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  1. MikeyK18

    Photoshop Request

    Hi guys, Was wondering if the photoshop whizz's on here could knock me up a pic of my new derv runaround with some 197 wheels on it?
  2. MikeyK18

    Sticky Steering

    Hey all, I have a 02 dci shed and since today seems to have developed a problem with the steering. It seems to be sticking as I turn the wheel and if I try to let it flow back round when straightening up it sticks on lock, I have to pull it straight for it to straighten up. Have had a look...
  3. MikeyK18

    Megane 225

    Alright guys, The time has come where i am about to buy a 225 megane. I have test drove a couple and tbh love how they drive. I was just wondering if i could get a bit of feedback from meggy owners and what are the things i need to look out for. The one im buying is an 04 57k FSH And i must...
  4. MikeyK18

    2011 Clio DCi not starting after accident damage

    Anyone came across not starting, does not turn over either. Starter motor does work ok. Crash data has been removed from air bag module. Active codes show injector data link missing. Any ideas? All plugs appear to be in place and all wiring is ok. Airbags, pre tensioners and modules have been...
  5. MikeyK18

    iTunes Match.

    Is anyone on here using iTunes Match? I got it recently and I can't seem to view any of my playlists on my iPad or iPhone, although I can browse through my library and play everything within my library, but no playlists show up. It's frustrating as heck as I have tried turning match on and off...
  6. MikeyK18

    DCi taking ages to start.

    Hey, I've an 02 DCi Clio and this morning I got this light on in the dash.... The car takes a good few cranks to get it started but when it starts it runs and drives 100%. Any ideas?
  7. MikeyK18

    DCi no heat

    Hey, I've just bought a 02 DCi and the fans are blowing fine theres just no heat coming out of it what so ever. It hasnt been started in over 2 weeks and there is plenty of water and coolant in it. Do they take a long time to heat up? I've had it running for about 20mins now and its only...
  8. MikeyK18

    Facebook/Twitter update app

    hey, i am trying to find an app that will update facebook status and tweet simultaneously. Does anyone know of an app that will do the job?
  9. MikeyK18

    G4 iMacs

    I have 2 of these and i need the room and was looking to sell them, although i don't know what they're worth (if even anything) and was wondering could someone help me. They both power up and operate fine, although one has a cracked screen. Any ideas? I seen some pics on some sites which...
  10. MikeyK18

    Inbetweener Car on eBay f**k me! LOL! 215 bids, currently sitting a £1 short of £1million!
  11. MikeyK18


    Was given this iMac as it wasnt working for a friend and he was throwing it out, so i stripped it and replaced the ram and booom! Retro Mac at its finest. It's so s**t tho, the software it so old it won't let me download any new apps or anything lol. But got a kick out of getting it going...
  12. MikeyK18

    Car dealer website??

    Hey guys, my brother and I are looking into starting up used car sales and am looking for the best way to design a site which is easy to update with all the new cars we have as my brother isn't very computer literate and something simple for him will make life easier. I have designed sites...
  13. MikeyK18

    Facebook push notifications on iPhone...

    My Facebook notifications are a bit crap and I was wondering am I missing something as to why? My mates blackberry was putting my 4 to shame with his Facebook updates lol, hate him having one over on me hahaha.
  14. MikeyK18

    New iPad to be available early 2011?
  15. MikeyK18

    iPad - Do i or don't i?

    Right guys, im on the fence on getting a iPad, think it would be useful for work for email and taking customer records and things like that but am not sure. Am just worried of paying all that money for it just to have a glorified iPod. Is it worth it?
  16. MikeyK18

    iPhone 3GS Issues

    Hi all, Has anyone on here had issues with their 3GS's which they find to be unacceptable? I have had my phone replaced by Apple 4 times in less than a year due to issues with numerous handsets and today have had to book an appointment with Apple again to noce again get my iPhone repalced...
  17. MikeyK18

    Pic Request - PH1 172 on 2118's

    as above, have been offered a set of anthracite 2118's. Just want to see what they'd look like.
  18. MikeyK18

    Suspension Arm Bushes - PH1 172

    Hi all, MOT center said i need new bushes for the drivers side suspension arm, any one know where i could get them?
  19. MikeyK18

    PH1 172/Saxo VTS Top Gear Test

    Gotta feel the PH1 love! oIVvTuRkNY0 :cool:
  20. MikeyK18

    Apple iPad Hacked! Oh dear!
  21. MikeyK18

    Daft Eddie's Show 2010 Pics! 56k Pic Heavy!

    Here's my pics from throughout the day, good turnout and good to see the old faces as well as some new! Have just realised...
  22. MikeyK18

    Blackberry Messenger For iPhone

    Hey all, is there an app which can allow a iPhone to message to a blackberry messenger?
  23. MikeyK18

    iPhone 3GS signal

    Am i the only one to have signal issues with the 3GS? Were i sit at work i barely get a signal with it, however in my other hand i have a sony ericsson and it has 3 bars of signal. :S Wierd.
  24. MikeyK18

    iPod Touch Docking Stations

    Hi all, I was in HMV and seen some pretty nice iPod Touch docking stations and was wondering will they work with a 3GS? It didnt say on the box and didnt want to buy it if i couldnt use it.
  25. MikeyK18

    MK1 Clio Hybrid

    Hi all, I have seen a MK1 clio hybrid for sale, but i have a few questions regarding the engine on it as it seems wierd for a hybrid (well compared to some of the ones ive seen on here lol). The engine has a bottom end of a 2.0 megane (F7R) and the top half of a williams. I have never heard...
  26. MikeyK18

    PH1 172 Idle Reving

    Have a bit of a problem, my 172 has started idling wierd, when the car is cold everything is fine, it only when it gets up to temp when i put the clutch in and just sit idle the revs sit at 2k and bounce between 1.5k and 2k. Otherwise the car is 100% and drives fine, its just when i the cars...
  27. MikeyK18

    Official Apple iPhone Docks

    Hi all, i just got my official iPhone dock and i'm a bit surprised to find that the phone is a very tight fit for the dock, is this normal?
  28. MikeyK18

    iPhone 3g Fault

    Hi all, i have a iPhone 3G which i am trying to recover and i cant get it to do anything. When i connect it to my pc iTunes doesnt reconise there is anything connected and when i try to boot the phone into recovery mode it keeps freeze on the iTunes connect screen. Any suggestions?
  29. MikeyK18

    Cliosport iPhone App?

    Has there been any thought to this?
  30. MikeyK18

    Changing Key's On A Keyboard

    Hi All, I have a wee laptop in which the shift keys have stopped working! :mad: And to get them up and going again i would like to change one of the other keys to a shift key so i can get it working again, (will be used for email etc and the shift is needed) Anyone help??