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  1. geesus69

    gearbox whine on track, no whine when on axle stands

    just want to clarify this, the whine is only evident when the box is under load that's either the bearings or possibly the diff? am i correct? i'm praying that an oil change and going fairly sympathetic in the morning will make it last a day at croft after that i should have enough money...
  2. geesus69

    Fuel pump noise, someone diagnose it for me? Video inside

    Right I asked about this a while back but was only able to describe the noise, I have now taken a video of it What you are listening for is the high pitched whine that happens every 10 secs or so Can anyone tell me what is causing it? This is the second brand new fse pump as I thought it...
  3. geesus69

    likelihood a gearbox whine will get quieter

    right, had my gearbox refurbed middle of last year after it developed a hellish whine, did 2 trackdays afterwards while using 75-80 oil and a faint whine has developed again been told by the guys that refurbed it that 75-80 is no good and i should change to 75-90, he reckons it is prob the 5th...
  4. geesus69

    video editing

    right i'm a total noob at this i currently use windows movie maker to transfer the in-car vids and rotate/mirror them (camera mounted upside down) but it's crap, always crashing and what not i want to have a play around and make a proper video montage type thing with pics, videos and music...
  5. geesus69

    fuel pump noise

    right, i'm using an upgraded motorsport pump noticed this at the last trackday, just want to know if it's anything to worry about or try and fix so when the car is sat idling (it may also do it when driving, but i can't hear it over the engine noise :lol: ) the fuel pump makes a sort of a...
  6. geesus69

    braid alloys

    anyone know much about them? yes i know they are round! :rolleyes:
  7. geesus69

    bright orange v6 with black wheels

    seen it twice near ripley roundabout in harrogate now anyone from here or anyone know who it is, car looks awesome in that colour! :cool:
  8. geesus69

    oil filter relocation

    cant seem to find much on a search anyone done it? seems to be a fair few universal kits knocking around on ebay and such I already have a mocal 13 row cooler, but i removed it as space with the ITB's and my rad is tight, would like to have it back on there just for the extra peace of mind...
  9. geesus69

    part number request

    to save me trying to explain what it is i want to the local renault parts dept.... can someone give me the part number for the upper and lower nuts that hold the main central gearbox mount to the battery tray they are gold and are nylocs if that helps lol i could just use regular nylocs...
  10. geesus69

    part number and price please

    of this badge (believe it is found on the new megane and twingo?) thank you :D
  11. geesus69

    anyone with a blue 182 had an accident on the 7th?

    interior has just one blue bucket seat, heavy nearside damage?
  12. geesus69

    one for the megane owners

    renaultsport megane 225 anyone heard of problems with the front suspension, namely springs snapping (last 2 to 3 inches of the coil), the spot welded bracket on the shocker housing corroding and breaking off easily? and the top spring hat/bearing wearing quickly? this is an 05 plate car with...
  13. geesus69

    one for the suspension guru's?

    or anyone else that can help me...... am i right in thinking that increasing the negative camber angle will give more grip on turn in? the mk1 seems to be suffering with a wayward rear end, there is oodles of front end grip on turn in and it is VERY responsive and direct, however it...
  14. geesus69

    some crap vids

    taken on my phone so have to excuse the very poor quality :( last round of the Northern sports and saloon car cahampionship at croft, was a great day of racing, got a couple of vids of the porsche gt3's and one in particular that seemed to enjoy getting as close to the pit wall as possible...
  15. geesus69

    one of lifes mysteries

    starter motor heat shield....... oh how it makes me swear! first time i put it on, absolute nightmare! :mad: second time i took it off and put it back on, piece of cake! :cool: had to take it off again last week, and now i can't get the bloody thing back on at all. the annoying thing is, i...
  16. geesus69

    driving position

    not sure if this is in the right section :o but what is your preferred driving position for track/race driving? me and my brother are in disagreement as to what is best in the clio, (part of the problem being he has slightly longer legs than me :rolleyes:) it has a snap off steering wheel...
  17. geesus69

    photoshop request

    a simple one i think for someone who knows what they are doing with photoshop, or paint for that matter! :D can you change the blue 'flames' to black please thank you :D
  18. geesus69

    ITB teething problems

    Right, going on from my original thread, i loaded a new map onto the omex and it has solved the revving issue, and i have balanced each TB to 6kg/hr took it out for a drive and all seems fine, throttle response is VERY sensitive, gave myself whiplash a few times lol i suppose having a solid...
  19. geesus69

    oil breather question

    right iirc its about a 14mm outlet? something like that anyway my oil catch tank has 8mm outlets if i reduce the size of the outlet or use a reducer on the hose to get it down to 8mm could there by any adverse effects? it don't want to do anything daft like create pressure in the head, is...
  20. geesus69

    problems with ITB's

    right, now there are a few things which aren't correct yet, like the car is not running the correct map, but if anyone can shed some light on these problems i would be very grateful...... firstly, got the car started and running, was sounding lumpy and number 1 trumpet was sparking/flaming. so...
  21. geesus69

    fao peeps with ITB's

    is it just common practice to stick a nut and bolt with a couple of washers either side onto the engine mount hole that is left after removing the standard inlet? i know someone that did this but because the metal there is pretty thin it cracked (either due to overtightening or because it...
  22. geesus69


    anyone got any more pics of this? i'm currently trawling edition38 as i think thats where i got this image from
  23. geesus69

    sale advice for cat cam 421's

    anyone know the going rate for a set of used cat cam 421's done approx 15k if it's worth it i may sell mine as i am hard up at the min, and so the project has come to a grinding halt :( cheers
  24. geesus69

    an impossibility?

    to get an adapter that goes from a metric male M22 x1.5 thread to a female metric M12 x 1.5 thread? no matter where i look i can't find such a thing! :dapprove: all i can think to do is buy a M22 blanking plug and get a local engineering place to drill and tap it to suit the M12 anyone got...
  25. geesus69

    aeroquip hose and fittings

    right, with my current hose setup i cannot fit my oil cooler (pipework not correct length and cannot bend into desired positions coming off sandwich plate) so who has experience of buying/fitting aeroquip hose and fittings? good places to purchase from? should i try and purchase the parts...
  26. geesus69

    anyone using omex 600 on a mk1....

    i know a few are, so.... what dials/gauges can it run on the standard mk1 clocks? ie tacho, oil temp, water temp etc if it can't run any, maybe its a good excuse to go for an aftermarket dash? :cool: like so or can the omex not run all of...
  27. geesus69

    header tank/expansion tank

    anyone tried cleaning one of these up? mine is looking a bit grubby did i read somewhere about putting it in the dishwasher?
  28. geesus69

    immobiliser question

    on a 172/182 if the immobiliser is armed does it let the fuel pump prime on ignition?
  29. geesus69

    fuel tank foam/baffles

    is there an easy way to tell if they are in there? its either that or my fuel guage is on the blink put a 5l jerry can in the other day and it went up to around 1/4 of a tank then put another £15 in and it went beyond 3/4 full :S
  30. geesus69

    exhaust flanges

    are these a generic part? or totally specific to renault (no other manufacturers use the same flange setup?) ie instead of buying a used mid section and chopping the end of it, can i just buy the flanges from somwhere?