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    Gravel (XB1/PS4/PC) Had this on pre-order for a couple of months as I'm pretty excited about it, it's an upcoming (release date Feb 27th) arcade-style rally game. Trailer: IGN Gameplay: Anyone else plan on buying? If you pre-order there's a free DLC included with a couple of...
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    SCITP - Sports Cars in the Park - Newby Hall - 07/05/2017

    Hi all, The next SCITP event is coming up early May, Sunday the 7th. Who's off? Just got my ticket! This one is the Newby Hall event, up in Ripon (HG4 5AJ).
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    Stolen - White 197 - HY58 LPA - Morley Leeds

    Hi all, Apologies if this isn't the place, wanted to share here on Darrens behalf, his 197 was stolen today from Morley, Leeds. If anyone has seen it or spots it can you get in touch! Thanks
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    DiRT 4 (June '17)

    First trailer released for DiRT 4, coming in June. Initial teaser trailer has been released, also found a gameplay video too. Reading a few comments and forum threads there's a few butthurt people out there hoping for Dirt Rally 2, however I welcome a new proper DiRT game as 3 was absolute...
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    Paint Shop / Vehicle Sprayers

    Hi all, Anyone recommend anywhere in the Yorkshire area I can get a spoiler sprayed? Potentially fitted too. Cheers
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    I'll class this as more of a recommendation than anything, INSIDE is a side-scrolling 2D puzzle-platformer made by the same guys who created Limbo a few years ago. I finished it last night, and it's probably one of the better games I've played in recent times. It's messed up, keeps you on your...
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    Yorkshire Winter Chit-Chat

    Now then chaps, Thought it might be worth making a thread for us Yorkshire folk to chit-chat during this cold off season. Probably won't be much happening here until we see leaves back on trees so thought it would be worth having this to have a general natter. This time of year some of our...
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    Malton Big Breakfast Autum

    Great meet this morning in Malton, quieter than usual being the 'colder' of the two meets but still a decent turn out, pics!
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    Few Spots - Squires Cafe Leeds (Tues)

    Was at the JDM meet last night (and a great meet it was!) and spotted a handful of Renaultsports parked around the fields. RB 182 Arctic 182 (came in with a smokey red Laguna) Silver 182 Black RS 172 rep (possibly a 1.2) Also a Twingo RS Anyone on here attend?
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    Albi Blue 200 - Leeds/Kirstall Road

    Spotted a lad filling up his Albi Blue 200 with black wheels at the Shell petrol station along Kirkstall Road (just before the viaduct), this morning, around 7.30am. Are you here? Hello!
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    RB 197 - YT07 ULD - Sheffield Bad Drivers Compilation

    Spotted! First clip. EDIT - and again around the 9:20 mark.
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    197/200 Spring Type - Markings

    Chaps, Looking for a quick bit of advice regarding the spring type identification for the MK3 RS 197/200 - I've asked around a few people but no definite understanding as of yet. I took the original springs off the car a while ago for an aftermarket set, just gone to give them a quick clean as...
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    172 Cup, Ingleton, Co-op

    Just spotted a 172 Cup parked outside the Co-op petrol station in Ingleton, anyone here?
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    200 Raider, Grey, M621/M1 Leeds - Yesterday 1pm

    Spotted a 200 Raider yesterday afternoon, gave you a thumbs up as I passed along the M621 to which I got a nod back. Kept behind me along the M1 towards Colton/Garforth slip-road, as I pulled off your Mrs gave me a nice smile. Awesome car :up:
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    197 Lux

    Yo, I was going to stick these in the 'What have you done to your car today?' topic but I thought I'd whore a full new topic instead. Gave the 197 some TLC this morning, fitted new TRW droplinks, replaced the aerial for a stubby alternative (thanks for the support @Typhoon & @james24785 ), also...
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    RB 182 - Armley Gyratory

    I was sat at the lights at the Gyratory last night around 9.30pm, RB 182 came round and headed left towards Leeds city ctr, was gunning too, anyone here?
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    RB 182 & Black 197 - Pontefract Lane, Leeds

    Followed a very nice RB 182 this morning around 7.15am along Pontefract Lane off the M1 (Jct. 45), then a bit further along I was pulling up to the lights at the A61 crossing (near Crown Point) and a black 197 passed by, black badges, very clean. Anyone here?
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    Spacers for Clio 3 RS - Pro's/Cons

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advise / pointers in regards to spacers for my RS 197. I'm having a set of H&R springs put on next week which should drop the car nicely and lose the dreaded arch gap, however I'm really on the fence about adding spacers too. I've looked into it and it seems...
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    197 Top Mount Bolt - Front Damper

    Hi all, Trying to find out, or source, the centre top mount bolt that fits to the top of the damper through the mount. Can anybody help out? I've got a set of springs to go on and a brand new set of cup dampers, however the current dampers have damaged and rusted threads in which the bolt...
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    Clio V6 - Gainsborough KFC (pic)

    Spotted and parked next to this V6 at KFC in Gainsborough yesterday around 1pm I'd say?
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    Inferno 182 - Yeadon, Silver 172 - Horsforth

    Yesterday evening an Inferno 182 along Yeadon High Street, around 6.30pm-ish? Also a silver 172 at Horsforth roundabout, around 20minutes earlier.
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    RB 182, Storm Grey 200, GW 200 - Leeds / Harewood yesterday

    Few spots from yesterday.. Storm Grey 200 crossing the roundabout near the BP Garage on the ring road North Leeds, Moor Allerton. Another Storm Grey 200 at Harewood Hillclimb, in the car park (picture attached) - possibly same as above RB 182 also at Harewood Hillclimb, waiting to let me and...
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    Spring National Hillclimb - Harewood 10th April

    Hey guys, Next Sunday (April 10th) is the Spring National Hillclimb at Harewood. I went to a good 3 or 4 events last year and was a good watch, some ace motors and action. Spectator entry is £10 each, with entry to the paddock to have a nosey, free program and whatnot. You can pretty much see...
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    White 200 Leeds - Inner Ring Road

    Couple cars behind me heading through the tunnels this morning at around 7.30am, was behind a red Ibiza, outside lane.
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    GW 197 Lux

    Hi all, Few years back I had a 172 Cup which due to reliability issues had to replace with something newer, reliable and slower to get me to work, which ended up being an Ibiza. It did its job but I got incredibly bored and had an itch that needed scratching, so impulsively decided I was going...
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    Albi Blue 197 - Colton, Leeds - Monday Evening

    Was exiting the car park past Pizza Hut on to the mini-roundabout when an Albi Blue 197 came in and passed me, looked fairly modified and very clean! Probably around 8-8.30pm.. EDIT - Also an Inferno 182 waiting at the lights on Leeds inner ring road yesterday morning around 7.30am, at the...