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  1. ian 182

    Help With House Move/No WIFI BT Hub etc etc.

    Hi all, Im moving house on Friday and BT have just said they wont be able to connect me before Christmas due to Openreach being dicks and all the usual excuses. My problem is that my wife works from home and we need some kind of cheap 4G booster aerial or a plug in wifi stick thing...
  2. ian 182

    Best PAYG Deals

    I had a quick look and there isn't any current threads hence this one. Basically the wife and I have been on Vodafone for the last couple of yrs and have decided to try payg. We are free to leave now whenever we want so what are you lot using for payg and basically the best ones to use. I'd like...
  3. ian 182

    Apple Music Account.

    Hi all, I've just recently started using apple music and have joined the family membership so the wife can use it as well. How do I link her to my account instead of signing in to my account. At the moment her phone seams like a mirror of mine, can she just delete whats on hers and carry on with...
  4. ian 182

    The "Ring" RS Crash Compilation.

    Ive just come across this on youtube and don't know if its been posted before but there are some cracking Armco smashes.
  5. ian 182

    I-Pad Help Please...

    Hello, the wife and I have decided we need an I-pad and with our daughters increased demands for childrens tv like peppa pig and the likes we feel we could do with one to free up some time to get our own tv back. The question is which one. Whats the newest biggest smallest memory version. We...
  6. ian 182

    The B59 Porsche Story.

    Don't know if this has been posted before but I thought it was a really nice car and a fitting tribute to 1970's motorsport in America. Oh and check out some of the owners garages.
  7. ian 182

    Ant1's E63 AMG For Sale.

    Don't know how I stumbled upon this as I was looking at old fords but it looks like the ubber barge is on the move.
  8. ian 182

    I Need A New Laptop.?

    Im after a bit of help from anyone in the know.My current laptop is getting old now and very slow so i thought i'd treat myself to a new one.I dont know anything about them other than internet. I want as best a spec as possible for £400 as thats the limit we have set ourselves.Good memory and...
  9. ian 182

    Watching Films From Your Iphone.?

    Hi, Ive just had my phone jailbroken and am very happy with the results.One of the best features is moviebox which has loads of the latest films on there and in very good quality.Now ive just purchased a hdmi to iphone lead to watch on my tv but the tv says it doesnt support hdcp or something...
  10. ian 182

    Help With Lap Top Screen.?

    The other day i managed to drop my lop top and have cracked the screen.When i turn on the lap top now i have a very strange array of lines and crap going across it so i cant see what im doing. Is there any way or a lead i can buy to plug in to my other lap top so i can get pics and stuff off the...
  11. ian 182

    A Few Shots Of My FN2 Type R.

    Just a few pics of my fn2.Ive had the car for 2 years this month and its been a nice time.The car has never gone wrong or let me down once.I didnt manage to get any interior shots this time as the midwife turned up. Yesterday was the first time i managed to give it a proper clean since christmas...
  12. ian 182

    54 Plate 182 in telford

    Ive seen this a couple of times now in apley where i live.Its on some speedlines or turini's done in anthracite. The car is silver and ive seen it parked up in shoveller drive. Nice and tidy.
  13. ian 182

    2012 Porsche Boxter-S Chris Harris Video.

    It would seam that Porsche has pulled out all the stops this time and created something rather special.Oh and all the best cars seam to be coming out in red these days.;)
  14. ian 182

    Chris Harris in a Maclaren F1

    He catches a ride in a stunning example...
  15. ian 182

    Black 182 with black wheels in Telford

    Ive seen this many times in wellington,its all stickered up with in the rear window>i was walking my dog today when it came up to a junction and i thought it looked nice.Two lads in it. My mate only lives round the corner fom where it was parked up.
  16. ian 182

    Quick TV question.

    Hello,i dont come in here very often and was wondering if i could have a little help. For the last year or two ive been the happy owner of an LG pk350 50" plasma tv.It used to sit on the wall above my fireplace in my old house,but in the last few weeks i have moved house and the lounge being...
  17. ian 182

    How to ork my freeview...?

    I have this TV atm and my sky HD has gone on the blink.Itcame with built in freeview but i dont know how to access it. Does anyone know where i should start.???
  18. ian 182

    Body Shield Pro ???!!!??? Ok ive just seen this advert on TV and thought wtf.? How can cleaning your car dry and wiping mud and dirt off be good for your paint.Maybe theres something new ive missed but this has always made a mess of cars and scratched the beggery out of them. My second point...
  19. ian 182

    Black 182 with black wheels in Telford

    Something like DY 05 *** seen parked up near charlton school in wellington.Wheels looked good with black on black.Has got a cs sticker in the back window and an evo sticker in the passenger rear quater window...
  20. ian 182

    Aventador Review From EVO

    I totally love this car and its all brand new from the floor up,to a brand new 6.5 litre V12...
  21. ian 182

    Sky HD+ tv...???

    When im going through my sky planner and HD channels i press the info button to tell me what a certain film is about. Lately when i do this it also tells me to check out sky HD+ for hundreds of movies on demmand.Where is this or is it a subscription upgrade...?
  22. ian 182

    Chris Harris In The New M5

    Nice little vid of the at least 550bhp new M5...
  23. ian 182

    Caparo T1 Passenger Ride with Mika Hakkinen.

    Looks like a stately home kind of like goodwood or something.Note how mika's neck muscles must be made of steel as the passenger is like a nodding
  24. ian 182

    Audi RS3 Review.

    Auto express finally get a blast and get to feel what a 40k hothatch is all about...
  25. ian 182

    Ferrari FF Video...

    This is a bit marmite,but its growing on me. Looks a bit like a big Z3
  26. ian 182

    My Civic Type R FN2

    Finally after all the crap weather i finally managed to take a few pics of my car.I know not everyone on here is a fan of them but i can take the critics as they are...Its a fantastic drive and its sat on 32mpg atm so is very economical given what it is.It has the optional Rage 19" alloys and...
  27. ian 182

    Audi 80 GT...

    Someone with a lot of money decided to make a mint audi gt.I used to love these cars as a kid and would love something like this ready for the weekend...story of it is here...
  28. ian 182

    9ff 1200bhp GT Turbo

    Ok its in welsh,but what a machine..
  29. ian 182

    JDM special cars...

    After a little search i found this off the back of one of turkish's vids...Hope its not a re.I think its pretty cool...
  30. ian 182

    Sydney Slot Car Racing.

    Very nice way of filming a whole scene of a days racing..And a bit weird