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  1. dmn1989

    Trophy Glasgow Friday 27/2

    Spotted Clio Trophy on friday around 10ish heading off the M8 and down past George Sq. Private "Dave" regi and CS sticker on rear window.
  2. dmn1989

    Pearl white 200 - next to Easter road stadium

    See it there occasionally going to match days. Saw it parked up today. Such a lovely colour. Cliosport tax disc holder.
  3. dmn1989

    silver 172 Buchanan Galleries

    spotted when i came back to the trophy after lunch, parked next to mine cs sticker & tax disc holder own up then
  4. dmn1989

    Kenny - abronhill

    Long way from home? What you doing out here?
  5. dmn1989

    SM09KAA nimbus 197 cup

    Spotted you in Cumbernauld looked good! Black speedlines cs sticker
  6. dmn1989

    Michilen PE2s no more

    well apparently so, needed two new tyres for the rear, obviously after the PE2s, tried 5 different places and all out of stock saying they arent getting any more in. Had to go to bridgestoe potenzas, hope theyre just as good :( disappointed alot is a understatement :(
  7. dmn1989

    **10KWP Cumbernauld marks n spencer White 200

    Just left marks n spencer at broadwood and spotted it just there 12:20 anyone on here?
  8. dmn1989

    Blue 54 Plate 182 y'day Glasgow M8

    Spotted you just after the Royal Infirmary about 18:10 thought it was Danny, then it wasnt. CS sticker on rear window
  9. dmn1989

    Glenshee Run 3/7/10

    Heres the pics from the Glenshee run today, pics not too great, never really came out well, and tbh was more interested in the driving than the picture taking :rasp: Darren
  10. dmn1989

    Few pics from last night. Van+Trophy+R27+Pikey Content inside

    few pics from last night, we decided to leave the cs meet at the showcase to head to drumpellier park for some pics. Few pics of Frazjams R27 & my Trophy Frazjam Himself: Pedo-Bear Esq pics: Nice little damage done to the speedbump compliments of Mick and his...
  11. dmn1989

    182 Brake Upgrade?

    bit random, could you make the Front 182 Brakes fit the rear axle and function effectively? thinking about upgrading the fronts to 4pots so dont want tiny ones on the rear. any advice would be good Darren
  12. dmn1989

    New MG TF £25k FLOL as much as its a ok looking car, i'd much rather a MX5 and for 25k? they must be having a laugh
  13. dmn1989

    Ph1 172 Jamaica Street Glasgow Yesterday

    Spotted a Silver Ph1 172 @ Jamaica Street, in Glasgow at 15:25 yesterday(28/5/10) Reg: GIG2575 anyone own it on here?
  14. dmn1989

    Post Up Your Track Times for FCS

    as above post up your track times that your on at at FCS mine are: 10:15 - 10:30 10:45 - 11:00 12:30 - 12:45 14:45 - 15:00 15:45 - 16:00 16:15 - 16:30
  15. dmn1989

    How do i turn off my SERV/AirBag Warning Lights off?

    So im just back from the rolling road and the car is over-fueling and down on power, basically all the signs of a form of limp mode, so were guessing this is down to my warning lights being on so triping the ecu into thinking something is wrong. Possible things causing it to be on are...
  16. dmn1989

    16" OZ F1s on ebay
  17. dmn1989

    F.A.O People with Ferodo DS2500 Pads

    How long do you see out a set of your pads? mine are starting to squeek really badly atm, almost metal on metal. done 2 track days but probably only around 3000 miles in total so just looking for info on how long they do last thanks Darren
  18. dmn1989

    Cocking Much? Knockhill Pics Inside

    Thanks Mark for the pics :) will add my other pics when i get them uploaded
  19. dmn1989

    Grip in the Wet- Advice Needed

    looking for a little advice please, my car is ridiculously tail happy in the rain, i know that having no rear interior doesnt help. Ive got the Koni Suspension adjusted to the stiffest setting and have 2 degrees negative camber. If i soften the dampers up, will this give me more grip on the...
  20. dmn1989

    Alarm Systems

    What aftermarket alarms do you have? i used to have the viper one, since the area my gf lives in 3 cars have been stolen in the past week getting a bit twitchy and dont really trust the standard Renault one. What would you recommend? Thinking about either a Clifford or Signum? Advice...
  21. dmn1989

    Rolling Road @ Extreme Motorsport in Whitburn

    Been talking to a few of the guys from and we've organsied a rolling road on the 22nd of May which is a saturday. indication prices are around £40 but the more of us the less it will be. so far we have 4 but hoping to get more. need to know by monday as thats when were...
  22. dmn1989

    Turbo 172 @ Falkirk Croooozzzzzeee

  23. dmn1989

    Snow Foam Lance

    Is this the right thing i need? got a karcher powerwasher at home thanks darren
  24. dmn1989

    Pic Request- Aftermarket Steering wheels

    Could you post up your aftermarket steering wheels please, still unsure whether to change it or not, so some pics would be great! thanks in advance. Darren
  25. dmn1989

    Storm Grey 200. Bishopbriggs

    10 plate FF with dedicated cornering lights and GT Spoiler iirc anyone on here? Spotted about 15mins ago Darren
  26. dmn1989

    Removal of rear badge

    whats the best way to remove the "renaultsport" badge on the boot? got the new style "renaultsport" badge waiting to go on any ideas/help is appreciated. also the clio badge, is that a clip on one? Darren
  27. dmn1989

    Wheel Bearing Change, will this effect my camber?

    as above, ive obviously just had the mark fish suspension set up with the camber, however i am getting my wheel bearing replaced through warrenty. will this change my camber back to normal? darren
  28. dmn1989

    ITBs does this kit have everything needed to fit onto the car? bit of a novice tbh many thanks Darren
  29. dmn1989

    k-tecs old 172 back up for sale already
  30. dmn1989


    Cams!?!? are they worth the 1k price tag? wats the likely performance difference? Darren