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    Durable electronic vernier caliper

    Seem to be getting through these at a stupid rate due to grinding dust potentially getting in and me spending less than £20 each time. Does anyone know of a set that's good, durable and able to withstand a general workshop environment? Thanks
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    MR2 K-swap Project

    Hey, So a few of you may know me and the previous Clio I had on here that I sold a few months ago. I've decided to try something a bit different to what I'd normally do and I'm going to fit the K20 into the mk3 Mr2. I've watched a fair few videos with them in and they look to be great fun...
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    Z4 3.0

    I'm pretty excited writing this, i'm picking this up Friday after viewing it last night and falling in love with it. Specs are: Facelift model 3.0 6 cylinder engine (265bhp) Red leather interior (just incase you missed it) Sat nav with TV Xenons It drove so well and I can't wait to have a...
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    Boris' First Track Day As a Boosted Bus.

    Finally found some time to upload these on the computer... This was from my first track day (Blyton Park) after doing the megane 225 engine and gearbox conversion so as you can imagine it was a tentative day for me. A few things to note really: 1 - I probably wouldn't have paid for these...
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    My engine tables.. £176. Use ebay code until 6pm for 20% off

    As it's home furniture you should be able to use the ebay 20% code off that is on eBays homepage at the moment making the table £176 Cheers
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    Daniels Slower Blue 182

    Hey everyone, As some of you know I did a buy on another 182 a few weeks ago. I've been looking for another fun car to have the occasional blast to work and day out at the weekend with for a while now. I was looking at Saxo VTS's as they always caught my eye but this came up for the right...
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    Vauxhall corsa 1.2 44k miles and 12 months mot

    I'm selling my corsa. It's just flown through the mot with no advisories and would be an ideal run around or first car for someones daughter (pics of daughter required if so) Willing to accept...
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    Racetech oil pressure and temperature gauge

    0.99p start Read the description
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    Does the size of the brake fluid reservoir bottle matter?

    As above really. I'm relocating my clutch and brake reservoir bottles. Going to use custom sized ones and wondering if I can use motorbike ones, they're smaller but does it matter? It's not like they're used to dissipate heat or anything? I can get the motorbike ones with brackets for a much...
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    Leaking fuel sender unit?

    Hi, has anyone experienced a dodgy fuel sender unit leaking from around the cap? It's filling the car with horrible fumes and its horrible. Ive changed the screw lid and it seems to be sealing properly, the lid is screwed on tight unless the seal isn't sealing or on properly. Need a sanity...
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    Mechanical oil temp gauges

    Hey guys, I recently bought this gauge And it has a mechanical temp gauge, i've dunked the probe into some boiling water and the gauge is failing to move. I don't have to do anything stupid like...
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    Upgraded radiator

    Hey, Im wanting to keep the temps down as much as I can for the turbo build so was wondering what upgraded rads people are using? From my research I've found that the polo one fits but is mainly for itbs as its less tall but not as efficient? Then I've seen that people have fitted the golf...
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    Clios with bonnet pins

    Hi people! Does anyone have any pics of their clios with bonnet pins? Not Aerocatches as I've seen those done to death. Thanks
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    White 200 with spoiler. Xscape... Ojo

    Wash your car you filthy animal You've got a cs sticker
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    Alvaston glass, Derby - black 197/200

    Had a little chat about your car with the guy in the workshop at the glass place. You had cs stickers and parked outside! The m4 in the car park looked delicious too.
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    Derby - phase 1 hou

    Just walked past you!
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    Klaus - Lupo SDI

    I just picked up the new daily and wondered if anyone could help me with a few issues? 1- the passenger window doesn't go down. Haven't checked the fuse yet as I've literally just got home from collecting it but what could that be? 2- the boot doesn't open, however the lock does rotate as it...
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    How to get normal wipers? Not using auto lights

    Is there anyway way to get normal working wipers like on a poverty spec model? I have a wiper stalk from a 172 cup that doesn't have auto lights but the first notch on the stalk still does nothing? I was told that I could just fit this and it would work but nothing. It's just like the one I...
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    Show me your fuse box (top dash runners)

    Hey guys, Just got the top dash in Boris now and want to know what people are doing with their fuse box. It's currently chilling in the passenger air vent loosely but I want to see what people have done as a permanent solution. I think I saw someone hack their top dash where the airbag...
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    Wiper stalk issues.

    Hi, Is there a way to run an auto lights wiper stalk as a non auto lights wipe stalk? The first "notch" now does nothing for me as i've removed the auto lights cables and sensor etc so I need a stalk from a cup or trophy. But is there a way to use this stalk as a "delayed stalk" on the...
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    I can't win with my seating position??? And steering wheel

    Having a bit of a dilemma and it's really ruining the drive for me. I have bucket seats and an after market steering wheel. If my seat is to the right on its mounts then I am inline with my pedals but my steering wheel is offset. If I put my seat left I'm inline with my wheel but I'm...
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    uch wiring diagram

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the uch please? I want to know which relays control the windows please!! Thanks
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    Interior panel switches - ideas?

    Hello, I'm wanting to create a panel in the upper dash, lower panel as per the picture 2016-08-21_08-35-18 by dann2707, on Flickr I have ordered some carbon fibre that I will fabricate to fit behind that panel. On this panel I am going to (hopefully) have these switches but aftermarket ones...
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    Aftermarket coolant hose for race heater

    Hey guys, I have a demon tweeks race heater with the two small input and outputs for the water. however looking at the standard heater matrix the pipes are very hard plastic (as per pic) so can't utilise that, i'm right in thinking im going to have to get aftermarket hoses from the engine to...
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    Tried WRC aircon delete - belt is now floppy as anything! I followed that using the exact same items, belt is lovely and straight. De-tensioned the tensioner and there is a lot of slack in the belt, its nowhere near tight enough. Can I adjust the belt somewhere else...
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    Battery / clocks reset after interior tinkering

    Yesterday I changed my loom around, moved a rear earth location (all my lights work perfectly though) But now when I get in my car, the red immobiliser light is on until I put the key in the ignition. And when I do so the clock flashes 0:00 and the radio resets. What could it be?
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    Race and motorbike batteries

    Hi guys, Is anyone using a bike battery and relocated it? Ive seen one thread that didn't go into much detail saying it was £20 and 0.5kg? What are they like for dailys? I wouldn't want to be caught short somewhere all to save 10kg or whatever! Can anyone link me to what they are using...
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    Fitting manual wing mirrors

    Does anyone know if manual wing mirrors are a straight swap onto a sport? There's no change in the shape of the baseplate or anything? Also the actual mirror itself looks like it's all one unit, can I swap my sport mirrors to the manual base plate simply enough? Thanks Daniel
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    Wrongly selected voltage for HDMI splitter now PS4 is dead?

    Hi, Not having the best of luck lately i'll tell you that. Just about to set off to sell my playstation 4 I decide to go on it to delete my account. My HDMI splitter was selected on the wrong volt, either 9V or 12V when it should have been 5V. Now the PS4 won't turn on at all, the power...
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    Rear wheel sticks out more after a rear beam change

    The right wheel sticks out a bit more than the left! It's only by about 1mm but we both noticed it. Quite annoying. Swapped the wheels over and its still there so its not the wheels. Used the same stub axles as the one that was provided with the new beam. Stub axle spacers the same. The rear...