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  1. dmn1989

    Trophy Glasgow Friday 27/2

    Spotted Clio Trophy on friday around 10ish heading off the M8 and down past George Sq. Private "Dave" regi and CS sticker on rear window.
  2. dmn1989

    Pearl white 200 - next to Easter road stadium

    See it there occasionally going to match days. Saw it parked up today. Such a lovely colour. Cliosport tax disc holder.
  3. dmn1989

    172 to 197

    I had both, and i'd say that the 197 is a better car but the 1*2 is more fun.
  4. dmn1989

    New RS 200 Turbo Owner

    Lovely car mate
  5. dmn1989

    My MK3 TCE.........

    First time reading this thread, and was thinking that you've got a tidy clio. Not a fan of the new wheels though. Sorry
  6. dmn1989

    N0ddie's Fiesta ST

    Very nice mate
  7. dmn1989

    My new 172 Cup track car.

    Looks great Gaz. Thought the coilys were coming off?
  8. dmn1989

    Pearl White 200 - Cup pack, Speedlines etc

    I was 19 when i got my LY R27. You should go for a decat with the exhaust, sounds even better ;)
  9. dmn1989

    Very rare Trophy

    Most definitely the wheels
  10. dmn1989

    Updated 5 series thread

    Nice big bus. Looks fairly mean.
  11. dmn1989

    Abandoned Vehicles Thread.

    great thread. took about a hour to read through the whole thing. Some amazing cars :(
  12. dmn1989

    172 Superleggera

    heres how my T looked:
  13. dmn1989

    The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

    Hi Naith, Cars looking absolutely minted. Is it still sounding like a jet fighter?
  14. dmn1989

    Nissan Platina/Renault Symbol or Clio Sedan

    This car is sold on the continent as a clio saloon. In Mexico, apparently, Nissan have rebranded it and sold it on. Renault own around 70% of Nissan.
  15. dmn1989

    New Car ""Wankel Content.....""

    lovely! be careful though, especially in this weather, don't want to see a write off thread in a few weeks time
  16. dmn1989

    trophy near stirling retail park

    twas me, en route to St. Andrews believe it or not. What were you in? Black 182?
  17. dmn1989

    V6 00 YEH -Silver Near Llandow.

    plate used to be on a Red one up here that got written off
  18. dmn1989

    Exhaust popping and backfiring from cold

    think it might have something to do with the decat? mine does it, love it though. looks you get makes me laugh
  19. dmn1989

    Extra 9bhp for £10 delivered.

    ive got 8 of them fitted on the T its fooooking rapido now
  20. dmn1989

    2 weeks of ownership.......

    looks good wee man <3
  21. dmn1989

    Which 200?...

    depends what you want: light and kinda standard for fun or more toys? i'd go cup
  22. dmn1989

    Fiesta ST Crash at the Nurburgring (clio camera car)

    ouch nasty one. why was the clio so far behind though? thats what i want to know
  23. dmn1989

    New Toy Content (Megane 250 pic overload)

    knew you'd come round my friend. oh hai there is that paul at rstunning? yes! ok can i book in my 250 for a stage 1 please? yes no problem! ^^^ do it ^^^
  24. dmn1989

    silver 172 Buchanan Galleries

  25. dmn1989

    silver 172 Buchanan Galleries

    spotted when i came back to the trophy after lunch, parked next to mine cs sticker & tax disc holder own up then
  26. dmn1989

    Oh no! What have I done? Another budget Clio Ph1 172

    wheres the fun in that? whats the point in any project then?
  27. dmn1989

    Oh no! What have I done? Another budget Clio Ph1 172

    best £400 ever spent?
  28. dmn1989

    LY 182 - J99 EEN - Bradley Stoke

    bender basher Luke
  29. dmn1989

    SM09KAA nimbus 197 cup

    what a bad decision he made :(
  30. dmn1989

    Kenny - abronhill

    Long way from home? What you doing out here?