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    Alfa 159 2.4 JTDM Sportwagon TI

    Well after the thread I posted about wanting a cheap diesel, this is the outcome... Bit of background, I’ve always loved these. I mean just look at it. I do just over 30k a year, over the last two years over put 62k on my RangeRover so it’s now worth zero, to stop to being worth a negative...
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    My MX5 Turbo
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    Going back to my roots - MK1 MX-5

    Another of those impulse buys. An only school friend had owned this for 6 years, he mentioned maybe selling it and I thought why not. Spec wise is has two important features: A Turbo New wings, cills and rear quarters I’ll let you know more as I find it out... Yes I know I should have...
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    My MX-5 MK3
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    CL10 RSM

    One of those new Clio RS' in Red.
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    FWD sucks, so here’s a RWD project (MX-5 NC)

    As you know after the Westfield’s I didn’t get in at all with Cubs Supercharged 172. So while the Clio was up for sale, I started looking at other options. Having had a Mk1 MX-5 turbo many years a go I started looking at those. Sadly they are all either rusted or other bell ends have got to...
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    Track Clio Insurance

    Who do you all use? Mines quite modified with a super charger etc. Flux quoted £350 but now won’t honour it due to me wanting to add track days on. Green light could do sub £400 if I’d owned the car for more than a year which makes no sense! I don’t really want to pay more than my main car...
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    Back to the fold - Supercharged Clio 172 Track Car

    That's right..... I bought Cub's car. I'll keep track of all the goings on in here! Weird thing is, I went to view this car when I was 17 (13 years ago)! I didn't buy it then, as I couldn't afford it. Spooooky. Annoyingly I snapped the splitter getting it off the trailer. So that's first...
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    CSF18 Media Thread

    Basically stuck them up here! I forgot all my camera gear for the car, so any photos/vids of my blue Westfield would be really appreciated!
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    CSK Race Exhausts - A Review

    Hi all, Recently I bought a Northampton Motorsport/SBD 305bhp Duratec motor which came from a car that was shunted whilst sprinting. It came with most of the bits needed to finish it, including a very damaged Simpson exhaust. One the engine was in, it was easy to tell that the manifold was a...
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    My Alpina D3 Bi Turbo

    Someone buy it.... Will do CS discount...
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    Temp Insurance for my Alpina

    Guys Do you know anyone who can give me 21 days insurance on an Alpina? No one seems to want to touch it? Its registered as a Make - Alpina, Model - Alpina and this seems to spin most insurance companies out.
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    Anyone want some drugs? - New car content

    The Alpina wasn't doing it for me. So this has arrived. Still have the Alpina if anyone wants it? Bought it unseen off a spec sheet. Its blacker than I expected.... Black with the 'stealth' (lol) pack, is err black. 100 miles in and its doing 32.1mpg, not bad. 3.0 Diesel V6 with 306bhp...
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    Learning to wrap cars

    Anyone done it?
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    Data logging

    What do you use?
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    Cheapest camera which can use a iphone as a view finder

    A bit like what the GoPro 4's can do? Basically making a cheap reversing camera for my trailer out of one.
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    270 to 300 cc Bosch injectors

    What has them fitted as standard?
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    Westfield part 2 - Track Harder

    So after having a great time at CSF, it got me thinking about tuning my Westfield. I got on eBay looking for upgrades and then ended up buying another you do, along with a trailer off gumtree. Good times. Meet Westie part deux. Engine Rover 1800 K Series ·...
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    Driving Sim Rigs

    A friend wants a set up building up. He's assumed I can help lol.... Is there anywhere which sells full rigs as a package. Loads of places do all random parts but very few do all of the parts in one thing. Looking for a seat, wheel, shift, pedal set up with 3 screens. Budget of £4000 ex the...
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    Weekend car - Accidental....

    On Monday I was stuck in Aberdeen with work and I was bored. Had a few beers, got a kit car magazine out then this happened.... I don't know much about it. I'll update as I find things out....
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    Looking for good 10cm Speakers

    I know nothing about speaker brands these days. Looking for: 2x 10cm component speakers 2x 10 mid range speakers Less than £80 would be lovely.
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    E91 Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo - A slight downgrade

    Commuting in the RS3 was pointless. So its now with Hans to sell. I bought this because its a bit different. It needs some love, but nothing drastic... kinda. Its a D3 Bi-turbo, Alpina basically took a boggo 320d, swapped the engine for a lightly tuned 123d engine, changed the gearing, body...
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    Xbox gamer tags

    Since the little Icons have gone can we put them all in here like the PSN one? 1) StefanWaite
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    Using 4g for home internet

    Where I'm moving won't get fibre until 2017. 3 are doing a 4g sim for £23 a month with 1000gb of data on it. Whats to stop me using one in a wireless 4g router to provide internet at home?
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    Watch dogs 2

    Why do Ubisoft always show graphics that won't happen...
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    Computer issue. Help!

    Hi all, I've got a Windows 7 machine with some business critical programs on it which needs to stay Windows 7. It's motherboard and a few other things are dead. So I've bought a new pc to let it live again, but it won't boot the original PC's hdd. I've adjusted the boot setting the in bios...
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    Car clear out

    Buy my cars! Jag: Smart Brabus...
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    Anyone on here design websites

    Hai, I need you.
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    Hi power access point

    I've got some Cat 6 into a room now I need a good access point to sit on it with a good penetration range. What will do the job for sub £50. I've tried re purposing some old routers but they aren't powerful enough.
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    Home CCTV setup

    Looking for options on this. I have no idea where to start. Needs to have 3x cameras - With night vision setting. Screen to monitor them Central HDD to record it all. Whats out there?