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  1. 20vKarlos

    Mckosi Racing 182

    Looking to be a really cool build thread. How hard did you find the hub bearing to replace?
  2. 20vKarlos

    Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

    This looks bloody quality!
  3. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    NINETY FIVE QUID!! :eek::oops:
  4. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    Lepsons did them £240 15 to 18 inch in the ‘standard colours’ are all around £240. Retail might be slightly more but I had them done through a mates garage For the time and effort it would’ve taken me to get this finish, I’m happy to be three sheets lighter to be honest :ROFLMAO:
  5. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    Evening all, Just got a set of Renault 15’s Refurbished and need a set of centre caps. Where can I get a new set please
  6. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    P.S. is the FARB going to be a b*****d to refit now it’s got poly bushes... YES! Most definitely
  7. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    Will they be alright with three bolts in each side? I’m not one for bodging stuff, but if it continues to be a prick to sort! It’ll have three bolts ??
  8. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    I don’t have a welder and I’ve tried drilling... I’ll give it another go though. ?? I don’t believe so, if it were that easy, I’d have just been able to punch them out though, surely? One is on the subframe, the other is on the body of the car. This would be perfect, but I don’t have a...
  9. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    Guys, last night I was taking the subframe supports off so that I could then drop the FARB to polybush it and I’ve had a bolt snap on both sides! I tried my very best not to snap them but the more I removed, the more likely it was to snap! I have tried to drill them both out but they’re high...
  10. 20vKarlos

    Road Trip/Tour 2019!

    Are you a Sheep? ???
  11. 20vKarlos

    Road Trip/Tour 2019!

    September is very busy for me at work, but I may be a lengthy to sneak a few days off... Put me in the maybe pile... once hotels are picked and numbers are in, I should have an idea of what dates I’ll be able to take. Plus, I need to organise my Ireland trip still ?
  12. 20vKarlos

    My Garage build Racetoy, clio 1.

    Looking good
  13. 20vKarlos

    One man, two Cups.

    One man two cups ????? How have I not seen this thread before! I know you’re digging it out of the woods, but still! Looks like you’ve had some fun times and some shite times! Just like the rest of us ?
  14. 20vKarlos

    Poly windows - Fitting Ideas

    I knew I’d read a decent install somewhere! Little did I realise I was going to spend the last hour reading your entire thread again though, I should’ve known better! It’s the best thread on he forum!
  15. 20vKarlos

    Poly windows - Fitting Ideas

    Afternoon all, So I’ve purchased some secondhand front poly windows and they’ve got horrendous scratch marks from the previous owner mounting them poorly. My idea is this... Ok so that piece of metal spacer has a hole in the middle of it. My thoughts at the minute are to drill a hole in...
  16. 20vKarlos

    Suspension Diagram - I think I’m missing a bit or two ?

    Having a brief search on that parts site listed above, by winging it ??‍♂️, I believe it’s possibly these that haven’t been ordered or have been lost from my old set. Are...
  17. 20vKarlos

    Suspension Diagram - I think I’m missing a bit or two ?

    Thanks mate, this would be really helpful I found only I knew what the vehicle Type, engine Type, and suffix are. other than F4R I don’t know anything else. That’s a great website though. This was also the image I’ve found on the forum yesterday, but I can’t make out the following - if...
  18. 20vKarlos

    Ph1 'Exclusive' Budget Track Car

    Oh god! That look so very nice!
  19. 20vKarlos

    Cals Boring Iceberg 172

    lovely motor mate Any major plans?
  20. 20vKarlos

    Suspension Diagram - I think I’m missing a bit or two ?

    Hello all.. I took my front struts to the mechanic next door and it looks like I’m missing a nut or something... Can someone add a diagram that’s actually easy to see what each piece is and potentially a part number list too please as the only one I can find on the forum, or anywhere for that...
  21. 20vKarlos

    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    I think that rain light looks cool in that place. Its central on the rear and I reckon its at the right level too... perfect in my opinion
  22. 20vKarlos

    My Clio with the engine in the wrong end

    lovely looking motor. more more more!!
  23. 20vKarlos

    Disabled Racing Academy Race Car - IN PROGRESS - HELP SOUGHT

    Love what you're doing mate! I'll be following this one! Please post regular updates on the forum as this kind of thing needs to be shared a lot more. I grew up with a sister with Cerebral Palsy and she took her life expectancy (given by the Doctors when she was born) and threw it back in...
  24. 20vKarlos

    Initiale dCi Daily Project (yes, diesel.)

    Quality read! Rather enjoyed the updates that I’ve missed! Just goes to show that a genuine car enthusiast, will maintain his car to the best of his ability, regardless of the worth of that car! This has been great! Also, feel free to post the routes that you take down to Italy, I’m rather...
  25. 20vKarlos

    Front polycarbonate window fitting?

    This was a similar idea I’d had... but this will be perfect! Thanks ? I will probably use this method too as a back up ??
  26. 20vKarlos

    Front polycarbonate window fitting?

    Hello all, I’m back for my weekly question... I’ve got poly windows to fit, I’ve put them in but I’m wondering how you’ve all secured them into the car? There is a very large gap at the bottom, that’ll either need a wedge to hold it against the outer skin, or is it worth me just cutting a few...
  27. 20vKarlos

    20vKarlos' - Renault Clio 172 - Track Car Project - Possible Disaster

    When I get a chance, I’ll upload the video and get it posted on here so you can all see it. The apprentice isn’t your normal type of apprentice... he’s been there about 5-6 years, but the governor refused to put him through college, so now he’s stuffed! If he leaves, he’s got no...
  28. 20vKarlos

    Best way to bring these back?

    Hi all, I purchased these PMS Top Mounts and a brace earlier in the year and they arrived like this. I’ve not done anything with them yet, but would like to clean them up a bit I’ve obviously not fitted them yet and wondered what you guys would recommend for bringing them back to...
  29. 20vKarlos

    20vKarlos' - Renault Clio 172 - Track Car Project - Possible Disaster

    Morning all... The Thread title has become a reality! ? DISASTER!!! After a very busy summer with work and a very well deserved week away, I went down to the unit to drop off some parts I’d accumulated at the house. I dropped them with the intention of going down to fit the parts the...
  30. 20vKarlos

    What are these called and where can I get them??

    Yep, as soon as @bloke told me what they were actually for, I found those... I may go with the cable ties option, I like a bargain resolution ? Currently, yes. It’s not something I’ve considered removing as of yet. Is it an easy DIY job