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  1. TomSx

    M135i clean

    As I had Mother’s car I thought I’d clean it as it was a complete mess and gets used to and from the stables. It’s lucky if it sees the local bosni-wash. I didnt take any before shots stupidly other than the state of the wheels.. It was a bleeder alright.. Snow foamed then washed with...
  2. TomSx

    Mk2 Escort porn

    One for the collection.. Although not the best advert 😂
  3. TomSx

    Mercedes SLK

    As we had a break in the weather on Saturday I thought I'd give the Mrs SLK a good clean and get some protection on the paint. Nothing too exciting but has come up lovely. Gave it a snow foam and jet wash Washed it Decontaminated with Gyeon Iron and Tar Gave it another wash Polished with...
  4. TomSx

    The 320D.

    Zim Zimmer, who got the keyz to my badmanz bimmer. Introducing the Bradford spec 320d. It was bought with a suspected timing chain rattle when I sold the MCS a while ago. I knew it was the crank shaft pulley which is a common problem and rattle away. Changed that, serviced it and job jobbed...
  5. TomSx

    Valver turbo

  6. TomSx

    197 turbo

    Is this on here? :hearteyes:
  7. TomSx

    Sky multiscreen alternatives?

    Right, I've just had a email off my Granddad. He currently pays for Sky Multiscreen. Whilst he does use sky on 2 TV's he doesn't use 2 at the same time. He's asked if there is any alternatives and mentions a "Wireless link". I'll be honest, I'm not 100% what he's on about and do use this type...
  8. TomSx

    Clio V6 Clevedon

    Saturday afternoon in the Lidl carpark. Anyone on here? Not seen it about before.
  9. TomSx

    CHEAP RB turbo 182

    Seems a bargain for someone -
  10. TomSx

    Budget-ish Tyres?

    So the golf derv needs four new tyres ideally. Now being used up and down the motorway I don't need premium tyres but by the same gesture, I don't want ditch finders with excessive road noise. I've found a set of Rainsport 3's for £241.00 (225/40/18) and I'll get my mate to fit them for £20. I...
  11. TomSx

    Clio V6 Rep Turbo

    It's been on here before and imo not a bad rep. Certainly one of the better ones out there..
  12. TomSx

    T22 PHY - Cheddar yesterday

    Spotted a nice Trophy yesterday going up the gorge
  13. TomSx

    Anyone got a spare 65k? Turbo 2 content.

    f**k. Funnily enough I saw this on the road about 3 months ago. Looked awesome.
  14. TomSx

    Nexus 5 wont turn on or charge? Any ideas?

    Basically since I've had my note 4 it's been in the draw. Recently I've tried to turn it on and it's totally dead? Wont charge or show the battery symbol. I've changed the battery, nothing. Charged it forever. Held down all buttons for a long time. What else can I try other than bin it? lol
  15. TomSx

    Ktec ITB converted 182

    Just seen this for sale down the road from me. Looks nice other than the bonnet. Oh and could probably benefit a remap..;)
  16. TomSx

    Samsung TV problems 18 months in..Where do I stand?

    Any ideas guys? My TV is 18 months old and I have been greeted by this yesterday. Apparently the line is caused by a hardware fault. So it's looking like £550.00 down the drain. Samsung do not want to know as it is outside of warranty. Am I covered by the sales good act?
  17. TomSx

    Loads of Renaultsports Cheddar gorge on Sunday

    Saw loads about. Anyone from here? What an awesome evening.
  18. TomSx

    Who was at Cadwell on the 18th? Pic inside.

    Just looking through a mates pics from the 18th. Cheeky clio chasing..
  19. TomSx

    Anyone used mobile phones direct?

    This deal is really tempting me. I've never heard of the company though and there does seem to be some bad reviews out there for them..
  20. TomSx

    Badass van

    Not sure on the colour or price but still pretty cool -
  21. TomSx


    What's peoples thoughts then? Had a blast for an hour last night. Couldn't get online but first impressions are good. Game play seems good. Hasn't blown my mind but not upset I've paid for it..
  22. TomSx

    Few poor pics from Santa Pod Dragster finals

    I really didn't get many pics but was there Saturday and Sunday. Was a truly awesome weekend! I really really want a V8 now. :p Anyway, a couple of the poor pics I got. IMG_20140907_154030 by tomwh1te, on Flickr IMG_20140907_145419 by tomwh1te, on Flickr IMG_20140907_132643 by tomwh1te, on...
  23. TomSx

    phase 2 sunflower turbo?

    Spotted on Friday near Northampton. Was on either the m1 or m6. Looked lovely.
  24. TomSx

    Software for getting songs off an ipod?

    Can anyone recommend any good free software for getting songs off an ipod?
  25. TomSx

    My Audi A3

    So, as you may/may not have noticed the QS has been sold. Great car and one of the favourite cars I've owned but with the TT and smart car it was getting a little tedious having two small two seaters. So this came up local to me. 2.0T FSI Quattro. Seemed a decent compromise and still got...
  26. TomSx

    Grey 172/182 Clevedon

    Last night around 6.30/7. Looked like Chi's old VAG turbo? Did it come down south?
  27. TomSx

    Removing scuffs by hand?

    Is it possible? Some chump at work has scrapped the TT. It had left some black plastic on the bumper which came off with some T cut and a polish bit I am left with a scuff in the lacquer which but hasn't damaged the paint luckily. IMG_20140731_122108 by tomwh1te, on Flickr It's quite hard to...
  28. TomSx

    Easy polish/wax by hand?

    Is there such a thing? I cleaned and waxed the TT on the weekend and it was killer. As soon as the wax was on, it was a nightmare to get off. Saying that I only had some old "Auto smart Carnauba Gold wax" stuff in the cupboard. Is there anything I can buy that gives good results but easy to...
  29. TomSx

    Two 182's - Castle combe

    Blue and LY 182 at combe today. I'm guessing the LY was bristolnate?
  30. TomSx

    Dick Mayo sprint Saturday @ Combe

    Dick Mayo, couldn't make it up. :clown: BUT this Saturday at Combe there is a sprint which is free for spectators with open paddocks. I saw it on PH and thought I'd share it on here.. I don't know if i'm going top pop down. All weather dependant really but some cool cars running. Entry list -...