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  1. MarkCup

    Peugeot 107 - long term bangernomics

    That's the plan anyway... My recent purchase; Peugeot 107 Urban, 59k miles, 3 owners (the last since 2010), and compared to others I've seen, it's a gem. Apart from the one dink at the base of the OSR door (which I plan to leave as is) and a couple of bumper bracket fixing issues (very easy...
  2. MarkCup

    A weaponised Ford Escort RS2000...

    I put a couple of stills of this beast in the "Cars spotted" thread, didn't plan to but had my GoPro with me on the day so filmed what I could in case I could make anything of it...and the new 7 Black excelled, stability, lighting, and especially the sound, both inside and outside of the moving...
  3. MarkCup

    My first time driving RWD with an LSD

    Oh my, what a difference. I had this done a week ago so have gotten to grips with it a bit more since I made this... Predictable, consistent, and lively sums it up...and that's in the dry. I'm looking forward to getting it out in the rain :ROFLMAO:
  4. MarkCup

    Buying used iPhones?

    I need to get hold of an iPhone, 6 or onwards, for as little money as possible. I've seen many retailers selling 'pristine' phones for circa £150-£200 which works for me. Before I jump in and risk getting burned...does anyone have any first-hand experience or recommendations of where I should...
  5. MarkCup

    I kicked a Skyline's ass part 2

    Not strictly a 'Skyline' I know, but this session was like a trip down memory lane... ...and part 1, filmed 10 years ago ? on a very poor 4:3 potato... :ROFLMAO:(y) I am so loving this thing :love:
  6. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Having got thorughly fed up with continual dealership visits and a Focus RS that always had something wrong with it I finally cried "Enough!" and managed to find this peach. It was registered in March 2017 (the exact same day my RS started rolling down the production line!) and had 10,060 miles...
  7. MarkCup

    I'm beginning to regret buying the RS...

    ...not from the way it drives...but because of Ford's monumentally sh*t ability to build an engine that works!
  8. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS mk2

    After a year of trying I finally got to have a go in one, what a thing they are...I can see why there's so much love for them...and also why mk2 owners tend to not love the mk3 LOL
  9. MarkCup

    Goodwood FoS: 10 fastest ever runs

    Oh my, balls of steel, and the noise! Headphones recommended.
  10. MarkCup

    More powaz for my Focus RS

    My new engine punches a little harder than the old one did ???
  11. MarkCup

    Goodwood's 76th Members' Meeting

    GT40s at full chat down the start/finish straight at Goodwood, oh the noise. Fizz delivered. Froze my b*ll*cks off though.
  12. MarkCup

    RS - Feel the Need

    Along with uncertainty and a mssive PITA there's also a big nod to the CS old-timers in here. Thanks to @ForceIndia for the inspiration :up:😂
  13. MarkCup

    Focus RS dyno shooutout - Mountune FPM375 v M380 v standard

    I must resist, standard's enough, standard's enough...
  14. MarkCup

    Rockingham Skid Pan in my RS...

    ...Ken Block need not worry. If you ever get the chance to do this just do it, so much fun was had :grinning:
  15. MarkCup

    The Focus RS secret 5th driving mode...

    Ignore my last effort...this one should be better...
  16. MarkCup

    Day 158 in the RS - Rockingham...drift yo

    The full version will follow soon...but I still have a lot of editing before it's ready...
  17. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 151 : Ford v BMW, the RS...

    I know I know, should have let Gordon drive etc. I will do once he's learned to H&T like a pro :smiley:
  18. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 151 : Ford v BMW, the 440i...

    Oh yes, this was a fun drive and annoyingly I kind of got along OK with the 'box...
  19. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 136 : The stop-start system...useless?

    Opinions on this stop-start malarky? I quite like it myself...
  20. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 123 : Collecting the BMW 440i

    I'm going to have a lot of fun comparing my RS against this beast my buddy recently picked up...
  21. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 104 : Why the mk7 Fiesta ST is so good!

    The mk7 Fiesta courtesy car I had recently made me realise just how much I miss my ST...
  22. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 101 : Trackday noise test

    A surprising result (in comparison my 172 Cup was 89db) and a useful piece of advice from the marshalls...
  23. MarkCup

    Ford Focus RS : day 94 : The perfect spec RS?

    This one hurt a little...spending this many miles on bumpy roads with the dampers firmed up is not recommended...and all with the usual side order of cringe. :up::up::up:
  24. MarkCup

    Day 80 : The RS beats them ALL!

    It truly does...and not a spreadsheet or even so much as a mention of data anywhere. Plenty of cringe as usual though.
  25. MarkCup

    Day 67 in the RS...

    ...some random thoughts, and a new t-shirt just for @Christopher :up:
  26. MarkCup

    MarkCup's 2017 Ford Focus RS

    As with my Fiesta I intend to film, datalog, chart, and just generally drive the sh*t out of this. 5 more sleeps to go!
  27. MarkCup

    Hyundai i10 review - LOL

    With my Fiesta ST gone, my Focus RS currently somewhere unkown en route to my dealer, and with nothing but a hire car to entertain I took a critical look at Hyundai's shoebox. Oddly I'm quite enjoying it!
  28. MarkCup

    Goodbye Fiesta ST, 4 years, 61,000 miles, lots of laughs

    Two weeks in an i10 has made me get all sentimental so I made this...