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  1. Martin_172

    1.2 16v massive oil leak!

    I'm stumped! The top and front of engine is coated in oil, underside of the bonnet is coated as if there has been an oil explosion! Alternator side is covered, gearbox side is dry It's using a litre a day. Sump is all good, oil filter all good Breathers all good Not coming from the dipstick or...
  2. Martin_172

    What am I missing?! Steering rack

    Been racking my brains and I can't work out where I've went wrong with this... I've retained my vans original EPA's rack, it's not been removed neither has the subframe or column. Because I'm running 182 widetrack I'm also running a pair of genuine track rods and rod ends. I'm getting more...
  3. Martin_172

    MK2 with no keys, option?

    Been offered a cheap dci100 with lost keys, I assume the only option is still a kit from another car with chip from key, uch and ECU? Dci100 stuff is harder to find which means it's probably not going to be worth my while?
  4. Martin_172

    ARB Bushes - Powerflex or Renault?

    Need to do the ARB bushes on the 182 Van before I put the ARB back on, whats the general preference? Genuine Renault or Powerflex? there doesnt seem to be much of a difference price wise. also the powerflex I can get race or road? thoughts?
  5. Martin_172

    Starter motor heat shield

    Quick question, Am I imagining things or should the 172/182 have a heat shield over the starter motor? Just tidying up the last few bits of my van conversion and can't remember!
  6. Martin_172

    EPAS Conversion question

    Guys I've searched and searched and can't seem to find a definite answer. So I'm looking at doing an EPAS conversion but the difference for me is I'm currently re shelling a 182 into my DCi van so it's currently running the full DCi EPAS. I'm going to run the pure Motorsport kit on the engine...
  7. Martin_172

    DCi to 182 conversion

    I know a few guys on here have done this conversion so looking to clear up a few points, my high pressure pump has gone on the van so this afternoon have pulled the engine and box out and have a cat c 182 coming tomorrow to re shell into the van. EPAS, I assume this is the preferred setup now...
  8. Martin_172

    Clio DCi starting / glow plug issues

    Sure someone here will have experience with this. DCi 65, glow plug light is permenantly on and it's struggling to start when cold. Turns over for 10-15 secs then starts with a ploom of white smoke, turn it off when it's warm for example at the petrol station and it starts perfectly as normal...
  9. Martin_172

    DCi cutting out when throttle pressed

    A strange one that has me stumped, so my wee van has a nice healthy fuel system, it will sit on full throttle, up hill on the motorway with no issues, no warning lights etc. Not a single bubble in the fuel lines. Yesterday I done a 100 mile round trip with no issues, less than a minute from...
  10. Martin_172

    Finally the sun - LY220

    Sun came out so a pair of PilotSport4 on the front replacing the 2 worn SuperSports. Feels like an upgrade tbh! Was never too keen on the supersport compaired to the PS4 Fitted my smaller front plate from fancy plates and then gave it and the Mrs new GT TCE90 a scrub!
  11. Martin_172

    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    Recently I bought a new house that's been a bit of a project and has a large garden that I find myself constantly doing runs to the dump and im fed up relying on using my mrs car or putting loads of sheets down in the back of the 220 Trophy to keep it clean, so I went on the lookout for a...
  12. Martin_172

    220 Trophy

    Picked this up yesterday, 220 Trophy facelift, options fitted are: Black leather with red stitching Heated seats reversing camera id have loved the BOSE and Akrapovic but had to take what was available as production has ended! will get some more pictures tomorrow, not had time for any as I...
  13. Martin_172

    Twingo 133 - im in love

    Just picked this up for my mrs, ive always wrote them off as just not having enough power to be fun, my old tuned Twingo GT used to eat them for breakfast in a straight line, but this thing has really got under my skin, so much so she has driven it once and taken my DCi Dynamique S Clio to...
  14. Martin_172

    Management for K4M Turbo build

    Looking for a bit of advice. I picked up an MOT failure 1.6 16v Clio mk2 for £100, I had one of these years ago and always found it a good little engine, anyway ive since got it on the road and after a few weeks of pondering what to do with it and some youtube time watching what some of the...
  15. Martin_172

    Sunflower - Falkirk lastnight

    tidy looking sunflower driving into Falkirk lastnight, I was in the BG 182 that flashed
  16. Martin_172

    Odd windows 10 issue

    cant seem to get to the bottom of this! When I go to file explorer then network, the machines on my network show up as expected but under the phones tab so does random phones, and by random I mean sometimes handsets you cant even buy in this country when I google them! when I check my router it...
  17. Martin_172

    Martin_172's BG 182 FF

    picked this up the other day, wasn't looking for one as I only sold my 197 last week but this popped up local and looks like its just rolled out the factory! Plans are just a wet sand for the headlights, belts and dephaser (wee bit noisy), machine polish, replace the custom exhaust with...
  18. Martin_172

    Clio 197 - R26 conversion, whos doing them?

    i noticed ktec list they do it for £5000+ anyone else doing them? I couldn't find much details. my gearbox has gone and im looking at possibly going down this route.
  19. Martin_172

    battery keeps going flat

    previously not had any issues, car sat for a few mo the and alternator seized solid, replaced with brand new alternator and aux belt kit. Jump started and car was running sweet as a nut. Drove it for an hour with no issues, stopped at petrol station, flat as a pancake. so the alternator is...
  20. Martin_172

    197/200 gearbox codes

    what's the gearbox code for a 197 and the code for a 200? mine needing a refurb and looking to get a 200 one for the better ratios
  21. Martin_172

    1.6 16v Turbo Kit came across this earlier, don't recall anyone mentioning it. Looks quite interesting when you can pick up a reasonable nick 1.6 16v for £500!
  22. Martin_172

    Sunny day car washing!

  23. Martin_172

    Clio 197 / Clio 200 suspension differences

    front dampers on my 197 are feeling past their best so looking to replace them. I notice the 197 Cup and 200 Cup ones are much the same price so was going to order a pair of 200 cup ones with 200 cup springs. Anyone know if they are a straight swap like 172 / 172 cup or are they different like...
  24. Martin_172

    somthing to restore 197 grill

    my 197 r27 front grill has turned grey, looking for something long lasting to restore it back to black, been using AG trim detailer but it's ran out so looking to find out if there is anything else that's better
  25. Martin_172

    Black 172 - callander to doune road

    as title, looked pretty tidy, I was going the other way towards callander on my way to work in a red 197
  26. Martin_172

    drivers indicator flashes when drivers electric window is raised

    as per the title, if I put the drivers side electric window down, no issues, when I try and put it up the drivers indicator flashes (window still raises as normal) thought it was an earth issue but ive just last month put a new gearbox to chassis earth strap on and ive checked and cleaned up...
  27. Martin_172

    Martin_172's Ultra Red 197 R27

    stuck a deposit down on this today, pick it up after the weekend once a wee ding has been taken out the door, a scuff on the rear bumper and a tear in the recaro repaired (not quite sure how this is going to be done/look!!) came from a main dealer, belts done late 2013 :)
  28. Martin_172

    loads at knockhill yesterday

    Cups galore!!!
  29. Martin_172

    williams, callander main street

    Saw a Williams on the main road outside the coop. That's 2 Williams I've saw in the last 12 months... 200% more than the 200edc's I've saw!
  30. Martin_172

    tidy RB with stripes and cs stickers - larbert

    Tidy looking RB 182 cup on the motorway coming thru larbert near Falkirk today about 12.45pm