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  1. andybond

    Raffle Prize!

    Who won the detailR one day detailing prize this year guys ? Anyone know ?
  2. andybond

    Two cars - one ticket ?

    Evening, At the CSF festival if I am wanting to track two cars on the same session do I need to buy two trackday tickets or just one ? I want to swap between two cars ..
  3. andybond

    White 197/200 - near Finningley

    Spotted a great looking white 197 or 200 near the Doncaster/Finningley airport. Looked great. Personal plate on it as well
  4. andybond

    Black 182 , m67

    Spotted a black 182 with pistonheads sticker inbetween the aftermarket exhaust. You gave it a tickle and it popped and banged :)
  5. andybond

    [Apr 1, 2017] Rs Tuning Rolling road. (Leeds)

    Guys , I have sorted a RS Tuning rolling road day on I have managed to sort us out a rolling road day early in the season. We have gone for 01 APR 17 as it means all you guys that SORN your cars over the winter can use a full month of tax for the event. We are looking at getting 30+ cars on...
  6. andybond

    Cleaned and polished ..

    Cleaned and polished me car to within an inch of its life. Shoulders are on fire today ! Used : Bilt Hamber auto foam Dodo juice sour power shampoo Clay mitt Auto finesse revitalise Two ( yes two ! ) coats of Nattys blue pate wax. Couple of weeks ago I used the DA on it ( a DAS6 Pro )
  7. andybond

    Black Clio 2X0 64 plate @ Kellogg Manchester

    Looked great ! Black , clean , cliosport sticker. Parked in the visitors bay
  8. andybond

    Turbo Clio in Loughborough

    Hi all, Having a bloomin nightmare with a clio turbo me and a mate won on Ebay. We cant get the car to boost correctly. It bogs then boost and massive backfire after load is removed. We have receipts for the conversion, it all looks "there" and everything seems dandy. Until we run it. I...