest i've owned a car. I Sold up as the little ones car seat didn't fit in and i wasn't really using it for the last 6 months i had it, i also wanted to change scenes after being into clios for 8 years...
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    172 track car

    Spotted this whilst doing a deliver at Nu-phalt. Wondered if the person was on here. Had a look about it, looked like it had cup doors, ph1 rear and ph2 lights. Looked abused. I like! :evil: Anyone know any details??
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    Bye bye flamer Feb09-feb11

    Thought i'd put up a few pics from my ownership of my flamer. I've enjoyed every min of having the car, which shows as its the longest i've kept a car. Was going to keep it and track it but as i now have a 4 month old boy whos pram or car seat wont fit in it, it made sense to sell. I know the...
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    Mk2 Golf

    No tax? No mot? No problem!! Following on from the rest of the sheds i've bought i've got this mk2 golf driver (auto). Not sure how far im going to go with it, but ill keep it updated if i do. looks a bit shedy but its on 83k. Just needs an engine,mot,tax, brakes, suspension etc etc
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    Bucket seat mounting

    I've been offered a cobra imola at a good price from a friend. It includes side mounts, will these mount onto the original frames in the 72 or will I require something else to get it fitted? Cheers