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    Maddy's PB Ph1 172 Track Inspired Show Car & Weekend Toy

    Black plastics once cleaned and dressed for me.
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    Racing blue 182

    Think it's not too bad. I'll take a couple of pictures if you like?
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    Racing blue 182

    Ermmmm, maybe the 2 tone isn't too bad :p
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    Racing blue 182

    Cheers for the heads up but as stated I’ve now gone to single exit 172 exhaust.
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    Racing blue 182

    January 2020 Pt Deux Annnnd she’s back from open heart surgery. Taken much longer than it should have. Back on the road about 70 miles everything seems well. Much stiffer with the new engine mounts but liveable. Going to continue to use and tweak it for the next couple of weeks and all...
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    Clio 182 Track Car & Daily Projects

    Very nice write up. The road car came up so nicely, looks very fresh on the silver Turinis.
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    Clio 172 cup run around turned B road blasted

    I 'd rather do all this work to a good base car than a rot box.
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    Clio 172 cup run around turned B road blasted

    Nice little write up. Keep developing it and enjoy it.
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    Clio 172 cup

    Looks brilliant still. you should buy this plate.
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    B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive

    Couple of other pictures.
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    B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive

    I chopped the tip from Johns as it stuck out a bit far for his liking as well.
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    Racing blue 182

    Update for those who take the time to read my sporadic rambles. October 19 - January 2020 My boss kinda restarted this project as he found my hiding place for the car as he was looking to store some work related items, and found a engineless Clio in one of the storage trailers. Removed from...
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    Racing blue 182

    Passes the 20foot test. In the dark.
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    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    Very subtle, but i like it.
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    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    Excellent attention to detail. Really enjoy your stuff.
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    Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

    @Mickb - Seen this? @Brigsy I didn't know they made these, looks comically small. Best of luck with it.
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    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Ours are worlds apart ATM 🤦‍♀️
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    I buy some sh*te

    Here’s a couple of up to date pictures of friends said LWB Sprinter.
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    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    @Dr Jekyll - Car looks perfect
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    My yellow rs kangoo

    Couldn't you get the fuel hose in a matte black? :p
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    172 CUP Track Car

    Mines is all out atm. I’ve taken this picture today but it’s probably of no help. Tided the garage up today so could grab more pics.
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    Daily dci

    I'm the same, really need to do it!
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    2005 RB 182 Cup

    Glad to see you back on track, one of my fav cars on the forum.
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    I'm an optimistic idiot.

    Unusually for me I don’t have new car envy 🤔
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    Project Log - Ph1 Flame Red 172

    Amazing effort Stu.
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    M100CUP goes hardcore

    Excellent effort on the rebuild Dave. Glad you’ve managed to get the car back together :)
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    Another Kangoo 182

    @Mickb dat you?
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    I buy some sh*te

    Nice one. A friends doing a LWB Sprinter into a day van atm. I’ll send a couple of pics across to give you some ideas.